Circovirus is Spreading & Killing Pets

Circovirus is being reported all over in the middle of the United States. It is a highly contagious disease that can strike down other animals as well, and if it is not treated as soon as possible, has the potential to kill in a number of days.

Veterinarians and Scientists unfortunately do not know exactly how it is transmitted, nor is there a vaccine for it. However, they do know that if your dog spends time in places frequented by numerous other dogs, that is the most likely way that it is spread.

The virus is not new, as it’s been reported mainly in pigs and sometimes birds. However, the virus has never made the jump to dogs until now, and it’s already killed 3 dogs in Cincinnati, Ohio that were all boarded at the same kennel, and a fourth also became ill in just three days.

Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy. The intestinal tract also become inflamed and as the virus progresses, it can cause the animal to bleed internally, and eventually die as a result.

Since the virus has only been seen in dogs since 2012, the symptoms are not set in stone, and some dogs may only be carriers. If your dog shows any symptoms or acts abnormally in any way, contact your vet immediately.

This disease is deadly and very serious. Like I stated previously, it can kill in a matter of days, so do not waste any time if your dog begins to act sick.

GI Disease & Circovirus (November 2013)

There have been recent cases of severe gastrointestinal disease in dogs which may include a virus called circovirus.  Experts across the country are studying both the presence and significance of the virus in these cases.  At this time, there is neither data to incriminate the virus as a causative factor, nor readily available testing to confirm the virus is present.  At [our clinic] we are staying abreast of the data as it becomes available.  Additionally we are treating our patients and educating our clients appropriately.  If your dog begins to vomit, has bloody diarrhea, or is suddenly very lethargic please call [your vet] for an appointment immediately.

–  from my clinic’s website  

My other baby is sick

Last night, my dog Dexter woke me and my husband up with this awful hacking cough. I think he has kennel cough. I had trouble sleeping because I looked it up online and one of the first links I saw was about this terrible canine disease called circovirus.

Apparently, this disease has been partially responsible for the deaths of several dogs in Ohio over the past couple of days.

Now, when it comes to the dog, I am a complete and total worrier. I don’t think he has this disease because his only symptoms are coughing (and I’m in California, where the disease was originally spotted over four or five months ago, so not as likely to be the cause), but I just want to put it out there that this is going on. Make sure you watch your pet closely for any signs of this virus because early detection can possibly save your dog’s life.

Feel better Dexter!

"Fears for kakapo after virus found in South Island"

via Otago Daily Times

(June 17, 2012) New Zealand’s endangered kakapo could be at risk from a potentially fatal virus newly discovered in the South Island.

Beak and Feather Disease (BFDV) has been found in the South Island for the first time in native yellow-crowned parakeets in Fiordland.

It had already been discovered in red-fronted parakeets on Little Barrier Island, and in wild Australian eastern rosellas, an introduced species.

University of Canterbury scientist Dr Arvind Varsani said the potentially fatal disease, which targets parrots, was discovered during a collaborative study which tested more than 780 birds of seven threatened and endangered parrot species, including kakapo…

Full article:

Canine Circovirus

Dr. Dodds is aware of the reports of the sad illness, Canine Circovirus, and the loss of life. She is monitoring the situation very closely and will keep our readers informed via her blog, e-newsletter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts. These are the best methods to stay up-to-date with her findings.