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A few nights a year, LGBT senior centers throw the best party in New York City.

“There was this woman at the last dance who was like, ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks!’” recounts photographer Ethan James Green, sitting on a park bench near his apartment in lower Manhattan. “She screamed it while I was taking her picture.”

Green is quite young (27) and best known for capturing a very youthful downtown underground scene, so it’s slightly surprising that he spends his free time hanging around LGBT senior center dances, taking black-and-white prom-esque portraits of the elderly attendees. His subjects may be old, but in front of his camera they seem anything but. They flirt, they flex, they cavort, they make out, they goof off. “It’s almost like we’re on a fashion shoot,” says Green. “People really show up. They get to have fun, not care, just be who they are and not think twice about it.”

The subjects he shot for Vogue attended two of these dances. The first, last fall in Brooklyn, was hosted by GRIOT Circle, a 21-year-old organization dedicated to serving the needs of elder LGBT people of color (its motto: “We don’t do bingo!”). The second, this spring at the Copacabana on West 47th Street, was a fundraiser in support of SAGE, a national services and advocacy group founded in New York in 1978.

Three decades ago, when SAGE organized its first women’s dance, Jerre Kalbas, then a sprightly near-septuagenarian, manned (or rather, womaned) the door. In those days, she remembers, “we were still very frightened, very hidden.” Now 99, Kalbas walks with a cane and wears gloves to ameliorate the pain of acute carpal tunnel in her hands. She can’t dance (“Not these fancy dances!”), but she’s still showing up. “I love to see all the women dancing,” she says. “I mean: It’s amazing.”

Read more and see the rest of the photos in Vogue.


Snow White premiered at the Carthay Circle Theatre on December 21, 1937, followed by a nationwide release on February 4, 1938. It was a critical and commercial success, and with international earnings of $8 million during its initial release briefly assumed the record of highest-grossing sound film at the time. The popularity of the film has led to it being re-released theatrically many times, until its home video release in the 1990s. Adjusted for inflation, it is one of the top ten performers at the North American box office. x

Earthrise : Whats that rising over the edge of the Moon? Earth. About 47 years ago, in December of 1968, the Apollo 8 crew flew from the Earth to the Moon and back again. Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders were launched atop a Saturn V rocket on December 21, circled the Moon ten times in their command module, and returned to Earth on December 27. The Apollo 8 missions impressive list of firsts includes: the first humans to journey to the Earths Moon, the first to fly using the Saturn V rocket, and the first to photograph the Earth from deep space. As the Apollo 8 command module rounded the farside of the Moon, the crew could look toward the lunar horizon and see the Earth appear to rise, due to their spacecrafts orbital motion. Their famous picture of a distant blue Earth above the Moons limb was a marvelous gift to the world. via NASA


I’m jenna! 24. Outer Banks NC
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Anything spooky I love, even though I get scared easily 😂
I’m 420 friendly.
I make my own custom skateboards.
I’m just me, come find out.
My cat and my dog are my children.
I have three rescued turtles 🐢

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Когда ожидал,что все Новогодние каникулы будешь проводить на природе:кататься на лыжах,на коньках,в лес ходить на костёр,а получается,что ходишь в резиновых сапогах по своему серому городу и каждый раз при замерзании идёшь в кафе пить латте.

Вот она,зима 21века.

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