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Revelatory Tea - Edible Spellcraft

Revelation comes from the Latin word revelare and means to lay bare. It is a drawing back of the curtain and opening the mind to truths about what it means to be human in the world. As humans, we often seek revelations about how we should be in the world. Whether we are seeking meaning and structure in our lives or just what we should do in the next few hours, we seek patterns that reveal truths. This revelatory tea, made from hibiscus and cinnamon, can elevate your thoughts and help you see your way more clearly.

You Will Need

  1. Hibiscus (dried)
  2. Cinnamon (a crushed nib off a cinnamon stick)
  3. Tea cup and saucer
  4. Pen and paper

If it is part of your practice, cast a circle. As you sit with your ingredients before you, centre yourself. Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath, the sensations of your body, and your connection to the earth.  

Begin by placing a pinch of hibiscus and a smidge of cinnamon in the bottom of a tea cup. Next, set a kettle to boil. When the water has reached a low boil pour the water over the hibiscus and cinnamon and allow it to steep for no less than ten minutes and no more than fifteen.

While waiting for the hibiscus tea to steep, write your question, concern, or dilemma down. You may wish to make notes underneath your question of any key facts, people, or dates that will impact your choices. Then consider the different angles and approaches you could take; what are the potential consequences and what could you gain? Contemplate your question and propose multiple solutions. You may find your mind wanders during this process and that is okay; when you notice your attention has shifted gently draw it back.

After the tea has steeped, hold the cup before you and recite the following three times with intent:

Consider my situation
Give to me a revelation

Drink the tea, allowing your thoughts to settle like the leaves in the cup. Leave a very small amount of liquid in the cup. Then take the cup by the handle in your left hand and give it three swift circles. Be sure to move it in a deocil (sunwise, clockwise) direction. You will see the leaves shift and cling to the cup. Next, invert the cup over the saucer and allow the remaining tea water to run out. Then set the cup before you and look at leaves, opening your mind and imagination to what you see. Look for patterns and images. Perhaps, you see a bell, a bird, a letter, or a number. Record on your paper the images you see and write down what they might represent and how it applies to your situation.

After you have considered these things, set the paper aside and allow the revelation to steep in you like the herb steeped in the water. When the time is right your mind will settle on a way forward and you will be able to proceed.


Potential Images

  • Bell: warning, anticipated news
  • Wand: creative action
  • Bird: forward movement (when flying) or luck (when roosting)
  • Heart: listen to your emotions and relationships
  • Moon: seek wisdom, draw on your strength
  • Serpent: deception, flattery
  • Triangle: change

Hibiscus: associated with Venus and the feminine; boosts clairvoyance and psychic energy
Cinnamon: associated with Sol, fire, and the masculine; adds sanctification and protection
Reading Tea Leaves: practised in many cultures throughout the world, the symbols can be subjective and should be interpreted through your intuition.

Nervous for this meeting
I know the expectations
I entered the room

He growled
“Undress, leave on panties and bra”

I look on the floor
A trail of yellow rose petals
Leading to a circle
A circle
Yellow rose flower petals

A chair placed deliberately
Facing the ring of petals

I undress
As instructed
Leaving on panties and bra
That were of his choosing

He takes my hand
Leads me
Stands me in the circle
He sits in the chair
In front of me
He is handsome


I feel a calm wash over me
Kneeling in a circle of rose petals
His eyes
Looking me over

He begins
We begin

When we are done
He has become
My first
My first physical kneel in person
My first to collar me
My first to handcuff me down
My first to bind me
My first
So many firsts

This is a marathon not a sprint
He is my first
He is my last

I have submitted myself
Completely to My Master


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Located beside an open pasture in Lincoln, Massachusetts, sits this bizarre “ponyhenge.” Since 2010, a number of plastic, wooden, and metal horses have been mysteriously appearing along this country road. It’s unknown who leaves these little trinkets or why, but the family who owns the land has said that they find it “lovely.” Sometimes the horses will be arranged in an obscure fashion, whether all standing in a circle or even sitting around a table having a tea party. It seems as though the mystical collection is expanding almost daily.

Spell to dream of past memories

I have created this spell myself after studying how to create them. I hope it may help you a bit!

This spell should bring forth memories and dreams of your past lives.

It should be preformed in the time of the waxing moon, as it is to bring forth memories.

What you will need:

  • A purple candle
  • Salt
  • Bay leaf
  • A bowl of water

First, start by casting a circle. You can do this by taking a small bowl of salt and walking in a circle three times counterclockwise, sprinkling the salt as you go while saying “I cast this circle to create a sacred space, no unwanted energies may enter this place, The circle is now cast! so mote it be!”

When the circle is cast, sit down in the center of it, facing north as you light the purple candle. Meditate for a good few moments and when you feel calm, sprinkle some bay leaf into the bowl of water and say “Goddess of the divine, hear my call. A thousands lives I have lived them all. Give me some memories that come to stay and I will return to you another day. So mote it be!”. When you are done with that, pour salt into the bowl as well while stirring it three time counterclockwise. When you are done, focus your energy and intent into the bowl of salt, water and bay leaf. when you feel it is ready, close the circle and snuff out the candle. then take the bowl outside and pour it into the earth, returning it to the goddess with your intent. Then sleep. Within no time you should be getting dreams and visions of various memories!


Gotta Go My Own Way | Calum Hood

Gotta Go My Own Way (based off of HSM2)

Calum Imagine

(not my gif, found on google)

Calum slammed his bass on top of his bed, sitting down next to it and running his hands through his hair in frustration. Y/N and the other boys, Luke, Ashton and Michael, all joined it and sat in a circle, Y/N sitting next to Calum rubbing his back. She could feel the heat radiating off of him, his heart racing and tense muscles underneath her delicate touch. He and the band had been trying to get signed and noticed by companies and other bands for over 4 years now, and no one has made an effort to take them on and have faith in their ability to make it big. Calum had spent endless nights on the computer and phone, contacting every record label about an audition to be signed, and each time they turned him and his dreams down. He couldn’t take it anymore, he was ready to give up the dream of being a musician down with his best friends, at the age of 19.

“Calum, calm down, just because someone hasn’t discovered you yet, doesn’t mean no one will.” Y/N tried to comment to comfort him. Calum only huffed, as if she made some sort of joke.

“Are you kidding me? 4 years. 4 years the guys and I have been on countless auditions and using every minute on our phones to contact producers and record labels. I gave up a career in football for this. I was on my way to becoming a famous athlete, my future all laid in stone. But I gave it up for something I actually loved more than anything in this world. And I can’t even achieve it.”

“Calum calm down! You’re making it sound like you’re regretting ever starting this band!” Luke shouted as he stood up and pointed at Calum.

“Well maybe I do!” Calum stood up, chest to chest with Luke.

The room fell silent, with the exception of the slight ringing noise in the air. Y/N grabbed onto Calum’s hand and rubbed circles on his knuckles, with a look in her eyes that showed she was scared. Scared of him ever lashing out at her the way he was lashing out at Luke. She had never seen him this way, with smoke and flames practically coming out of his nose. She pleaded him to stop, while Luke sighed and marched over toward Calum’s large bedroom window to get his mind off all the stress being put on him and the band. Instead of Calum sitting back down and being rational, he stormed out the door and down the stairs into the summer air. Once he was outside, he rubbed his forehead, heat immediately radiating off of it. Then, as if on que, vibrations came from his jean pocket. He growled, not wanting to hear any voices since he was already getting a massive headache.

He ripped the phone from his pocket and angrily hit the green button to answer.

“Hello!” He yelled.

“Oh I’m sorry is this…Calum Hood?” An innocent voice fell from the lips of the girl on the other end. He instantly felt bad for shouting, and took a breath.

“Yes, sorry for shouting, but yeah this is him. Who is this?”

“Hi! I’m Nia from the band Hey Violet. We have a record label named What’s Up Records, and we’ve seen your band, 5 Seconds of Summer’s youtube videos and Hey Violet loves you guys! How would you like to meet with us about being our opening band on our upcoming tour?”

Calum nearly jumped out of his jeans, opening his mouth and gasping at the unbelievable opportunity being thrown at him at the time he needed it most. He felt the tears peaking in his waterline, and smiled so big that the crinkles in his eyes were showing, the sign of pure joy from Calum.

“Oh my god…Oh my…wow, yes yes yes we’d-we’d love to…oh my god, thank you. Thank you so so much!” She laughed on the other end.

“You’re very welcome. You guys are talented, and deserve it. Come by our studio tomorrow at 2 pm. The address is 3002 Suite Street. We’re looking forward to meeting with you guys.” And then he heard the phone noises signaling that she ended the call. Calum jumped up and down like a 5 year old girl after getting the doll she had been wanting all year, and ran inside the house trampling up the stairs.

“Guys! Guess what!”

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Prosperity Spell

Prosperity is not simply the attraction of wealth or the accumulation of fortune. Prosperity is the increase of inner resources: character, vitality, charisma, determination. Prosperity is a spell provided by the universe, by the Divine, that gives you the spiritual ingredients to be successful. It is the knowledge that you deserve wonderful things and you possess the power to attain them. Here is a spell to open your potential for prosperity.

You will need:
1. Peppermint oil
2. A green candle (in a safe candle holder)
3. A tiger’s eye stone (you can substitute with a quartz crystal)


If it is part of your practice, cast a circle. As you sit with your ingredients before you, centre yourself. Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath, the sensations of your body, and your connection to the earth.


To begin, dress the candle with the peppermint oil. This is done by placing three drops on the center of the candle’s shaft and then spreading that oil out to the ends and around the candle. Then place the candle in the candle holder and light it. Focus your intent. Pay attention to the colour of the candle, the flicker of its flame, and smell of the peppermint. Consider the idea of inner prosperity. What does it mean to you? What inner resources can you draw on and which do you want to develop? Visualise these strengths growing within you like a sprouting seed.

When you feel confident in yourself and your strength, rub a single drop of the peppermint oil onto the tiger’s eye stone. Hold it in your hand and repeat aloud and with intent:

     Strength from within
     Stone symmetry
     Bring to the fore

Feel the connection between you and the stone, knowing that when you see it, you see your strengths and your successes. Extinguish the candle. Carry the stone in your purse or pocket.


Peppermint: associated with Venus and the element of air, a healing herb, the scent stimulates the mind and creativity
Green candle: associated with Jupiter, Mars, and Venus and the element of earth, it is grounding and draws prosperity and luck
Tiger’s eye: associated with insight and clear thinking

round table discussions
  • Sasuke: I'm going to ask Sakura to marry me.
  • Naruto: Oh my god. Finally. Wait, I'll be right back.
  • --
  • Naruto: Sasuke is going to propose to Sakura.
  • Kakashi: What?! He didn't tell me this.
  • Sai: That's wonderful. I can see how happy she is each time she is around him.
  • Ino: As sad as it is to lose to my Sakura's best friend, I can't think of anyone else for Sakura besides Sasuke.
  • Tsunade: I don't care. I'm not giving my precious apprentice to him that easily.
  • Lee: How about me, Tsunade-sama?
  • Hinata: I am rooting for Sakura-san 100%. I believe that Sasuke loves her as much as she loves him.
  • Gaara: Sakura did jump out to stop me and even risk her life for him.
  • Kankuro: She saved my life from that poison. She deserves the best. I'm not sure if that someone is Sasuke.
  • Lee: Maybe someone who embodies youth?
  • Shikamaru: Sakura's a smart girl. She'll be able to figure out for herself if Sasuke is the one.
  • Kakashi: Why did Sasuke only tell Naruto and not me as well? I was their biggest shipper.
  • Chouji: If the man cooks meat for his woman, he's a keeper.
  • Kiba: She went to great lengths to save Sasuke. Even knocked me out with smoke bombs.
  • Shizune: Sakura cried so much for him. If he hurts her, I'll never admit him to the hospital.
  • Shino: Seeing how much Ino cried over Sasuke, I can only imagine how much pain Sakura went through over him.
  • Kakashi: Do you think Sakura will tell me first about her engagement?
  • Ino: No, I think she'll tell me first.
  • Lee: Sakura-san might still realize that she actually loves someone in green spandex.
  • Tenten: You should give up Lee.
  • Pakkun: Sasuke was really worried about the girl when he caught her from the crumbling sand.
  • Kakashi: I should at least be the second person.
  • Tsunade: Nah, that's probably me.
  • Kakashi: Oh, come on! I was her sensei!
  • Tsunade: I was her shishou.
  • Kakashi: I knew her first.
  • Yamato: Senpai...
  • Lee: I can't give up on Sakura-san! I'm going to propose to her first!
  • Everyone: Wait! Lee!

You were like a siren, luring men to their death. Your job was simple really, you seduced men and tricked them into thinking there was no issue between them and J. Most men were easy enough, give them a drink, show a little skin here and there and convince them to come back to J’s club with you. You knew once you delivered these men J would kill them, but you never stuck around to watch. You were the key piece in Mister J’s game, and you never lost. Tonight however, was presenting itself as a challenge. You circled the man sitting in the leather black chair batting your eyelashes at him as you spoke. “Mister J is growing impatient Nick, he wants his money.” Nick remained calm, and surprisingly so as he spoke. “He doesn’t want my money sweetie, he wants my head. There’s a reason they call you the angel of death.” You bent over resting your hands against the chair on either side of  Nick.  "We both know that if Mister J wanted you dead, you’d be dead already.“ Nick let out a small laugh. "You have a reputation y/n, you collect men and lead them to the slaughter. How does a girl like you end up working jobs like this anyway?” You stood back a serious expression now plastered on your face. “A girl like me has bills to pay, and in this field I have to do very little to get paid a lot of money.” The grin never left his face. “You may be able to fool other men with that sweet smile and sexy charm, but today you go back to Joker empty handed.” You walked toward Nick and snaked your arm around his shoulder. “Aw come on Nick, just come back to the club with me and we can work this all out.” Nick stood up from his seat and proceeded to walk to the door. “It’s a death trap and I’m not walking into it.” And with that he left you alone in the back room. “Fuck.” You whispered to yourself. J was gonna be pissed.

You returned to J’s club without Nick and headed to his office. You knew he would be angry that you didn’t deliver. You had never before returned to the club empty handed and you expected nothing less than to pay the price for it, what that price was however you weren’t sure. You stood outside J’s office preparing for the worst. You took a deep breath and knocked on the door. J’s right hand man Frost greeted you from the other side. “Y/n.” You faked a confident smile and addressed him as you walked past. “Hiya Frostie.” J looked up from his desk with a smile on his face when he heard your voice. “Ah, y/n, have ya got a present for me?” Your smile faltered a bit. “Not exactly Mister J, he uh, um. I couldn’t get him to come back with me. He knows you want him dead J.” J’s smile faded and was replaced by a  look of seriousness. “Are you losing your touch y/n? Perhaps you’re not as valuable as you use to be.” J stood up from his desk. “Please J, I haven’t lost anything, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve and I can get him here.” J walked toward you and your heart began to race. He ran one hand down your shoulder before he spoke. “I suggest you use those tricks then doll, I’d hate to see a pretty little thing like you laying dead in a gutter somewhere.”  You shuttered at the thought. “I’ll bring him to you J I swear.” J’s smile returned. “That’s my girl." 

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J walked back to his desk and pulled out a gun from one of the drawers and held it out to you. "Take this doll, you’re gonna need it.” A look of confusion spread across your face. “U-um why would I need it?” J cocked his head to the side. “You see doll, I’m afraid I’m a bit busy this evening and since you couldn’t deliver to me sooner you’re just gonna have to finish the job yourself.” J tried to put the gun in your hand but you pulled away. “Killing wasn’t part of my contract J.” J grabbed your hand and forced the gun inside of it as he spoke. “And if you read the fine print you would know that you do what I say when I say it.” His grip was tight around your wrist. You shook your head. “I won’t do it.” J grabbed both your shoulders and lowered his voice. “You’ll kill this man or I’ll have Frost kill you.” J released you and began to walk away. You felt yourself becoming angry and couldn’t stop the words as they poured out of your mouth. “I told you from the beginning I won’t kill people!” J turned around and faced you again but remained silent as you continued. “I have always delivered. Do you know the things I’ve had to do to get some of these men to walk to their death freely!? Do you think it’s easy to do what I do!? Easy would be putting a bullet in their brain but I can’t bring myself to do such an awful thing!  You want him dead J? Do it yourself!” You raised the gun that was still in your hand almost involuntarily and pointed it at J. What were you doing, you just went completely bat shit insane on mister J. You expected to be dead in seconds but instead J let out his famous laugh and lunged for you, knocking the gun from your hand. He had you pinned against his desk and your anger turned to fear as J spoke. “My. My. My. Quite a mouth you’ve got.” J’s fingers were firmly wrapped around your throat but caused you no discomfort. “I’ve never seen this side of you before y/n. I like it.” J ran his tongue over his silver teeth and let out a low growl. His hand left your neck and fell on your jaw pulling you into a sloppy kiss. You were shocked at first but J pulled you closer to him and kissed you more deeply. You were breathless, a few minutes ago you were sure this man was going to kill you, but now his soft lips are pressed against yours and you didn’t want it to end. J pulled away wearing a wide grin. “How would you like a promotion doll?”

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Manifestation Tea - Edible Spellcraft

Manifestation is a type of psychic energy. It is the ability to bring about our thoughts and desires; whether it is the manifestation we project when casting a spell or the daily manifestations of actions that bring us success, love, or good health. Manifestation is the energy that fuels our actions and brings about change. Here is a simple tea recipe you can follow to increase the strength of your will and boost your powers of manifestation.

You Will Need

  1. Nettle (dried) – 2 cups
  2. Rosehips (dried) – 2 cups
  3. Cinnamon chips – 1 cup
  4. A mason jar (or other airtight container)
  5. Infuser
  6. Tea Cup


If it is part of your practice, cast a circle. As you sit with your ingredients before you, centre yourself. Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath, the sensations of your body, and your connection to the earth.


Mix the nettle, rosehips, and cinnamon chips together in your container. (I do all of my mixing with a wooden spoon, infusing my work with natural energy, but you may use the tool most linked to your craft). Mix the contents in a deocil (sunwise) direction. Repeat this chant as you mix:

I focus power
Lend strength to me
I manifest
So mote it be

Continue mixing until you feel the energy has been infused into your tea and seal the jar.

When you are ready to use the tea, fill an infuser with your mixture and steep in boiled water. Repeat the charm three times as it steeps. Drink in good health.


  1. Whenever working with edibles, be aware of any allergies you and those you consensually share it with may have.
  2. Label your jar or container so it is clear what it contains.


Nettle: associated with Mars, Fire, and masculine energies; often times used by our foremothers as a torch to illuminate their rites; its use in spells connects us to our lineage
Rosehips: associated with Venus, Water, and feminine energies; soothing agent when a woman is on her menstrual period.
Cinnamon: associated with the Sun, Fire, and masculine energies; boosts psychic energy

It is the year 2063, I am sat in an armchair in a dystopian future and my grandchildren are running around me in circles. One of them sits, and the others follow suit. They notice I am still gazing out of the broken window, staring into oblivion. The eldest, the most inquisitive finally asks: “Grandma, what’s wrong, why do you always look so sad?”

I sigh and answer “ …Beyoncé was fucking robbed”  

Flicker - Ch. 2

Kim Junmyeon/Reader
Word Count: 2,975

Previous Chapter

‘We still need to watch those movies’

                           ‘Do we really, Junmyeon?’

‘You’re not getting out of this, princess’

                                                   ‘Ugh, fine’


You smile under your nose, as you stare at your phone. You do actually want to watch the movies with him, mostly because they are his favourite, but you love teasing him a bit.

“You saw him didn’t you?” Sehun suddenly appears next to your face, peering over your shoulder.

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