No matter how hard I try, there are two things I can NEVER do in DA: killing the mages in the circle in origins and killing the mages in DA2 at the end. No matter what kind of playthrough I’m doing, whether it be a die hard mage hating templar or a circle loyal mage, I just can’t justify killing innocent mages. I know it’s just a game and has no real consequences and it messes up my playthroughs, I just can’t do it            


So, this is happening! This is the first 3 cards of the oracle deck that I am making called Universal Messages. The credit on the pictures above will NOT be on the final product, but because I’m very proud of these so far and don’t want them stolen, I’m using a credit for now. My plan for this deck is 20-30 cards and I will be making it available on The Game Crafter once it’s complete!

Universal messages exist to connect you to your inner comsic nature and always remind you of the bigger picture. We all have a higher purpose in this life. Ironically, life itself can get in the way of us reaching those divine potentials. That’s when the Universal Messages come in; magical, synchronistic nudges from the other realms that offer guidance and insight for our lives on Earth.

There are synchronicities in every form imaginable, but the Universe has it’s patterns. We can see these in geometry and mathematics - Universal language. Crop circles & sacred geometry are perfect examples. Geometry has been used for thousands of years to represent many concepts and spiritual truths. These patterns can be seen in Nature, showing that all is connected.

Repeating numbers, also known as angel numbers, are a phenomena that occurs to many that have had spiritual awakenings. Whether its 11:11 on the clock or seeing 333 & other variations, these numbers all carry messages and appear to us at certain times for a reason. There are no coincidences!

The goal of this deck is to connect you with these signs so that they may appear in your life more often. It aims to help you understand these signals and be able to connect with the vast and wonderful cosmos we are in.

Cards beautifully adorned with a NASA Hubble image will bring calm and a feeling of oneness with the Universe. Each card has a geometric design and corresponding number, along with words associated with that number.

Whether you believe your messages come from extraterrestrials, angels, spirits, etc. doesn’t matter with this deck because the messages are Universal. Starseed and Indigo children may be especially drawn to this deck! You can draw as many cards as you would like at a time, but 1-3 cards is ideal. You can use this deck for the purpose of daily readings, as well.

May this deck provide the guidance your soul desires.

Fandom button maker!

Okay so! Life has sorted itself out again and my last ever undergrad (gasp!) exam is over so it’s time to get serious about this button thing - which you can totally blame on @harry-dearhart and @getinthefuckingjaeger.

As you may know, and as I mentioned in an earlier post, this fandom has a distinct lack of affordable merch. I mean, we just don’t. Unless it’s the product of some very dedicated fan the legit creators have given us very little. To that end I have come across a button press in Argos with inserts that we could buy as a fandom and ship out for the price of a stamp. 

So, the button maker is £100 for the machine and 500 2.5″ button inserts. 

If we got 10 people to donate then the machine would cost us £10 each. If we got 20 people to donate then the machine would cost us £5 each (see the pattern yet?). 

We’re a fairly large fandom, so I have no doubt that we could even get 100 people to donate £1 each and everyone would be happy! Heck, this button post got 412 notes! The more people who donate, the cheaper it will be for everyone.

As for the art I’ll only accept donations of work from the actual artist, or author if it’s a memorable quote, and I’ll thank you not to offer someone else’s content without their knowledge or consent!

The buttons would be free for anyone who wants one (because we can’t have nice things in this fandom), sent out for only the cost of a stamp for postage, so thats 30p if you live in the UK, and 90p if you live in the US, the most expensive would be Australia at £1.15.

So please DM me if you’d like to donate so I can jot down your name, and that goes for anyone else who has already said, sorry guys but my inbox if a bit muddled right now so I’d like to start from scratch. If you can’t donate then please boost this in the hopes of reaching those who can! 

dawnofakatosh  asked:

For DWC: The feel of fingers brushing together by accident

Thanks for the prompt! :D

For @dadrunkwriting, featuring my canon F!Trev and Cullen. SFW, pre-romance feels. Approx. 600 words.


Inquisitor Verana-Kathryn Trevelyan and her Commander, Cullen Rutherford, were both silent as they worked their way around the war table, setting up the tiny iron markers that designated current, completed, and pending missions, troop movements, occupied areas, and fortifications. Both being the superlatively punctual sort, they had arrived at the war room well before the other two advisors, and so had taken the liberty of setting up the pieces themselves to help save time.

Verana rather liked being in the war room. It was one of the most beautiful chambers in Skyhold, its high windows allowing beams of golden sunlight to stream inside, which did wonders to lift the mood. The old map of southern Thedas, which Josephine had managed to rescue from Haven’s chantry while escaping Corypheus’s assault, was rolled out and held down on the corners with books and the slowly-emptying chest of markers. Verana wished she had more time to take in and appreciate all the details that had gone into its craftsmanship – the precisely-inked lines that marked the Imperial Highway, and the hand-drawn heraldry of the various nations. Any scratches or holes in the vellum only added character.

Putting her hands on her hips, she glanced over Orlais’s half of the map and stepped back, brushing her loose black hair from her face. Everything looked to be in order. At least, if she remembered everything correctly…

No, wait, you already ordered those troops moved through Verchiel…

Without looking at the piece she was reaching for, instead focused on where it should be, she took hold of it, only to feel Cullen’s leather-clad fingers close over hers at the same time. Surprised, she froze; it was not that she was startled at who it was that was now covering her hand with his, but rather, she was so engrossed in her task that she had forgotten the Commander was even in the room. He must have noticed the misplaced marker just as she had, and they just happened to grab it at the same time.

And now they were both awkwardly staring at each other’s hands where they grasped the marker.

For a brief moment, she was unsure of how to proceed. However much instinct pressed her, she couldn’t just jerk her hand away for fear of being rude; he was her advisor and friend, not a rogue lecher making a move. And yet she was sure that her face was turning as red as his coat as she noticed how much larger his hand was, practically swallowing hers whole, the smooth leather of his gloves surprisingly soft and even warm.

All of these thoughts rushed through her mind in the space of a second. But before she could even begin to think of a response, he resolved the issue himself. Without slackening his grip, as if he had intended to do it all along, he moved hand and marker together to the appropriate position, only releasing when the piece was in its proper place.

“That goes there, Inquisitor,” he said quietly as he withdrew, his tone teasingly scolding.

She huffed out a breath and quickly glanced away, as much from sudden nervous tension as frustration at her own forgetfulness. “I know, I should have remembered. We talked about that just three days ago.”

“Not to worry, Inquisitor,” was his gentle reply. “Accidents happen.”

Turning and retrieving more markers from the open chest, she swallowed forcefully as the sensation of warm leather on the back of her hand yet persisted.

Maker, what is wrong with you?

“So they do, Commander.”

I can’t do circles or ward spaces because in defining the inside of it as safe, it defines the outside as unsafe, and that is just too high stakes for me.

I don’t like sharp definitions like that, or rather, they’re not good for me. The reinforce the ocd framework of dichotomies where one thing is acceptable and another isn’t and there is no space in between. Where a drop of negativity in an ocean of good vibes will infect and kill the entire thing.


I need my energies to bleed. For boundaries between things to be blurred and permeable. To let in all the stuff that scares me and to make friends with it. It’s all I can do.

It helps.

kingsman 2 prediction:

harry will refuse to fight bc he believes he really is too dangerous (maybe poppy’s been messing with his guilt way too much idk)

but then SOMEONE hurts eggsy real bad. maybe it’s poppy or one of her men or charlie idk. but something snaps inside harry. it’s like being back in that pub again when those jerks called eggsy a rent boy.

so harry starts kicking ass and taking names bc NO ONE should hurt eggsy. bonus if there’s a jukebox and for some reason it’s on and it’s playing “my boyfriend’s back” by the angels. and harry’s fight is chroeographed to the song.

(okay maybe that part won’t happen but. it’d be pretty dope if it did lol)

thevikingwoman  asked:

Welcome! For DWC: Drabble prompts : 28. “It just..It just happened”

Yay! Thank you for the prompt!! <333

This turned out a bit darker than I originally intended… whoops!

Merrill x F!Hawke, warning for blood, assassination attempt. 


Hawke can barely feel the knife as it sinks into the left side of her body.  But as it twists it’s way out ruggedly, she becomes astutely aware of several things at once.  First, the screams of her companions shrill above the noise of The Hanged Man.  A light voice pierces though the fog in her direction as she feels the floor rise up to meet her. Fumbling she moves her hands to her side as she lets her instincts guide her. Magic and arrows litter the air above her, pulsing and dancing through the space until their target finds his place to the ground beside her.

Looking down at the blood on her hands, Hawke tries to regain focus as the world continues to swirl around her.  Merrill instantly runs to her side as soon as she sees her starting to move.  

“No! Hawke, you stay still, you’ll just make the bleeding worse.  Oh creators what am I going to do?” she says, desperately using healing magic on Hawke’s wound. Hawke can feel the tingle of the spell mix with the pain of the wound and it isn’t until she feels rough, cold hands on her face does she realize that the cries of agony she hears is coming from her throat.  She tries to shut herself up, but thinking isn’t exactly her strong suit at the moment.  

“What the hell is going on Daisy? I hear noises and suddenly Chuckles is on the ground.  Any explanation you can would be nice!” Varric says, trying to remain calm in the chaos.  Merrill continues to cast, choking back tears as she tries to reply.

“I… I don’t know! We were just talking, and then out of nowhere this man just walked up to her and just… it just… it just happened!” she says, trying to keep her panic to a minimum. “Varric, we can’t keep her here. I know some healing magic but… he must have used poison… I’m not practiced enough, we have to get her to Anders.  He can do something, he has to I just…” She gives in to her tears, using her hands to put pressure on the wound directly.  

Trying to focus on the elf at her side, Hawke manages to regain control of her voice and hands as she reaches for Merrill.  At first she refuses, shaking her head at her, but being unable to move her hands from her side, Hawke finally is able to caress Merrill’s tear stained cheek.

“It’s okay Merrill,” Hawke chokes out, “It takes more than a few stab wounds from a shady bastard to send me to the other side.”  She winks and tries her best to smile.  "On the other hand, if it ends up working you can always use me as a free blood sacrifice! I’m all yours.“  Merrill coughs out a small laugh as she removes one of her hands from Hawke’s wound and clasps her small fingers around the hand on her face.

Merrill clings to her hand tightly, saying "I’d rather wait on that offer if you don’t mind.  I much prefer to have you alive.  Okay? Please, Hawke.”  

She lightly kisses her hand and then moves both of them back to the wound, letting her mana flow into her once again.

“Not today.”