circle of life i guess

Kara felt like she could live in this moment forever, feeling Lena’s hands on her as she moved with the slightest touch. The two women danced until Lena was whisked off to give a toast and a speech. All Kara could do was stare at her, fascinated by her energy and how she irradiated this light that Kara had never seen in all her years in this planet. Kara didn’t hear the words, she just clapped with everyone else when it was over and her shoulder slumped when Lena walked off the stage and was engulfed by serious looking business people. This was stupid, of course Lena had to engage in small talk with her guests, just because they had been dancing and having what Kara could only describe as a magical moment, didn’t mean that Lena was just going to brush off her responsibilities to stick to Kara the rest of the night… right? Then why did it still bother her? Kara shook her head and looked around for another glass of champagne. Not because she wanted to drink, but just to find something to do. She found a quiet corner and sipped her drink as she watched the night unfold.

“What is a beautiful girl like you doing here all alone?” Kara turned around so quickly, she was glad she had superstrength or she would’ve snapped her neck. A tall handsome man in a tailored tux was standing next to her. His smile made Kara uncomfortable and she couldn’t help but notice how his eyes roamed through her body. She visibly tensed and opened her mouth to respond, but he moved closer before she could say anything. “I’ll be happy to keep you company, I know how boring these parties can be. My name’s Michael.” He flashed his impossibly white teeth and leaned closer. “This is the part where you tell me your name, pretty girl.” She was too stunned to move, and just when her brain unfroze, she felt a warm hand on her hip pulling her gently away from the man.

“There you are, honey, I was looking all over for you.” Lena smiled reassuringly at Kara as her grip tightened on her waist. Kara’s face relaxed as she pulled closer to Lena who gave her the tiniest of winks before turning towards Michael with an icy glare. To his credit, he didn’t flinch. “Can we help you, Carlisle?” He threw his hands up in surrender as he sneered.

“Shoulda known you’d bring a bimbo to stroke your own… ego, Luthor.” He looked Kara up and down and whispered to her, “call me when you get tired of this frigid bitch, babe.” And he walked away, laughing.

Kara could sense Lena’s shoulders tense as a smile was frozen on her face. Kara took the hand that was resting on her waist and interlaced her fingers with it.

“C’mon, let’s go get some air.” Lena nodded tersely and followed Kara out the back door to a beautiful garden. Kara didn’t stop until they had reached a bench that seemed hidden from view. She sat down and pulled Lena down with her. After a few seconds, Lena sighed and put her head in her hands.

“I told you these things were tedious…” Kara wanted to reach out a hand and comfort her, but her hip was still tingling from where Lena had placed her hand and it made her nervous.

“You weren’t kidding. Who was that… guy?” Lena straightened up.

“Michael Carlisle, his father owns an oil company and, well, his family and mine run in the same social circles so I’ve known him my entire life I guess.”

“Why is he such a…” Kara waved her hands around trying to find the right word.

“an asshole?” Lena lifted an eyebrow and Kara nodded. They chuckled. “He’s always been an entitled asshole, I try to make a point of not being in the same room as him but since Opal City is his town, tonight was unavoidable.” Kara cleared her throat.

“Thank you, by the way. For coming over when you did.” Lena turned to look at Kara and smiled, which made Kara blush. Lena reached over and placed her hand over Kara’s.

“Of course, anytime you need me to.” Lena’s thumb brushed the back of Kara’s hand and Kara lowered her eyes to see the motion. Her heart was pounding in her ears and she wasn’t sure what to do next, except cover Lena’s hand with her other hand and ghost over the knuckles with her fingertips. She could hear Lena’s breath catch but she was unable to meet her eyes. She bit her lip as she traced patterns on Lena’s hand and almost missed when Lena spoke again in a quiet whisper. “Kara?” Kara only hummed in response, not stopping her movements. Lena used her other hand to softly lift up Kara’s chin so that their eyes could meet. Lena’s gaze made Kara almost melt. It was soft, vulnerable and sparkling at the same time. The air around them seemed to be charged, expecting a current to run through it at any moment. Kara’s ears were filled with Lena’s rapid heart race matching hers. She broke first because she couldn’t help her eyes drift down to look at Lena’s inviting lips, slightly parted, as if waiting for her. Kara looked quickly back up to Lena’s eyes, but she knew that Lena had noticed. Her eyes crinkled at the corners as she started to lean forward, her hand moving from Kara’s chin to rest on her cheek. Kara squeezed the hand that was already in hers and pulled it to rest on her waist. It all seemed to move impossibly slow, both women almost afraid of making a sudden move that would ruin the moment. Kara summoned all of her Supergirl confidence and brushed Lena’s stray hairs back behind her ear and curled her hand behind her neck. A second later, their lips brushed together. It was the lightest of touches but it almost disarmed Kara. They stayed impossibly close, their lips mere millimeters from each other, when Kara saw Lena’s lip quirk up a little and saw her brush her lip with the tip of her tongue. Kara tightened her grip on Lena’s neck just a bit as she pressed her lips to hers. This time the kiss was fuller, and when Lena parted her lips, Kara didn’t wait for permission and let her tongue delicately explore Lena’s mouth. She could taste the champagne and strawberries on Lena and lazily bit her lower lip. She heard Lena’s whimper and smiled into the kiss. They kissed like that, slowly, reverently exploring each other’s lips for a few minutes. When they came up for air, Lena’s eyes were glazed over as they took Kara in. Kara felt herself getting lost in that gaze, again, and welcomed it. The look of adoration, wonder, and attraction on Lena’s face was unlike anything Kara had ever experienced. And she knew Lena could see the same thing on her face, because Kara was utterly disarmed now. Lena gave her a chaste kiss on the lips before looking down, unable to wipe the grin off her face.

“Wow, um…” She laughed, suddenly nervous. Kara echoed the sentiment.

“Yeah, wow is about right.” Lena was still absentmindedly stroking Kara’s cheek. She looked up at her, bit her lip and quirked an eyebrow.

“This is probably backwards, but would you like to have dinner with me, when we go back to National City?” Kara took Lena’s hand off of her cheek and kissed the back of it.

“I’d love to.” They smiled at each other, both a little shy and still reeling from their charged kissing. Lena took a deep breath and stood up, pulling Kara with her.

“I need to finish playing nice for a little while longer before it’s acceptable for me to leave. Do you um, is it ok if we fly back tonight in like an hour?” Kara nodded and smiled, still holding Lena’s hand. She squeezed it before giving Kara a light kiss on the lips and walking back to the party. Kara watched her leave and took a deep breath before following her, consciously keeping her feet on the ground, because she felt like floating right now.

141025 Hoseok's Vlog Eng Trans

25/10, 2014, J-Hope’s vlog. It’s 12.43 in the morning. It’s passed midnight so it’s a new day. Today was our 500th day anniversary. The other members would probably do a vlog about this too but I’ll be sharing my stories as well. It’s already been 500 days. I posted on the fancafe just now but I still can’t believe that it’s already been 500 days. I came to Seoul without knowing anything and just came to the company, continued practicing and lived a survival life for the audition. In the end, I got to debut and now it’s a complete 500 days since the big debut. If you think about it again, it’s still amazing, to be able to go come this far. i’m really happy. Its just like what namjoon had said. During the concert, he asked the fans ‘Are you guys happy? If you’re pleased now, it means you’re happy. If you feel content, it’s happiness’. That was what he had said and I am happy. Truly happy with right now. It feels like I’m living the life. I am happy and I hope the people around me feels the same. It’s passing the 2 minute mark but I’ll still continue with another story.

I am worried these days. It isn’t that much but I’m just wondering what I should do. Rapping and dancing, in the specified parts that I have the skills for, I hope to major it with practice and show a better performance. In that perspective, I’m worried. Recently, though I’m not sure if you’re all anticipating it or not but to be honest, I’m in the middle of making a mixtape. Few tracks are made and I’m still on for more. It’s my first released mixtape and obviously to show profession I am working hard on producing it. What kind of song should I present or what kind of presence should I bring out and what kind of colour should I shine through. I am having such a big dilemma with that. After trying to finish a song, I reject it, feeling that the result is just isn’t it. Because of that, I am constantly sleeping on the work. I don’t know what I should do anymore. I want to release the mixtape as fast as I could for the fans and the people but I’m just feeding on dreams hoping to come true when it’s really just dreams.

Why do I look so fatigued? With my worries on our 500th day anniversary.. and it’s already been 5 minutes since I’ve talked about my thoughts. I will work extra hard. There’s no definite answer without a hard work. I’ll do my best and do the music that I want. Doing it is the answer isn’t it? After this vlog,it’s back to work. Do your best Hope~ You can get through it! Break a leg~ 25/10, 2014, bangtan’s 500th day anniversary vlog, end~ J-Hope’s worries vlog, end~

at the supermarket

louis: hey can you grab those chips on the top shelf

harry: [holds louis up and starts loudly singing the circle of life]

louis: that works too i guess


Lion King and Jungle Book RWBY

The Isle's Feathered Rex 'first iterations'

I mean, at least it looks…. not half-arsed? but they couldn’t scream ‘Lion!’ any louder eve if they sang Circle of Life, so I guess it’s unique without going down the ‘I’m just going to stick to the outline of the animal and texture it’ route that many dinosaur media goes too.

I’m kinda split on it. As you said, at least it’s not shrink-wrapped? Not entirely sure how to feel about the mane, though.