circle of life i guess

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25/10, 2014, J-Hope’s vlog. It’s 12.43 in the morning. It’s passed midnight so it’s a new day. Today was our 500th day anniversary. The other members would probably do a vlog about this too but I’ll be sharing my stories as well. It’s already been 500 days. I posted on the fancafe just now but I still can’t believe that it’s already been 500 days. I came to Seoul without knowing anything and just came to the company, continued practicing and lived a survival life for the audition. In the end, I got to debut and now it’s a complete 500 days since the big debut. If you think about it again, it’s still amazing, to be able to go come this far. i’m really happy. Its just like what namjoon had said. During the concert, he asked the fans ‘Are you guys happy? If you’re pleased now, it means you’re happy. If you feel content, it’s happiness’. That was what he had said and I am happy. Truly happy with right now. It feels like I’m living the life. I am happy and I hope the people around me feels the same. It’s passing the 2 minute mark but I’ll still continue with another story.

I am worried these days. It isn’t that much but I’m just wondering what I should do. Rapping and dancing, in the specified parts that I have the skills for, I hope to major it with practice and show a better performance. In that perspective, I’m worried. Recently, though I’m not sure if you’re all anticipating it or not but to be honest, I’m in the middle of making a mixtape. Few tracks are made and I’m still on for more. It’s my first released mixtape and obviously to show profession I am working hard on producing it. What kind of song should I present or what kind of presence should I bring out and what kind of colour should I shine through. I am having such a big dilemma with that. After trying to finish a song, I reject it, feeling that the result is just isn’t it. Because of that, I am constantly sleeping on the work. I don’t know what I should do anymore. I want to release the mixtape as fast as I could for the fans and the people but I’m just feeding on dreams hoping to come true when it’s really just dreams.

Why do I look so fatigued? With my worries on our 500th day anniversary.. and it’s already been 5 minutes since I’ve talked about my thoughts. I will work extra hard. There’s no definite answer without a hard work. I’ll do my best and do the music that I want. Doing it is the answer isn’t it? After this vlog,it’s back to work. Do your best Hope~ You can get through it! Break a leg~ 25/10, 2014, bangtan’s 500th day anniversary vlog, end~ J-Hope’s worries vlog, end~


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working 2 jobs while doing school is exhausting, its discouraging living paycheck to paycheck and I also feel like a shitty friend sometimes bc i never get to see the people i care about enough. my mom got to quit an awful job for a better opportunity with someone who really appreciates her. she deserves everything in the world and seeing things finally work out for her has given me the positivity i needed to know things will get better.

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Today's been okay, it was beautiful out and i cruised around with my windows down just jamming to some of my favorite songs, bought a new swimsuit and a sundress, and hung out with my best friend. The sad thing lately is one of my cats is dying and is going to be put down soon which I've cried a ridiculous amount over. It's the circle of life I guess and he shouldn't have to suffer any more :/ anyway ily you're the bees knees

Oh gosh anon YOU’RE the bees knees! 🐝

I’m so sorry for what you have been going through, I can relate to the pain you must be experiencing, but I would say spend as much time as you can with your cat, every moment with a loved one is precious. Write out how you feel, talk to a friend about it, sometimes it helps to be able to cry in front of someone you love and trust. 

That’s really exciting about the sundress and swimsuit, I bet you look rocking in them!! 

Send me messages, I want to hear all about your lives!

Even my HS diaries include me gushing about how cute my friends are

Even though I don’t talk to most of them anymore

I guess my personal Circle of Life is to befriend someone, obsess over how cute they are, and then move on