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loveandseeing  asked:

How do you create all this stuff, do you hack into old equipment, or literally just use old cameras?

Hi there! When creating new content,
I use a lot of different tools.
Let me go somewhat into detail here:

Today, my main cameras are a EOS 550D, my Phone, a CCD surveillance camera, and when I need high resolution or have to film footage from CRT monitors, a Black Magic 4k camera, I own together with a friend.

I also often use old pictures, I made since my early 20s, with all kinds of cameras (Polaroid, Kiev Medium Format Camera, 35mm, Super8, MiniDV, Hi8, Video8 etc.), - and on rare occasions, footage made by my parents / grandparents.

I do manipulate the images in many different ways, printing them in bad resolution, scanning them and use the scan as luminance layer, change the color data with software, convert them to film emulation color profiles, add grain, add dust, reduce sharpness, replace the sky with gradients etc. 

I work with analog / semi-analog, standard definition video gear very often. I also own different VHS machines for different applications. The ones with dirty video heads are the best for manipulating content, the clean ones are best for multiplying master tapes.

The following image shows the setup I used for the new series, that started yesterday and is now uploaded to the queue:

Computer Non-Linear editing software ▶ Canopus ADVC110 (Firewire D/A, A/D box) ▶ VHS in LP mode (LP, Long Play, will give you more VHS characteristics due to recording in lower quality). After I recorded all footage to tape in LP, I do playback it into a ▶ Modded / circuit bent video mixer, then into a ▶ glitchy old video mixer for color boost, then into a ▶ TBC (time base corrector), then into ▶ another VHS machine recording on LP. Then I rewire the setup to go back into the computer. From the second VCR into ▶ the TBC, from there into the ▶ Canopus ADVC110. After being digital again, I take 1 second blocks of the footage, export them as PNG sequences and create GIF loops from these.

When doing pixel drawings I mostly work with Grafx2. From time to time I also create 3D source images in Blender. I also did a video, using a vintage 3D software called Virtual Reality Studio / 3D Construction Kit.

In general for creating images or music for my personal projects, I try to collect / discover as much interesting old hardware / software as possible to use it in my work. Let me throw some more keywords:

Virtual Machines with DOS, Windows 3.1, DOSBox, old Sound Cards (OPL), Synthesizers, typewriters, CRT monitors, tape decks, composite video hardware of all kinds, old computers, CCD surveillance cameras, Beamers, diffusion lens filters etc.

I often visit thrift stores and flea markets, but a lot of this old hardware have become very rare around where I live. Sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes you have to resort to online auctions.

Old gear is really inviting to experiment / play around with, and just a lot of fun!

I hope you can get some useful information from my rambling!

Best Regards
Fornax Void

I had today off so I got to mess around with visuals for a bit.

I got a 2 female rca to 1 male rca adapter and put my circuit bent video enhancer with a plug and play atari for the video through one of the channels and a Gamecube with Soul Caliber 2 playing. Video is from my phone on a little phone tripod I got today as well. The video is actually flipped but I’m too lazy to rotate it, you’ll see it with the gifs with AUX in the corner.

TL:DR Good news is I have a new technique to mess around with at some point and a bunch of gifs to queue up right now!