circle tattoo life goes on sara bareilles simple

For anyone wondering why I got a tattoo of a circle on my foot…..

Basically, I knew that I wanted something representing life continuing on after all of the shitty things that can happen and I knew that I wanted something simple based on the Sara Bareilles lyrics “It’s taken all my life to hear the sacred sound of sweet simplicity”. So, that’s how I decided on a simple black circle. When I was talking about getting it, a lot of people told me that I should get words written in a circle so more people would understand it, but there aren’t few enough words to do the job for me. It’s more of a feeling of self-triumph and perseverance , and if it were something that other people could easily understand, it probably wouldn’t have been intimate enough for me to get it put on my body permanently. With that said, I realize that I am not going to want a plain black circle on my foot my whole life, but that’s something so cool about this tattoo, as I get older and evolve into my future self, I can add stuff to the tattoo so that it’s evolving with me.