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Who watches The Sign of Three and thinks Sherlock is a straight man?

For god’s sake! The man literally:

-Plans a wedding including building a tiny diorama for the seating arrangement
-learns to fold not one but TWO different types of napkins for the place settings
-twirls in a gay little circle
-spends the ENTIRE time deducing things about eligible men at the reception

Like, my pals, friends, people of the planet earth and beyond…

The man is gayer than the desert is dry and the day is long.


Gif source:  Bucky

Imagine Bucky surprising you with a trip to see the Northern lights.

——— Request for anon ———

“You should get it,” Bucky says, standing beside you as you stare longingly at a heavy winter coat.

You shake your head, insisting, “It’s far too warm for that here.”

“Don’t wear it here, then. Wear it next week,” he says offhandedly, but the smirk dancing at the corners of his mouth gives him away as he baits you into asking what he means.

“What?” you give in, turning to him curiously as his smirk turns into a full grin.

“You can wear it while we watch the Northern lights,” fishing a brochure from his pocket, he shows you the trip he had planned, circled in red.

You gasp excitedly, asking him in your astonishment, “We’re going to see them? Are you serious?”


Phil sees his shadow on Groundhog Day

Punxutawney Phil saw his shadow on Thursday morning, predicting six more weeks of winter during Groundhog Day festivities at Gobbler’s Knob, a small hill just outside Phil’s hometown.

Members of Punxsutawney Phil’s top hat-wearing inner circle plan to reveal their forecast at sunrise, just before 7:30 a.m. Thursday. (AP/Getty/Reuters)

Photo credits: Gene J. Puskar/AP, Alan Freed (2) /Reuters, Jeff Swensen/Getty Images (2)

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Capture the Flag (Eric Divergent One Shot)

The air is cold and still as your team gathers into a circle to discuss the plan of attack. The adrenaline rushes through you at the thought of being the one to claim that flag to finish the game.

“Peter take these 3, Molly with the 2 on your right, (Y/N) you’re with me”. Eric looks at you all serious, he’s so damn competitive.

“Oh Eric, want me all to yourself eh?” You tease, he cocks an eyebrow. He’s used to your flirtacious behaviour now.

We split up and take separate ways, you and Eric head behind the containers. You jump as the crack of gunfire starts and Eric shoves you down behind the metal box, pushing himself down inches in front of you. You watch him check the area, eyes alert. He’s so close you can smell him, that smell you love, and your heart starts pounding.

“Breathing a little heavy initiate, nervous?” He turns to you, smirking. He’s so harsh but something about him draws you to him.

“As if.” You scoff and start towards the building next to you, Eric follows. This time its you that sees the opposing team and you push him against the wall, holding him there by his hard chest while you look back, gun raised in one hand to check for any threats. When you turn back, Eric is staring at you, chewing his lip.

“Whats up with you?” You ask, hand still on his chest.

He takes your hand off, turning you round so you swap positions, him pushing you against the wall.

“You’re kinda hot when you’re all fired up you know.” He says, voice low.

He places his hands on your hips and moves his leg between your thighs, putting pressure on your crotch.

“Well, this took a turn. What about the game Mr.Competitive?” You smirk, grabbing his muscular arms and pulling him closer.

“Fuck the game.” He growls, hoisting you up against the wall, wrapping your legs around him. He starts rough with your mouth, trailing kisses down your body as his fingers fumble to unbutton your shirt. You take his off now problem and trace your fingers over his muscular chest and stomach, moaning as he nips at your skin. You take off each other pants and he spins you round to face the wall.

“Bend over initiate” He demands, and you do as he says. Theres something so hot about the way he calls you that. You place your hands on the wall and bend, he moves his fingers over your ass and thighs tickling higher and higher. He grunts and you gasp as he runs his finger over your wetness and plays with your clit.

“Eric..please..” You moan.

He grabs your hips and teases his tip against your slit. Impatient, you push yourself onto him and you both moan as he starts thrusting, harder and deeper, fingers digging into your sides. With one hand on the wall you play with yourself, panting.

All too soon you feel your insides squeezing and his pace quickens as you both climax.  

“Fuck!” He pants, pulling out of you, you both collapse on the floor.

A few minutes later you hear cries of joy, and disappointment; someone must have got the flag.

“Ah shit” You groan, “Time to go”. He just looks at you and you both smirk. You both get up, him smacking your ass on the way. You yelp and he laughs.

“We should play games like this more often” You smirk and he laughs.

“Maybe we should, but you know, ill always win.” He winks, pulling his jacket on.

You cock and eye brow and kiss him one last time before heading out to join the others.



Happy Clone Appreciation Day! Here’s some older Rex and Cody to cry over celebrate!

I love thinking about the different ways clones would age. Like, since Cody’s face is probably pulled into a permanent grimace under the stormtrooper bucket. Rex has more crow’s feet from squinting around a sunny desert for so long.


From Left to Right: 

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Ringstar (warrior name: Ringleg) died as a fairly young leader. The Endless Storm territories are harsh and Ringstar used all his lives heroically to save his clan.  Ringstar was selfless when it came to the well-being of ShadowClan. Even as a young warrior, Ringleg risked his life to be a spy in Halfstar’s inner circle and planned an uprising to take down his tyrannical, destructive leader.  When Halfstar was defeated, Ringleg was still too young to become ShadowClan’s next leader, so a senior warrior named Indigoeyes took the name Indigostar and led ShadowClan until Ringleg was ready.

Written by BENJAMIN PERCY • Art and cover by JUAN FERREYRA • Variant cover by MIKE GRELL
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.
“THE RISE OF STAR CITY” finale! The Ninth Circle’s plan for Seattle comes to its horrifying conclusion as the city is reborn as Star City! Sponsored by Queen Industries, it’s the first privately controlled metropolis in America—and Green Arrow’s worst nightmare. How can Oliver Queen fight back when the fat cats literally own the city? The answer will shock you in this stunning conclusion.
On sale JUNE 7 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+

Written by BENJAMIN PERCY • Art and cover by OTTO SCHMIDT • Variant cover by MIKE GRELL
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.
“BROKEN ARROW” part one! Hopelessly divided over Oliver’s role in the rise of Star City, Green Arrow and Black Canary do the unthinkable and break up. While Dinah starts a resistance movement in the former Seattle underground, Ollie’s been driven out of the city he sacrificed everything to protect. And that’s only the beginning! The next major phase of GREEN ARROW begins with in this oversized anniversary issue!
On sale JUNE 21 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T+

Here for Roy-Emiko team-up, this is gonna be fun.

Shaeq Chor

Shaeq Chor is a decently sized country, almost entirely circled by what is known as the White Forest with the exception for a few harbor towns and one harbor city, and one lake.

The White Forest is a mythical forest with white bark and white leaves, that always seems to be glowing gently. This forest is said to be bewitched, and is the anchor for a barrier that waylays all travelers with violent inclinations out of the country. Only the citizens of Shaeq Chor can come and go freely through the forest, bearing a magical mark that can’t be moved from them. Visitors to Shaeq Chor needs a guide to visit the larger part of the country, and those seeking one is thoroughly investigated, something which takes weeks, if not months, if a Knowledge Mage doesn’t take care of the investigation personally. There is one exception to this - those in desperate need of medical aid can see and follow the Star of Shaeq Chor, a beacon that helps them through the forest and to the medical temple of the Star.

Shaeq Chor is the greatest trading hub of the world, being located in the one safe passageway in the Circle Continents, and being a peaceful, truly neutral country throughout history with only one exception. It is also ruled by a matriarchal royal line which has cross-bred across species to the point of being known as their own race - the Shaeqina.

They are not the only crossbreeds in the country, however. The Shaeqian humans are known to have four arms for a reason.