Famous medieval crowns and circlets (XIII century ).

  1. Funeral crown of the queen, Anna of Antioch - Found from the graves of Béla III (1172-96)
  2. Unknown crown,  Residenz, Munchen, 1270 - 1280
  3. Crown belonged probably to Margaret (XIII century), Hungarian national museum
  4. The medieval Crown of Margaret of York made circa 1300
  5. Relic crown of st. Louis, XIII c., France
Who would buy circlets/tiaras

I’m thinking of making some… But only if people would be willing to buy them. They would be priced around $30 - $50

LIKE/HEART if you would Buy them. REBLOG to spread this around please? It would help out a lot. (I also kinda want to prove to my mom there actually are people who would buy circlets and tiaras.)

stuff like this [these aren’t mine but I am capable of making ones close to these I’m sure. When I make one I will post a photo of it if it comes out good] :