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Saturday night’s alright for fighting

When do we get to see that photo of Colin in the feather costume I’m so aslkfjasl;kdjfa about it

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“safe from pain
and truth
and choice
and other poison devils.
see, they don’t give a fuck about you
like I do.”

Ice Banishment

As we go through the year, we collect negative feelings that mute our vibrations and build resentment. This is an accretion: the slow build up or collecting of layers. Like cholesterol in the heart, this emotional accretion blocks your channels and keeps your power from flowing. Now that we are in a new year, it may be the best time for you to banish that accumulation.

What you will need:
1. A medium sized bowl, preferably glass
2. 3 bay leaves
3. 2 - 3 cups of room temperature water
4. 5 ice cubes
5. Sandalwood incense and/or a white candle (in a safe holder)


If it is part of your practice, cast a circle. As you sit with your ingredients before you, centre yourself. Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath, the sensations of your body, and your connection to the earth.


Begin by lighting the incense, candle, or both. Make sure the flame is just outside of your reach, as you will be moving your power hand and do not want to accidentally knock it over.

Next, pour the water into the bowl and add the ice cubes. Repeat with firm intent:

The old year sees completion
I rid myself of accretion
Strengthen the new with this one wish
Negativity I banish

With your power hand, stir the water in a counterclockwise direction. Focus on sending negative feeling and emotions down your arm, past your fingers, and into the icy water. Continue stirring until you feel you have released the negativity built up over the last year. Withdraw your hand and drop the bay leaves into the swirling water to seal the banishment.

Allow the water to sit until the ice has melted. Extinguish your incense, candle, or both. Carefully take the bowl and its contents outside and to an area not walked over by others, pour out the water and bay leaves. Repeat the chant:

The old year sees completion
I rid myself of accretion
Strengthen the new with this one wish
Negativity I banish

Bay leaf: a sacred herb associated with Cerridwen and associated with the element of fire; it is commonly used in banishment spells
Sandalwood: according to lore, sandalwood clears negativity and burning it in the form of incense brings protection and healing
White candle: protection and purity


Samhain Ritual Part 1 - Calling the Ancestors

The sigil above represents a cemetery and was created by @qedavathegrey ​. You can see their post about the sigil and it’s ideal uses here.

To complete the first part of this ritual you will need:

  • a cauldron or cast-iron cooking pot
  • graveyard dirt (from the cemetery of an ancestor or from the grave of an ancestor if you can)
  • purified water
  • candles (mullein is best) and matches
  • salt
  • Herbs associated with the dead which are safe to burn (dried apple chips, bay leaves, wormwood, mugwort, myrrh, frankincense)
  • Any pictures or messages that you would like to send to your ancestors

If you are performing the ritual at the graveside of one of your ancestors, first clear the grave and headstone of any debris. Place candles on the headstone and around the grave (if you are doing the ritual at home, place the candles in a circle).

Sitting in front of your ancestor’s grave (or inside your circle). In a cauldron or cast iron pot, place a layer of salt and then a small mound of graveyard or grave dirt in the pot. Pour a little of the purified water onto the dirt in the pot so that it is damp. Make a small hole in the centre of the mound and place your chosen herbs and incense associated with the dead which are safe to burn (dried apple chips, bay leaves, wormwood, mugwort, myrrh, frankincense etc.)

Light the herbs on fire – they should settle into a light smoulder.

Say Formal Message – “We have come here on this night when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest, to honour those who have come before. We offer thanks for the teachings and lessons bestowed upon us and we pray that they have found comfort and rest in the realms of the dead.”

“Open wide, I pray thee, the gates through which all must pass.  Let my dear ones who have gone before, return this night to make merry with me.  And when my time comes as it must to all living things, I ask that Death, the giver of peace and rest, allow me to enter thine realms, for I will come gladly and unafraid; for I know that when rested and refreshed among my loved ones, I will be reborn again.  I ask that once I rise anew, let it be in the same place and at the same time as my beloved ones, and may I know and love them once more.”

Stand and turning anti-clockwise, face west (as the sun sets) “The west is the land of the dead, to which many of my loved ones have gone for rest and renewal.  On this night, I hold communion with them; as I hold the image of these loved ones in my heart and mind, I send welcome to those who have crossed over.”

“Beloved ones, in this time, when the veil is at its thinnest, I welcome you to spend a day with your descendants. I ask that you remain at peace, and grace us with your presence.”

“I call upon thee, name of ancestor you are calling. Relation to your person.  When they died (day/month/year).”  (Repeat as necessary)  “I wish you well and ask that you watch over me. Please do not judge my actions for my time is not yours and our lives are very different.  Do not despair for this is the path I have chosen.”  

Burn offerings for ancestors (photos of family, poems, food and drink) and talk to ancestors (informal). If you’re calling relatives who have passed on that you knew in life, converse with them as you did while they were alive. However if you did not actually meet this ancestor in life then you should introduce yourself. This conversation should be relatively informal (you are related after all however it’s best to be polite and respectful at all times.

~ Marci

         Part 2: Spirit Vessel   -   Part 3: Ancestor Feast   -   Part 4: Farewell

Clarity Spell

Moving forward with our intentions requires clarity. Clarity is a combination of focus and understanding. When we know what we want and why we want it, it becomes easier to devise a plan and to move forward with intention. Here is a simple spell that can be performed anytime to aid clarity.

You Will Need

  1. A bowl of water
  2. A pinch of rosemary
  3. A white candle in a safe holder

If it is part of your practice, cast a circle. As you sit with your ingredients before you, centre yourself. Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath, the sensations of your body, and your connection to the earth.

Place the bowl of water before you and sprinkle the rosemary across the surface. Light the candle and place it behind the bowl so its light reflects in the water.

Gaze into the water and watch the candle flicker along its surface. Empty your mind of thoughts. You may acknowledge a thought as it comes to you, but do not dwell on it. Instead, allow it to pass on, clearing your mind.

Recite the following with intention:

Flickering candle
On water tranquil
End obscurity
Grant me clarity

When finished, extinguish the candle and pour the water and rosemary in your garden or outside.

Rosemary: associated with the sun and fire; it enhances mental prowess
White candle: divination and healing

  • reaper: akande please for the love of GOD can we not do this right now? it's five in the morning
  • doomfist, having talon go through various cheesy teambuilding exercises immediately after punching his way out of a reinforced prison cell: Only Through Conflict Do We Evolve.
Keeping Your End of the Bargain

I promised I’d give you all another Dark fic when we reached our next milestone, and I always keep my promises. 

Just a quick warning- this is not fluff. It’s not romance. It’s not a sympathetic portrayal. This man is a manipulator, a good one, and he does what he does to further his own interests. He enjoys control, not company. And, to use Mark’s own words:

He is not here to help you. He is here to use you.


Originally posted by wrcngchcice

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Spell to dream of past memories

I have created this spell myself after studying how to create them. I hope it may help you a bit!

This spell should bring forth memories and dreams of your past lives.

It should be preformed in the time of the waxing moon, as it is to bring forth memories.

What you will need:

  • A purple candle
  • Salt
  • Bay leaf
  • A bowl of water

First, start by casting a circle. You can do this by taking a small bowl of salt and walking in a circle three times counterclockwise, sprinkling the salt as you go while saying “I cast this circle to create a sacred space, no unwanted energies may enter this place, The circle is now cast! so mote it be!”

When the circle is cast, sit down in the center of it, facing north as you light the purple candle. Meditate for a good few moments and when you feel calm, sprinkle some bay leaf into the bowl of water and say “Goddess of the divine, hear my call. A thousands lives I have lived them all. Give me some memories that come to stay and I will return to you another day. So mote it be!”. When you are done with that, pour salt into the bowl as well while stirring it three time counterclockwise. When you are done, focus your energy and intent into the bowl of salt, water and bay leaf. when you feel it is ready, close the circle and snuff out the candle. then take the bowl outside and pour it into the earth, returning it to the goddess with your intent. Then sleep. Within no time you should be getting dreams and visions of various memories!

Ocean Floor Architects

Since their discovery in 1995, scientists have been baffled by these mysterious geometric circle-like designs sitting on Japan’s ocean bed. It didn’t take long for skeptics and on–viewers to coin these shapes as “underwater crop circles” suggesting that scientists were so clueless as to what their cause may be that they might as well be aliens. The consistency and size (measuring about 2 metres in diameter) of the circles’ geometric design hinted that their origins stemmed from the same source, whether that be a live animal or some underwater phenomenon.

Quartz Wellness Bath

To be well one must balance mind, body, and spirit. This trifold understanding demonstrates how each supports the other: should one collapse, they all fail. To make each strong, we must return them to a state of peace and rest. Here is a simple wellness spell that can help restore your balance.

You Will Need
1. A quartz crystal
2. Purified or bottled water
3. 1 cup sea salt
4. A green candle in a safe candle holder
5. Lavender essential oil (optional)

Begin by immersing the quartz in the purified water. Allow it to sit, infusing the water with cleansing properties, for three hours.

If it is part of your practice, cast a circle. As you sit with your ingredients before you, centre yourself. Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath, the sensations of your body, and your connection to the earth.

Run yourself a warm bath. Add to it the cup of sea salt and three drops of lavender essential oil (optional). Remove the quartz from the purified water, then pour the water into your bath. Stir it three times with your right hand. Light the candle and place it somewhere safe. Step into your bath.

Allow yourself to relax. Feel the water’s gentle motion against your skin as you settle in. Feel the warmth of the water and allow it to fill you. Take in the light aroma of the lavender and allow it to clear your mind. If you can, focus on the candle’s flame and allow your thoughts to wander. Do not fight with your thoughts; rather, allow them to come, acknowledge their presence, then let them slip past you. Feel the bath drawing out your stress, anxieties, and fears. Rest for twenty minutes.

Step out of the tub and wrap yourself in a soft towel. Pull the drain plug and as the water empties say the following with intention:

Fear and doubt and illness
All there now drain away
On mind, spirit, and body
No longer may you prey

Rinse the tub and extinguish the candle.

Sea salt: cleansing and healing
Lavender: peace, purification, and clarity of thought
Green candle: grounding, health, comfort
Quartz: healing, cleansing, purification

Dog Mom Life- Moments with You

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Reader and Tom have a hike with Tessa because the Reader is suggested exercise for their baby.

Warnings: Swearing cause I love swearing IRL. Plus Tom swears too :,) Tom as a Dad, cute fluffiness even a cloud could say awww 

Word Count: 1,000+

A/N: Hope you enjoyed this post! Don’t forget that requests are open \(^.^)/ I’m so thankful for all the support you guys give me c:

[Reader’s POV]

    After your doctor’s visit two weeks ago for a check up. Tom and I have been going on daily walks on hiking trails.He has been home due to having a break from all the press and movies. Your doctor advised exercise and to be stress free. The two of you always brought along Tessa cause she loved the outdoors. Being around Tessa was a stress reliever itself. 

“Tom wait for me” I let out a huff making my way up the hill. Watching as Tom and Tess made there way up with ease. Tess tugging forward making Tom stumble a bit.

“S-sorry love, Tessa got too excited” he explains pulling her back and reaching for my hand grasping it. Pulling it up he kisses the top of my hand. A small smile appears on my face.

“Well look Tess we now have our whole family at our favorite spot” he grins leaning down. Rubbing her head he then turns to you with a grin on his face. Tom’s smile was as bright as the sun. His smile is the best thing to look at.

“It’s easy for you to say, at least you’re not carrying a little human” I say placing a hand on my stomach. Walking towards the ledge looking over the town. The fresh air making me feel at ease.

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Dares and Closets (Don’t Mix Well)

Based off a prompt I found on tumblr

Also on my Ao3 account, so no, I did not steal this!

If the prompt owner would like a credit, because I could not find their user, please do contact me! I would love to give credit where it is due for my inspiration of this prompt. If you want me to take it down as well I will do so without complaint.

Langst with a side of truth or dare! Enjoy please!

It was a nice night, calm. No missions for them yet, so it was relaxed. A perfect night for a game Keith guessed. When you put five very bored paladins together, some things happen. Just like this kind of game. Which, Keith really had no clue started honestly. Or who even really thought this was a good idea. A group exercise and a ‘get to know you’ game all in one. All Keith knew, was that was bull, and the game was just strange and humiliating at times. Oh, what was this exact game?

Truth or Dare.

Basically, to Keith’s understanding, the game was ‘do a sexual or humiliating thing, or tell us who you like’. With other things squished in to make it not seem so obvious what information they really wanted. Just stupid random things, whether it was to make you uncomfortable, or make you do or say some plain weird things that would never be spoke of again in any circumstance.

So, it’s what Lance would call Vegas. What happens in the Truth or Dare circle, stays in the circle.

Sitting in together on the floor all the paladins, Pidge, Hunk, Shiro, Keith, and finally Lance. Allura and Coran were just idly observing and during their own work or entertainment while they kept an eye on the young adults. And so far, the game was going fine. Random things happened, like Hunk having to give Pidge a piggyback ride. Keith having to run around the whole facility two times. Dodging the occasional paladins who were stalking him to make sure he ran the whole way and not take any short cuts. Shiro had to stand on his head for so long that he almost passed out. And the things that were forced out of people will never be brought up again under any circumstances. Kinks, are shamed and will forever stay in the closet. Speaking of closets.

Keith watched passively as Pidge gave a sly smirk, he knew what the look in her eyes meant, he was wondering just who was going to be humiliated now. Pidge pointed directly at Lance, who grinned widely as the damning words were spoken. Keith thought it was a little odd, but all of the options he’d picked had been dares. All of those dares were done with absolutely no hesitation. It was awe-inspiring, disgusting, and even a little bit impressive. Honestly speaking, unlike Lance, there was no way in hell that Keith would even let his face get within a foot of the bathroom floor, and there was Lance. Got a dare of licking it. And he freaking did it. He was going to get sick. When that did happen, all Keith was going to say was ‘I told you so’. Maybe get him some cold medication after he admitted fault.

“Truth or Dare Lance.” Lance rolled his eyes, giving a mischievous grin of his own.

“I thought you were smart Pidge? Do you eve have to ask me anymore? Dare, come at me bro.” Pidge grinned widely to match Lance’s own smile. Spinning a random pen in her hands, she pointed accusingly at him again.

“Take the person you hate the most, and lock yourself in the nearest broom closet with them for a whole hour.” Keith rolled his eyes, almost ready to get up and start walking to the closet himself. Ready to get it over with as soon as possible, because no matter how Keith thought of Lance. Sitting in a stuffy, dark, broom closet, was a pass time he wouldn’t even do willingly with his favorite person in the world. Though, Lance wasn’t a terrible person to be stuck with. Better than Hunk, seeing as Hunk was a nice guy, but of a much taller and bigger form than Keith. The only thing that stopped Keith from standing up however was Lance. Who’s face remained stiff like stone, but his eyes held panic at first, until it smoothed over to a blank, dull, blue grey. Unlike the usually fun and joke loving light in his eyes. Lance got up stiffly, and started walking across the circle towards Keith, making the red paladin a little unsettled, especially with that blank look in his eyes. Keith shifted, until the tan, Cuban male was nearly in front of him. Keith held his breath.

But Lance just walked right past him, brushed past him like nothing. Not even a glance back. Just walking straight ahead, blue eyes forward, brown hair shifting with the movement and breeze from the vents. His tan skin was barely visible from his tan and gold jacket and jeans. Feet padding away with small thumps until he was so far away no one could see him or hear the soft footfalls. Shiro had tried to call out to him, maybe stop him. But Lance was never one to hesitant or change his mind. So, it was already too late to go after him by the time he disappeared behind the door. The remaining four just sat and stared for a short while, before Hunk cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention.

“Um, Shiro. Truth or dare?” His voice was steady, but it was easy to tell that he was distracted by Lance’s sudden disappearance. Just like it was obvious that he wasn’t the only one as Shiro didn’t even respond to the question at first, only giving a soft ‘huh?’ as his name processed in his mind.

It was pretty clear the mood was dead and the game was quickly falling apart with Lance’s sudden disappearance from the main room. Leaving only an off feeling and a strange silence to replace the light fun. No more licking disgusting floors and laughing at the poor bastard who was dared to do it. Not even any stupid jokes that made everyone groan and call Lance annoying. The game was dead and people were beginning to separate and go off on their own for the night as they realized that. Keith however, was still bothered. Knowing that he should probably just ignore it and go to his own residence for the night, he found himself hesitating and contemplating it in his mind. Then briskly walking past his own room and straight to the room of a certain idiotic male. Finding not even a sigh of life in the blue paladin’s room to Keith’s disappointment. The black haired male bit back a sigh and walked out. Checking the various places in the facility.

Nothing in the kitchen. The commonplaces were completely empty and dark, even the library, still nothing. Though, in Keith’s mind the library had been a long shot. After nearly an hour of searching in every place Keith could think of looking he was ready to give up as he checked the main room one last time before walking away. About to give up and guess that the tan male just wanted some alone time for some reason, Keith stopped as he heard a soft noise. Like a snore or a sigh. That definitely wasn’t his. Keith turned on his heel and looked around the hallway. There wasn’t anything here though, nothing really. Except an old broom closet.

Broom closet.

The closest closet to the main room.

Where they were playing before Lance left.

It didn’t sound right to Keith, to even think of that being a possible thing, but, being thorough was a sign of a job well done. And Keith was anything but half-assed with anything he’d ever committed to do. So, against everything he knew about Lance and his stupid joking ways. He opened the broom closet door silently. Eyes widening in surprise as he saw the exact paladin he had been looking for. Lance’s back was against the farthest wall, in the corner. His legs were loosely bent against his chest, propped up by his shoe clad feet. His arms were splayed against his stomach and his head was lulled to the side. His hair falling messily around his head as if he were constantly running his fingers through it. And with further examination, Keith found his eyes to be closed in his sleep. Puffy and red as if he’d been…

Keith didn’t like the mental image of Keith sitting in the dark and crying. He didn’t like to think of that, Lance, sitting here for the full hour as the rest of them sat in the main room together. Falling asleep in the closet. Not dragging anyone with him, when he was supposed to bring the person he hated the most-

Remembering that part of the dare almost made seeing Lance like this so much worse, because Lance never didn’t listen to a dare. And if he brought the person he hated most into the closet with him; and there was only him in the closet. It spoke volumes that just made it even more depressing to think over. Keith could say that he hated the revelation more than seeing the tear tracks on Lance’s cheeks. A hard level of hatred to beat.

Looking over his shoulder, Keith checked the hallway, before looking back at the usually happy and upbeat paladin and reaching in towards him. Looping one of his arms underneath the boy’s legs, and cautiously wedging the other one between Lance’s back and the wall to get a decent hold on him before lifting him up slowly, and pulling his unconscious body out of the small broom closet. Being mindful not to bang the other’s head on the door frame as he silently closed the closet door with his foot after them.

Trying his best not to wake the other up as he leaned the brown-haired male’s head against his shoulder as Keith carried him. Tightening his grip on the male, Keith took small and smooth steps as he headed towards the other’s room. A frown set deeply on his lips as he let his thoughts wander on the way there. He didn’t know how to feel. Or explain how he was feeling. It was like his heart was in his stomach. He was lightheaded and wanted to collapse to the ground and empty out his stomach. Maybe it’s lodge his heart back into place.

But, he wasn’t going to do that. Not now, not while he was carrying Lance at least. After he had put the other male down it might be free game. It was still painful and sad though, even if he wasn’t acting on the feeling. Keith hated the emotion with a passion. He preferred hearing the blue paladin tell some stupid punchline, or a story that made everyone groan and roll their eyes. Even if they were terrible jokes at least it made the blue paladin look like himself. Being depressed and hiding in a closet with self-hatred wasn’t him. Not Lance.

Was it?

Shaking off the thoughts, Keith ignored them. Instead focusing on taking long strides and making it to the blue paladin’s room without hitting the Cuban male’s head or dropping him. Which was a successful feat, until it came to actually getting them in the door. Being as they were both grown ass men, one in a princess hold, trying to get through a small doorway that was very likely not as wide as Lance’s height, even if he was curled up.

Though, Keith wasn’t a quitter, and five minutes later, both males were in Lance’s room after a lot of maneuvering a limp paladin and inching forward without hitting anything, being too loud, or stepping on a stray object in the room. But eventually Keith was able to flop the other male down onto his bed. The covers were still messily sprawled across the bed, so it was easy to pull them over the sleeping male before Keith stepped away to observe Lance once more, before Keith reached down with a gloved hand and rubbed the tear stains from Lance’s red cheeks and puffy eyes. Keith retracted his hand shortly after. Paranoid of the other walking up as Keith turned away and inched out the door again. Pausing only once to look back before he shut the door to leave the other paladin alone in his room.

“You aren’t supposed to cry Lance.”

And Keith walked away.

Offering Comfort Spell

One of the hardest situations to be in is when your friend, partner, family is hurting and you are unable to act to ameliorate that hurt. When my partner is in a dark place my heart feels pinched and every breath catches. I know that it is the same for her when I am in a dark place. This is a simple charm to send love and support to those you care about who are hurting.

You Will Need

1. One yellow candle (can substitute white)


[Recommended for this spell] If it is part of your practice, cast a circle. As you sit with your ingredients before you, centre yourself. Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath, the sensations of your body, and your connection to the earth.

This spell can be cast with the person you are directing your energies toward sitting across the candle flame from you or directed outward toward a person who is not present.


Sit comfortably on the floor with the yellow candle in safe holder in front of you. If the person who you are directing your comfort and energy to is present, have them sit on the opposite side of the candle from you.

Light the candle and sit quietly for a minute. Visualise your love, comfort, and energy as a golden light building inside your chest. As it expands, push it outward with your mind toward the person who you wish to comfort. Repeat the following with conviction:

Friend of mine with aching heart

Let this gift from me impart

You with peace, a fresh new start

May all your sorrow soon depart

Sit together in the light of your love and comfort for as long as you both need.


Yellow Candle: comfort, confidence, joy