molliemase  asked:

Can you choose a Fleet Foxes song for each of the Circles in Soul Child?

YES!! This question makes me so happy. 

North West (Amanzi): Tiger Mountain Peasant Song for tone, Your Protector for lyrics

North East (Nawyn): White Winter Hymnal for lyrics

South East (Vatraa): The Shrine for tone, The Plains/Bitter Dancer or Montezuma for lyrics

South West (Elria): Mykonos for tone, Innocent Son for lyrics

Circleless (Ninjan): He Doesn’t Know Why for lyrics

(this is actually hard because almost everything in this entire series is inspired by a Fleet Foxes song)

Mundane summons~

A little hc for the people who think Dipper gets summoned too much by random people for mundane reasons~

There are a bunch of ways to summon a variety of things, demons aren’t the only thing. Smaller rituals get passed on as superstition like leaving milk and cookies out on the night of December 24th summons Santa Claus, offering coins to a well spirit can grant small wishes, a seance can summon a ghost or touching a part of a statue/leaving it gifts can grant you luck. Normally nothing too malicious happens because circleless/blood sacraficless rituals can only summon things from this plane (spirits, ghosts, poltergeist, creatures ect) where demons exist on another plane and have to be expressly invited. So when asking for help from spirits Dipper sometimes gets the call because he is technically from this plane and without realizing that he answers in demon mode.

oh thats another thought. Blood is so important to rituals because it is the coin of life for this world and counts as the fare for demons to travel here