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season premiers 1-12, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Glenn Howerton: It’s pretty hard to believe. It’s hard not to get nostalgic about the very beginnings of the show considering none of us were writers. We were all just actors, and when the show got picked up we knew we wanted to write, but we didn’t really know how to write. We just figured if the show got picked up we’d figure it out.  


I love them so much, pease get married in ep 12

also I can never decide on which color scheme to upload

quick 11.06 coda for @the-faerie-circle 

When Sam didn’t come back to the war room, Dean figured he’d fixed himself something to eat and gone to bed, so he muted the day with a drink. Burned off the touch of Crowley’s place with each tip of his glass. Cas refused to partake, but he sat across from Dean and watched him through bleary eyes.

“So.” Dean poured himself seconds and set the bottle on the table with a clink. He settled back in the chair and propped his feet up. “The Darkness is your aunt?”

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Tokyo Ghoul x Persona 4 Crossover


OnePunch-Man Week // Day 3: Bonds
Favorite Relationship: Teacher and Disciple

The Twelve Circles of Kylux Hell

Circle 1: Kylo Ren and General Hux? lol wtf.

Circle 2: I mean yeah, okay, it’s pretty funny.

Circle 3: Wow there’s some really talented artists in this fandom.

Circle 4: I guess there’s a fine line between love and hate.

Circle 5: Some amazing writing too. Just the PG13 and under stuff though, thanks, let’s not be gross.

Circle 6: Although force-choking is pretty hot. Not really. A little.

Circle 7: Wow this song really reminds me of the two of them.

Circle 8: You know what, I should make a playlist.

Circle 9: *forms very strong opinion about who tops*

Circle 10: Children, Wake Up is the greatest love story of our generation and I will stab anyone who questions me.



Circle 12: *in a darkened room, crayon in fist, furiously drawing porn and weeping profusely*


so guys.. check out my haul?:) wanted more sephora but was getting sussed, haha
217 brush: $25

Too faced semi sweet palette: $50
Urban decay eyeshadows x3: $60 ($20 each)
Urban decay eyeliners x2: $40 ($20 each)
Tarte “airbuki” brush: $28
Benefit they’re real mascara: $25

Selfie stick: $20
Selfie phone lens: $17
Knee socks: $12.50
Choker necklace set: $12.50
Choker bracelet set: $6.50
Constellation ear pin: $6.50
Bird earrings: $6.50
Small circle earring set: $12.50
Nose ring (I think lol): $7.50
Oil blotting papers: $4.50

Faux nose rings x3: $30 ($10 each)
Faux gauges: $7.50
Faux tapers (more than gauges): $16.50
Shark earrings: $6.50

TOTAL: $394.50!!!!

Fucking around in Awakening, I looked at the description of all of Anders’ items on a whim and I’d just like to say that Anders has the most Noodle Incident of fucking equipment I have ever seen.

“‘And come the reckoning, when crimes will be righted and legacy restored, not during our lives, or those of our kin, but next ages, when magic will rise!’ Fringe texts of the Circle, 4:60 Black.” Anders these are your boots. This is the description for your fucking boots.

Where exactly did you even get Tevinter mage robes that “must have belonged to a prominent mage at some point”?

Who the fuck is Bann Ferrenly and how did you save his life on your first escape from the Circle Tower? You were 12 and you escaped for a week by swimming across a lake Anders how did you get a “reward for Anders’ service and friendship”

Anders I have questions



etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2016 | 6.17.16

theme: bohemian wedding finds
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12 Signs As Stages of Life

Aries: The Infant. Does things on instinct and has potential. Will throw tantrum to get something they want.

Taurus: The Toddler. Enjoys being pampered by people around them, with the nourishment they need for growth. 

Gemini: Chatterbox. Gains knowledge in rapid speed and expresses it through communication. 

Cancer: Early Childhood. Going outside to play, when they get hurt, a motherly figure in their life nurtures and cares for them. 

Leo: Middle Childhood. They actively play the Star of their own reality show with great imagination and vision that could lead others. 

Virgo: Late Childhood. Acknowledges the pressures in society and finds a more logical approach for a solution.

Libra: Teenager. Feels the pressure to fit in with their peers. Most times, they do but don’t realize it so they keep trying. 

Scorpio: Early Adulthood. Gets rid of their habit and starts their life or mindset over.  Finds deeper and more meaningful relationships. Knows that they can’t adjust to what everyone else wants and not everyone will like them. They just have to find the ones right for them.

Sagittarius: Midlife. Looks back in the past at what they’ve done and looks in the future at what they could do. Seeking more of what’s truly out there.

Capricorn: Maturity. Most things in their life has settled down after all their hard work. They have a stable career, group of friends, and family.

Aquarius: Late Adulthood. Guides and spreads their past experiences and wisdom. Using that knowledge and imagination for a new vision that can revolutionize the world.

Pisces: The Elders. Slowly retreats back to their own world in bliss. Living in the past, present and a imaginary world. Has learned to understand and appreciate the situations and the people around them.  

This is based off the archetypes itself, since everyone has different experiences.