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ID #58938

Name: James
Age: 21
Country: Canada

I am james, im 21 living in Vancouver Canada, I do have to admit its pretty lonely here living my whole life here. I kinda suck some times at being social. but I do love to chat, just awkward some times lol.

I have traveled around a little and right now just working as a barista and always planning to travel some where. I am a photographer and I’m always some where in the mountains and shooting awesome views nature portraits would be cool to show off my work to some one :)

The reason I would want a pen pal or buddy is because I love sending mail and little gifts and making good friends in other countries so when I come to their city we can visit and always stay in contact. if you enjoy funny memes, stupid videos anything I’m your guy, also if you are lonely and looking for some one to give an ear I’m good at it! I think it would be great to make a new friend :)

Preferences: +18, LGBT, straight, girl, guy, don’t matter friends are friends