circles of compassion

A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty
—  Albert Einstein

You know what their home life is gonna be like though…

*Killian throws salt over his left shoulder*

“What are you doing?”

“I dropped the bloody salt shaker.”

“And you decided to add to the mess by throwing more around?”

*Emma comes in and places shopping bags on the kitchen table*

“Wait until you see the boots I got Henry-”

*Killian grabs the bags and places them on the floor*

“It’s bad luck to put new shoes on the table, Swan!”

“…. okay….”

*Emma puts her beanie on her pillow. Killian removes it*

“Okay it was on my side of the bed.. what’s with you?”

“It’s bad luck to put a hat on the bed.”



“Okay i’m gonna need all your bedroom superstitions right now.”

“Having a bed facing South brings misfortune.”

“Is that why you spun in circles with a compass when you first moved in?”

“……. it might have had something to do with it….”

*Killian enters the station with a big grin*

“Love, my right foot’s been itchy all morning. Are we off on a trip?”

“I’m not even gonna ask.”

A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.
—  Albert Einstein
well played svt, well played with the teasers =-= (theory time!)


The damn vocal unit did it again and im so mad at seventeen in general right now for making the teasers fit in with this whole thing, freaking hakuwefhkuawheufauwA. 

Anyways I love the vocal unit! :) and Seventeen :))

Okay so I’m pretty sure a bunch of you noticed that the song is called pinwheel and woozi was holding a compass. THIS WAS ALL IN VERNON’S AL1 TEASER WHAT THE HELL. 

The thing I circled is the compass that Vernon throws to Woozi aksjhdakjhduawh cries. I literally can’t even write this theory without fangirling ahhhhh
And instead of pinwheels, it’s windmills, so the thing is it could be a language translation thing or it could be that the pinwheel/windmill represented each other cuz they are super similar.

Jeonghan’s trailer. Y’all thought the camera was the important thing? WRONG.

Guess who decided to freaking draw/write a thing?


I bet you’re like okay Mingyu’s teaser doesn’t have anything to do with it anyw- WRONG WRONG WRONG (btw im going in order for the teasers)



Y’all remember Joshua’s call in the Jun’s teaser, I know you do. Like who couldn’t forget that?? We all thought it was with connected to Hoshi’s teaser cuz of the phone in there, bUT WE’VE BEEN PROVEN WRONG LIES AHHHH


Hey. How are you?
I don’t know why I called you but…
Will we see each other again?
No…nevermind, bye.

He was calling a bELOVed ONe.

And then Jun holds letters and stuff which could represent whatever Jeonghan was writing???

oooo DK’s teaser he run faaaaaaaast but his time stayed the same. So he drops the stopwatch, and Seungkwan picks it up.

Guess who dropped his compass, but no one came to pick it up? Woozi :’D

Nice nice seventeen ;w;  Not to mention that all of the vocal unit is running again in the song close to the end of it.

I’m gonna skip over Woozi’s teaser and get back to it later. 

In Dino’s video he has that little game thing, that keeps telling him to go back to the start. 

How convenient is it that Woozi is running back towards the camera while everyone else was running away?? Going back to the start for Wooziiii omg

Even S.Coups is running away but KEEPS ENDING UP AT THE SAME PLACE.

So this is just the beginning kids :’D This was only proof that the trailers were connected to the song. 

Next lemme tell you a secret about Trauma and Pinwheel. The lyrics of Trauma talk about singing away the trauma, or singing/listening to music to help themselves not drown in it right? Well guess what DK was doing.


Next, next. Something that all of the songs (the unit songs + Smile Flower + DWC) have in common with the trailers is the theme of being alone and also very important, TIME. So we all guessed back when the teasers were released that something was supposed to be with time. At least one thing we guessed was true lol ;w;

So Smile Flower being alone and all, fun right? It also has a theme of time because they sing about smiling no matter what, FOREVER. Yes, forever is a time word because it takes on an infinite amount of time. Even though they were SEPARATED AND ALONE, they would be okay. (Lololol they were sooooo wrong about it haha)

Next in line is Trauma. Trauma was about realizing that they might have actually been left behind and are now alone. In Trauma they throw in a lot of time phrases, but it’s really subtle. All of them rap/sing about the fears they had and things they did in the PAST and how the fears are connecting to the PRESENT situation, which is being left ALONE for good. They also have a bunch of sand in the MV that they used.

They literally represented an hourglass yay. Wonwoo is guiding a stream of sand down, and Vernon’s room had this huge mound of sand. Time is passing slowly.

Then Performance Team had Lilili Yabbay aka 13 Month’s Dance. They also told a looooooooot about the song in their SVT RADIO broadcast.This time the song is about the FUTURE, hoping to meet the person again and reunite on the 13TH MONTH because they only see them in dreams. But we don’t have 13 months in the calendar, which means that they are referring to the Lunisolar Calendar, where they add an extra month on leap years that occur every two-three years. That means they realize that it will be a while till they can actually meet the person again, but they think that they are guaranteed to meet them again. Maybe they do also realize it could be the last time they see the person again since one of the lines from the song is Open up the time where only the two of us can exist. There is only a time for so long that they can exist together but eventually they will have to part. I think that they’re trying to accept it and be hopeful but it doesn’t work out. Also we have to talk about the choreo, because they mentioned that it’s super meaningful

The performance unit does this cool flower thing and I mean Smile Flower much?

They also said that Dino’s part has a lot of things that can be interpreted.

If you remember the video, the hands were going clockwise, and really fast unlike Trauma’s hourglass. They were speeding up time into the future because they wanted to meet the person. Dino also mentions that the thirteenth month was a special time for Carats and SVT to exist.

So this could also mean that Carats are the the subject they always sing about (they do like to say that everything is about us anyways xD). I personally think that it means that Carats are Seventeen’s future and without them they would be alone and hopeless. 

And then we got Vocal Unit’s song where basically everyone’s a mess beCAUSE DAMN. I’m pretty sure the Vocal Unit’s song is about the PRESENT instead. In the lyrics, Jeonghan sings I’m looking forward to seeing you, which way, is it that way over there? It’s like the cold wind that keeps blowing. He knows that she exists somewhere but doesn’t know which way to go to find her, just like how the wind blows wherever it likes. Seungkwan sings after that The small pinwheel that’s standing there, It’s like staring while waiting for someone desperately, It’s like me doing things breathlessly. This is like S.Coups’ part in Trauma where he raps Barely spit out my breath, it’s like I’m forgetting how to do it and The8 and Jun’s part where they sing Where I’m thirsty and cold, I’m standing at this place which means that in the cold wind they wait for the person and barely catching a breath. DK then sings after that It’s like I’ve done nothing wrong which is again similar to Trauma because all of them rap about how they feel that they’ve done something wrong to make her leave. Woozi sings To you in the distant future, I won’t be sorry always waiting. For me, yeah that easier. He promises that he won’t regret waiting for her and basically pleading for her to come back. So Pinwheel is like a combo of both the Future and Past and connecting it with the Present.

Skipping over the teasers, Don’t Wanna Cry happens. They don’t want to cry because if they do they might lose sight of the other person.

Going to the beginning of the song, Vernon sings

Funny that Vernon sings that there aren’t enough words because he’s a rapper. As a rapper, he puts his emotions into rap lyrics to make them meaningful, but he can’t even say them in this case. And in Trauma he says Imma sing this song, anybody listening? He’s literally talking about the part in DWC.

And then Hoshi sings…

He says that he only cared for the other person and wonders why they left, just like in Lilili Yabbay where he sings I’m waiting, you made me wait. He doesn’t want her to make him wait and wonders if she just left him because she was tired of him or because he did something wrong, like in Trauma and Pinwheel. Dino also sings My eyes only see you, which implies that he only cared about the person, no one else. 

Then Woozi and Joshua sing that they knows that the other person still exists somewhere.

So he keeps waiting for her to come back to him. Possibly waiting for the 13th month where they sing Open up the time where only the two of us can exist?? And in Trauma S.Coups says To me, the extent of missing of you is the hardest since he’s waiting for so long. In Pinwheel Joshua sings Turning round and round as long as you find me in the distant future. He keeps staying in the same place because he wants her to find him.

And you know how S.Coups sings that one part?

We can tell from this that Pinwheel is directly related to DWC because in Pinwheel, they keep looking around like they are lost, especially Woozi since he holds the compass.

In Pinwheel, Joshua sings Losing the way here, even if it takes a long time. Even though the place should be familiar, it isn’t because they’re so focused on finding her again.

Jeonghan sings that he hopes she’s looking for him while he’s looking for her.

Interesting cuz he literally sang the same line in Pinwheel. I’m looking forward to seeing you, which way, is it that way over there? It’s like the cold wind that keeps blowing.

Then Meanie enters (:D) and are trying to not miss her.

They have to actually lie to themselves to feel better which supports what Mingyu states in Trauma, Why can’t I forget? 

Jeonghan even goes similarly off of this proving that his heart won’t let him lie to himself.

Seungkwan sings for her to come back which is basically in every song so far. And Wonwoo then sings

which is a pretty cool line if you ask me. It’s also interesting because Mingyu’s teaser was about everything being double, and then his reflection in the mirror stays when he leaves.

Cool right? 

Seventeen is awesome and I hate them so much for making me spend like 4-5 hours on this but it’s totally worth it. The best part is I’m not even close to done but I’ll make a part 2 on how the teasers connect to the songs and how change up might be part of this whole game too because this one is too long and you’re dead already. I’ll try posting it soon! I hope you didn’t die after this lol
If you haven’t seen my other theories you should check em out :)) (just use the my theory tag)

Supply Recommendations for Graphic Design Students

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted something like this… so bear with me! It was requested by an anon that’s entering a university as a Graphic Design major, so here are some supplies I recommend and why! (I may do a spoken and visual extended version as a video, so let me know what you guys think!)

(disclaimer: this is my opinion and I haven’t tried everything in the world, so if you have your own recommendations definitely reblog and say so in your caption! I’d love to check out your favorite supplies!)

Categories include:

  • Day-to-day supplies
  • The Big One$
  • Projects
  • Some Fun and Fancy Stuff


Sharpie pens and markers

  • Cheap-ish
  • Reliable
  • You can find them basically anywhere
  • Great for black and white abstractions/sketches with different marker thicknesses
  • They also have pretty colors for note-taking!

X-Acto Knife

  • Cuts in a straight line
  • Replaceable blades
  • In most art and office stores and even in places like Walmart
  • If you cut something sticky and ruin your blade, just replace it!
  • Goes with a ruler to cut in a straight line

Masking Tape

  • Holds things down without ripping it
  • Keeps prints rolled up
  • Keep one with you or at home

USB Drive

  • Always have a USB drive ready for use!
  • Turn in files, take files to the printer, or even just taking files to a different machine to work on is always a possibility. 
  • If you make it a habit to keep it on you, then you won’t forget it on the days that really matter.

Noise canceling headphones (or at least ear buds)

  • Rowdy classmate ignorer
  • Helps blast music in your ears to help you focus
  • Marshmallow buds that go in your ears works best for this

A drink that makes you happy

  • That morning coffee before a 9AM studio 3-hour class, or that water bottle during an afternoon session can really help you out. 
  • Helps keep you going!
  • I know it sounds small, but your mood definitely affects your productivity!

A sketchbook (any kind will do!)

  • Literally, can by any paper quality, based on what you usually draw with or sketch with (like to use marker? Either have an extra page behind it or get marker paper)
  • Any price, any color, any size (try to aim for letter-size/A4)
  • Make sure it fits with what you usually carry around (backpacks can hold a 9″x12″, but purses would carry a Moleskine size or smaller)
  • Have 15 minutes before English starts and you thought of something? Take out that handy dandy sketchbook! Bored in said English class? Handy dandy sketchbook strikes again!

Notebook for notes

  • More than just for typical note taking!
  • Good for recording feedback
  • Track any last-minute changes to projects or deadlines
  • To-do lists will help understand what’s due next class and not get super anxious!

Metal cork-backed ruler

  • A great companion for that X-Acto knife!
  • Cork back helps not slide around
  • Metal means you can’t accidentally carve off the edge (like you would a plastic or wooden ruler)
  • Found in most art stores and can get pricey for bigger ones, but if you take care of it then it’ll last forever
  • Make sure to get at least two sizes (a longer one for trimming cover sheets for 16″x20″ mounts and a smaller one-foot ruler for trimming business cards and smaller things like that)

Post-it notes

  • Great for making notes on things that you don’t want to directly mark. 
  • Good for just keeping in mind anything you don’t want to forget (especially if you stick them to your laptop, they’ll be hard to miss).

Prisma Markers

  • These art markers are my personal favorite. 
  • You’ll hear all kinds of brands, preferences, and prices. 
  • Copics are nice and are very aesthetic, but they’re also about $7-$8 per marker. Concept markers from Jerry’s Artarama are very cheap at about $2 per marker, but the colors on their caps are sometimes misleading, and Prisma Markers are a happy medium at about $4 - $5 per marker. 
  • They’re at most art stores 
  • For me, they’re a happy medium price-wise and I like working with them. (Concept markers maybe I’d get the black because it’s cheaper)

Binder clips

  • Keep sketches and randomly sized and trimmed papers together
  • I prefer binder clips over paper clips because they can hold more and group things nicely
  • You can also hang things with these if you want on a thumbtack

Hair Ties

  • Keeps hair out of the way when creating mock-ups that include glue and X-acto knives
  • Rolls things up
  • Groups things up (markers and other utensils)
  • Cheap and effective!
  • Rubber bands are a little meaner, especially to hair or trying to get them off a long paper roll.

Circle Tool

  • Basically, something that makes perfect circles. 
  • This can either be a circle template, a compass, or some other device that you find that makes different sized circles. 
  • You can go cheap on these

The Toolbox

  • All these little things that I keep mentioning to bring with you need to be contained somewhere
  • I like putting what I’m using for a current project in a toolbox and bringing that to school.
  • I suggest going with something that’ll fit in a backpack or that you don’t mind carrying around.
  • Really only carry it if you think you’ll need it.
  • You can carry a smaller version of typical tools (pens, pencils, markers, scissors, x-acto, etc.) and leave the rest at home, too.

The Baggage

  • Not the emotional kind, but the one that carries all of these crazy supplies I’m recommending. 
  • In university, you don’t have all of your graphic design classes in one day (I would hope), so having a typical backpack works fine for the smaller supplies. 
  • If a project is due the next day and you’re planning to work at the school and you need to bring everything, then I highly suggest a rolling backpack!
  • Don’t kill your back!! Messenger bags only work if you’re not bringing much, otherwise, do a backpack (or a rolling one).



  • Almost all graphic designers will tell you to use a Mac, but of course, not all graphic designers can afford one.
  • If you can afford a Mac, I’d recommend it.
  • If you can’t afford a Mac, go with a cheaper alternative, but not TOO cheap. It still needs to last 4 years and run all of your programs.
  • Wait until you actually need to buy one (that way you can get the latest models or earlier models at cheaper prices).

External Hard Drives (BACK EVERYTHING UP!)

  • I would even say have at least two (current semester and archive(s))
  • You never know when previously mentioned laptop may die, malfunction, or wipe everything.
  • Keep a back-up for sending to competitions, putting in portfolios, and just for safe keeping.
  • KEEP IT ORGANIZED. You need to know what you have and don’t have so you don’t “double save” something in two separate folders.

A decent phone with decent camera quality

  • Nowadays most people do have this phone already on them, but if you’re one of the low-budget phone holders, then I highly suggest to get a higher quality phone.
  • Picture taking for process photos can actually be done with a phone camera if it’s good enough, you can just fix things up in photoshop. 
  • Having a decent phone will let you also use helpful and productive apps such as camscanner, schedule makers, and Adobe apps
  • Raising your mood with a higher quality of life will help raise productivity!
  • If you can’t open snapchat without it force closing then you miss out on your friend’s lives or whenever they get an update on a project and you don’t. Social media can honestly be helpful sometimes as people post their process online!

Drawing tablet

  • Wacom works well enough for me!
  • You don’t have to go super expensive with all the bells and whistles for this… you just need something that draws.
  • These can get a little pricey (mine being at $90 and I got one step-up from the cheapest one at the time)
  • You don’t absolutely need a tablet, but it is very handy.
  • If you don’t do illustration often I would not recommend it.
  • You can also hold off on getting a tablet and just hand-draw something, scan it, and fix it in whatever program (or vectorize/image trace in illustrator and mess with it that way)


Tracing paper

  • Helps trace things when abstracting
  • Covers mounted work with a protective sheet
  • I prefer the rolls, but they’re way more expensive than the 9″x12″ pad (maybe not per foot, but it’s initially more expensive)

Spray mount/Adhesive spray

  • One way to stick two things together
  • You need a lot of space and throw away paper under what you’re spraying
  • You’ll definitely get all of it everywhere (which is good if you want to make sure corners don’t stick up on a mounted piece, but it’s bad if your garage floor is suddenly sticky)

Liquid cement

  • Another way to stick things together and is a little more forgiving. 
  • Elmer’s brand is the one that I have, and basically, if you mess up or “over-glue” something, you can rub the excess off (like you would the typical white Elmer’s glue).
  • When you’ve rubbed it off, it basically becomes those little gray things that erasers produce that you can just brush away. 
  • It comes with a designated brush attached to the lid on the inside (super convenient) and it’s easy to apply and store (smaller bottle than the adhesive spray can).

Portfolio case

  • For when you’re carrying larger pieces from one place to another (such as a mounted piece or a large editorial) like turning in your final presentation of your project.
  • You can get a big fancy one if you really want to, but at least get the bare minimum to carry something from one place to another without it getting folded or wet. (especially you commuters/bus-riders)


The big paper cutter

  • Even I don’t have this one, but whenever I use the one at school or at FedEx it makes trimming things down so much easier! 
  • You line it up, you drag the blade across, and then you’ve got a perfectly straight line. 
  • Again, if you can afford the money and space for it I recommend it, but my school provides one for us.
  • It’s kind of one of those things that you don’t NEED if you have an X-acto knife, but it speeds things up a bit

High-quality camera

  • Similar to the phone concept… taking nice photos of your work is always a plus. 
  • The camera I would reserve for mock-up photos for submitting pieces or getting photography for an editorial work. 
  • Someone in your class ought to have one that you can borrow (and maybe even the program will offer one to borrow), but it’s always good to have your own things.
  • Also, being able to stage your own photos instead of photoshopping mock-up templates always feels more authentic and looks better in a portfolio. (you’re not the only one looking up Photoshop mock-up templates in the design world)

Light table

  • You can either buy one or make one (easier than you think)
  • Very helpful when you’re tracing! 
  • This is the most useful when you’re doing abstractions or you’re trying to refine hand-drawn ideas. 
  • You can make one with a shadow-box frame and some LED lights. 
  • Again, not necessary since programs might actually have some at school that you can borrow.

A second monitor

  • Web design!
  • Programs like Brackets do live-preview, so when you code the changes apply immediately to a chrome preview window, so seeing the changes as you code is helpful! 
  • Putting up inspiration or just other documents to keep in mind on the other screen makes things easier to work with.

Fancy keyboard with custom keys

  • This one was actually a recommendation from my boyfriend (who is a tech geek). 
  • Basically, there are keyboards that you can map shortcuts to specific keys on the keyboard. 
  • There are some shortcut keys that you’ll use a million times in a project and if you feel that a function key being assigned to it would be easier instead, and you have money to splurge, this is the keyboard to go with! 
  • This is totally unnecessary, but could be lots of fun and helpful!

iPad and Apple pen

  • Digitally drawing on a tablet with a stylus can be good for digital note taking or just drawing in general (as an alternative to the drawing tablet). 
  • My professor uses his for sketch notes (which is always fun) and sometimes I see people doing illustrations straight into the tablet or just concepts. 
  • Sketching concepts digitally allows you to put down ideas quickly, but also be able to save them without having to worry about scanning or taking pictures of the drawings. 
  • Another splurge option that obviously has other uses than this, but is completely unnecessary.

MORE Prisma Markers

  • Remember when I said Prisma Markers before?
  • You really only need a basic color set and maybe a gray set. Any more than that then you’re falling into a fun and fancy category for supplies. 
  • They’re not the cheapest things in the world, but using markers definitely brings your sketches up a level versus pencil or black and white sketches.
  • It’s also good for making preliminary color schemes and other illustrations. 
  • Have several blacks because those are usually the first marker to go dry.

That’s all I got! I hope that helped and I’m sorry it was so long, I tried to condense… but I’ll make a visual/audio version that might be easier to digest!

Club Soda and Whiskey

Characters:  Dean x reader, Sam

Summary:  Dean meets reader at a rock show.

Word Count:  3317

Warnings:  Language, sex, slightly angsty 

As aways, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Tags are at the bottom. There is still room on my new Forever Tag list! Add yourself here

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Club Soda and Whiskey

Sipping your drink, you sit on the stool at the bar. As far as venues go, this one isn’t too bad. It smells of beer, but not in a funky, sweaty man and stale cigarette kind of way. It’s not smoky and the crowd seems cool. The band has played in far worse conditions. Like that time at that dive bar in LA. That was a night that you’d never forget. A biker gang had decided the middle of the set would be the perfect time for an all out brawl. One thing was for sure, there was never a dull moment to be had.

You fiddle with the slice of lime garnishing the rim of your glass while you watch the crowd. A tall, handsome man threads his way through the crowd. He’s rugged and sexy, broad shouldered. You notice by his gait that he’s bow-legged. He sidles up next to you at the bar and gives you a broad grin. Damn, he’s one good-looking son of a bitch. Probably a total douche, though. Most of the guys you meet in these clubs are.

Lifting a finger to the bartender, the man says smoothly, “I’ll have whatever she’s having.”

You stifle a giggle as the bartender replies, “You want a club soda?”

The light catches his eyes as his lips turn up into a grin. They are a brilliant shade of green. He chuckles, “Scratch that. I’ll take a whiskey.”

The bartender nods and turns to pull a bottle off the glass shelf. Tall-and-handsome turns to you, extending his hand. “Hi there, I’m Dean.”

“Hey,” you respond, taking his hand and grasping firmly. Christ, he’s strong. “I’m (Y/N).”

“Have you seen this band before?” he asks casually.

“Yeah, I’ve been to all their shows.”

“Wow, that’s dedication! I’m just in town for a few days and thought I’d catch a show. I’d never heard of them until today.”

“Well, Dean, you are in for a treat,” you say, smiling up at him. Dean looks just past your shoulder and you turn to see the hulking form behind you. It’s Clint, head of security for the band. Clint is big and looks menacing, but he’s a teddy bear at heart. Clint leans and whispers in your ear and you nod in response.

“Sorry, Dean, that’s my cue. I have to get going”

“Wait…are you with the band?” Dean asks.

“Uh, yeah…I’m the tour manager,” you reply.

“Really? Awesome!”

You give him a wave and start to follow after Clint, before turning back to Dean. “Hey, what do you say to a backstage pass?”

“For real?” The expression on his face is like a kid in a candy store. “Man, I’d love that. But I’m here with my brother…”

“What’s his name?”


“Okay, when you find your brother, go talk to Clint. He’ll be to the left of the stage. Give him your names and he’ll bring you backstage.”

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“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”
― Albert Einstein

Prosperity Spell

This spell should be performed on a Sunday during the waxing moon. 

You will need? A Compass, A Silver Coin that you have blessed, 4 Large pinches of prosperity herbs, 1 Gold Candle, A square piece of Orange silk around 6 inches (13 cm), Orange Ribbon, Fresh spearmint leaves and a stick.


Starting on a Sunday, carry your coin around with you for 7 Days. During this time, do someone a favour or exert yourself in some way. Take a stick and draw an imaginary circle on the floor, moving widdershins (in a anti-clockwise direction) Stand in the circle, use your compass to find north, south, east and west, then sprinkle a little of the herbs on the edges of your circle in these four directions.

Stand in the middle of the four points and light your candle. Holding the candle in your right hand and the coin in your left, recite the following spell while passing the coin through the flame of the candle 6 times. 

“O Angel Michael, help me understand the nature abundance,that I may become wealthy in spirit as well as financially. Bring me the money I need in order to live comfortably. I ask for the right amount of prosperity for my needs and to allow me the energy to use my gifts to celebrate life and to help others.  Grant me this and I will remember to give as I have received.”

Thank the angel and place the coin in the silk square, along with some spearmint leaves, and tie up the lot with orange orange ribbon keep this either in your coin purse/ wallet or in a safe place. 

Moving widdershins (anti- clockwise), gather up the herbs while saying “Thank you” to the four directions, and when you are holding all four pieces in your hand, say “So mote it be” and visualise the spell being carried out int the universe. Put the herbs under a tree, preferably  nut tree or else an oak or maple.  


“A human being is a part of the whole - called by us - universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

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A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.
—  Albert Einstein

I think nachos are my new favourite food!! For the sauce I just cooked up some onion, butter beans, red kidney beans, eggplant, spinach, corn and diced tomatoes and served with corn chips, ½ a mashed avocado, chives and hummus. And the best part- it’s all VEGAN!! 😊💗💗  that’s right, look at all the grass I eat people.🌱 I’m so happy that taste and health do not even factor as compromises in order for me to continue to extend the circle of compassion beyond the realms of humanity but to all flora and fauna. If anyone is even slightly considering going vegan, do your research, surround yourself with supportive and uplifting people and embark on this journey; never in my life have I felt so peaceful and in tune with my core values.

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