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[Miraculous Ladybug]: the writing on our skin

Title: the writing on our skin

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“I think sometimes, we just need to do the thing that makes us happiest. And maybe, more often than we think, that fate actually ends up being better than the one we thought we were destined to have.”

(A soulmate AU where each soulmate has one half of a quote that is important to their relationship.)
Words: 4578

My one fic for Think Outside the Love Square! This Soulmate AU is based on the rule that each soulmate has one half of a quote that is important to their relationship. I also decided to experiment a bit with the structure of this fic.. I hope it ends up making sense and causing the impact I had hoped, lmao. Otherwise, good attempt, I guess?

Just assume that even though these quotes are famous, that they’ve never heard of it before and can’t guess, haha.

Special thanks to @mahaliciously​ for helping me name Alya’s fox superhero name!


The marks appear halfway through the third trimester of her first year at Dupont. Alya had just gotten out of the shower when she spots it in her bathroom mirror. Etched into the skin beneath her right shoulder blade, the words follow a curved trail along her spine in tiny cursive. It takes the combined help of her Ladybug compact mirror, her camera phone, and a whole lot of squinting for her to finally make out what it says:

“while loving someone deeply gives you courage”

No capitalizations. No punctuation marks. No hint of whether the phrase begins or ends the rest of the sentence. It’s so different from the one written on her maman’s arm:

“like bread; remade all the time, made new ”

With a quote like that, she could have easily narrowed down the possibilities so that when she finally met Alya’s papa and fell in love, the words would obviously become the latter half of “love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone. it has to be made,” —

But it doesn’t matter anyways, because when Marinette calls her the next day to talk about Adrien, Alya decides not to think too much about soulmates just yet. She’s still young.

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Get-Together Party
  • Aries: Spends the evening by close friends, until realizing how much excess alcohol Cancer brought. Starts stepping out of their original social circle with liquid courage!
  • Taurus: Picked up Aquarius and Pisces along the way to try to make sure everyone made it to the party, ended up incredibly late because Taurus did not want to stop for directions. Party is almost over.
  • Gemini: Showed up early to help Virgo prepare, bet Virgo that Taurus wouldn't show up on time.
  • Cancer: Showed up right on time with excess alcohol and snacks, happy to share with anyone. Bet that Taurus wouldn't make it at all.
  • Leo: Just barely made it in time, stays late to help clean up because they feel guilty about almost being late. Eager to join in any conversation or games.
  • Virgo: Set up the party on a whim, invited everyone and started making bets that Taurus will show up, but just as everyone's leaving. Happy to see everyone.
  • Libra: Ten minutes late. Finds a comfortable area and spends the majority of the night staying still. Willing to participate in games, provided plenty of movement isn't necessary.
  • Scorpio: One of the last to arrive. Brings little to no alcohol, but is willing to share it with anyone who expresses any interest in conversation. Rants on positively about conspiracy theories, cars, and drugs to whoever is listening. Smiles nonstop.
  • Sagittarius: Shows up twenty minutes late with a cup of coffee. Pretends to listen to everyone, but is really thinking about what they last read. Laughs at everyone's jokes, but only hears the punchline not the set-up.
  • Capricorn: Arrives on time, comes up with counter arguments against Scorpios rants despite feeling the same way. Spends a lot of time around the chips and dips. Bet that Taurus wouldn't arrive at all.
  • Aquarius: Almost misses the whole party because Taurus was the driver and lost the way. Aquarius secretly knew the directions the whole time, but really didn't want to go to the party in the first place and was enjoying the playlist in the car.
  • Pisces: Showed up last minute to the party because Taurus was the driver and lost the way, Pisces was very stressed out the whole drive and decided to take a ride with someone else home. Enjoyed the drive, nonetheless.

Alan Rickman & Helen McCrory: ‘With us it’s mostly about laughter and the odd Martini’

Helen McCrory, 46

An actress known for her work on stage ('Uncle Vanya’, 'Twelfth Night’, 'Medea’), TV ('Anna Karenina’, 'Peaky Blinders’, 'Penny Dreadful’) and film ('The Queen’, 'Skyfall’, the final three 'Harry Potter’ movies), McCrory lives in north London with her husband, the actor Damian Lewis, and their two children

There are a lot of myths about Alan. That he is prickly and unpleasant – because he often plays quite cold, dry people – and that he always wears black. But he couldn’t be further from his screen personas if he tried. And I’ve seen him wear grey at least twice.

I first heard of Alan when I was at drama school. He was doing Les Liaisons Dangereuses in New York [in 1987], hailed in the papers and held up as an example by my teachers at the Drama Centre. We met in 2008, on the set of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, when Helena [Bonham Carter] and I were playing the Lestrange sisters, and Helena, Alan and I were making a spell “to the death” together.

Though he was brilliant in the part, he wasn’t so method that he swished around in his large black robe in between takes. Instead we’d have a coffee and a giggle – he has a naughty sense of humour – and I’d say, “So, what’s your power again?”

I was surprised how our friendship developed at first: it’s lovely when a movie star phones you up and says, “I’m going to come see you in that play. Do you like to know if people are in?” So I said, “Actually do you mind coming around [backstage] after?” Otherwise I can get nervous and direct the whole performance to that one person. So he came, and asked me out to dinner; I wouldn’t have assumed someone who’d reached such heights would do that.

He’s a very subtle person: there’s an art in the way he reads lines, and he has a similar aesthetic in his home – it’s all clean lines and muted. So much of his personality is in A Little Chaos [a new film directed by Rickman, and starring McCrory and Kate Winslet]. It’s quiet and meditative. He thinks about what he says, rather than plunging in. I think I’m less in control than him.

We’re both Celts, and there’s no hierarchy as there is with the English, so when he was directing me on set I would never be guarded with him. I don’t think that disagreeing [artistically] is a bad thing. It’s only by saying, “Christ, you didn’t think the scene was about that, did you?” that you come to realise things.

While we both like a giggle and a good bottle of wine surrounded by [actor] friends, he avoids the industry world. Maybe he’s shy, and walking into a room of people he doesn’t know isn’t relaxing. I don’t feel that: I find evenings out such as Bafta parties good fun.

I started out in theatre so I think of Alan as a director at the [Royal] Court, and writing and directing films, rather than about films he was in. I’ve never seen Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves [for which he won a Bafta]. Maybe that’s why we’re friends: I don’t sit quoting lines back to him after half a bottle of wine.

Alan Rickman, 69

An actor, Rickman made his name as Obadiah Slope in the BBC’s 1982 serial 'The Barchester Chronicles’. He has since won awards for roles in films including 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’ and 'Truly Madly Deeply’, and reached a new generation with his role as Severus Snape in the 'Harry Potter’ films. He also directs at the Royal Court. He lives in London with his partner of 50 years, Rima Horton, an economics lecturer

We properly met on the set of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, in full costume. Helen with that white stripe in her hair, me with those black buttons and black contacts. Helena was there too. We had a scene with the three of us, nose to nose, having to look threateningly at each other. Helen has a huge sense of the ridiculous and with all that costume and make-up, there wasn’t a hope: we were all trying to behave like grown-ups but laughing to an annoying degree; the producers and crew got a little impatient. It’s run like an army camp there, so I was grateful for those moments of laughter.

Our friendship was incremental: first I’d go to see her in plays at the Donmar, and then afterwards, get drunk with her and the rest of the cast. There would be social gatherings and I got to know her better there, too. We both had Welsh mothers – it’s a huge thing when you have Celtic blood running in your veins, and not English; there’s an inherited energy, a kinship.

She has an amazing access to her emotional life as an actress. She is always truthful, too. She can be critical of a director, but she speaks her mind out of respect for the writer. The text prompts the questions; her aim is to convince you that she’s living inside the text, not performing it.

I felt relaxed asking her to work for me in A Little Chaos. She plays a wife in a loveless marriage to André Le Nôtre, who designed the gardens at the Palace of Versailles. Helen has a kind of darkness of spirit to bring, and I loved watching the edifice crack in the role.

I like actors who don’t “act”. Her recent Medea at the National, on the Olivier stage [winning her Best Actress at the Critics’ Circle Theatre Awards] was courageous: I could see right inside her soul. It’s the toughest stage – it’s huge and the acoustic isn’t easy.

With us it’s mostly about laughter and the odd Martini – the two tend to blur into each other. She has a much faster energy than me; she’s on the front foot and I’m not always. But I love anybody who makes me laugh, and her ability is unusually high. She’s witty in an 18th-century way; like Jane Austen, she can pick up a word, play with it and put it down again. She recently talked about lobster sauce sophistication. Where did she get that from?

'A Little Chaos’ (PG), directed by Alan Rickman and starring Helen McCrory, is out on 17 April–helen-mccrory-with-us-its-mostly-about-laughter-and-the-odd-martini-10153057.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Bakugou Katsuki is a gryffindor (fight me)

hi its blaise, many of you in the fandom may know me as the argumentative one that like katsuki way to much and you would be right. but @unbreakable-red-riot​ and i were talking last night and while we agree that Kirishima Eijiro is a Hufflepuff, we differ greatly on my main man, and i am here to set the record straight.

So Katsuki is a Gryffindor.

no okay but he really is. defining characters by the broad strokes of hogwarts houses is a little hard when they’re as complex as they are in bnha. you wanna narrow it down to like Gryffindors are brave and courageous (same thing) and Chivalrous. they’re known for their nerve and determination.

1. Lets first start with Bravery, or courage because bravery sort of just means “to show courage” its a bit whole loopy word circle but

the dictionary defines courage as “mental or moral strength enabling one to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty firmly and resolutely.”

we can say, without a doubt that Katsuki is courageous considering he’s the one who has been forced to withstand danger more than any of the other students. And he’s still back at school trying to do the hero thing. and even if that doesn’t count we have seen him run directly into danger on one occasion, during the USJ attack where he purposely went after Kurogiri and was one of the 4 students to run towards all might and the fighting instead of away. 

2. Chivalry is hard to devine, its a code of conduct mideval knights used to hold themselves too, it was largly informal and subjective and because of that most of it wasnt written down. the idea of chivalry today is “ he combination of qualities expected of an ideal knight, esp courage, honour, justice, and a readiness to help the weak.”

I would like to point out here that “chivalry” as we know it today is actually just a romantic notion propagated by at least three fictional stories and the code im about to past below is just an idealization of historic knights fighting in the holy land. 

Gautier’s Ten Commandments of chivalry are:

  1. Thou shalt believe all that the Church teaches and thou shalt observe all its directions.
  2. Thou shalt defend the Church.
  3. Thou shalt respect all weaknesses, and shalt constitute thyself the defender of them.
  4. Thou shalt love the country in which thou wast born.
  5. Thou shalt not recoil before thine enemy.
  6. Thou shalt make war against the infidel without cessation and without mercy.
  7. Thou shalt perform scrupulously thy feudal duties, if they be not contrary to the laws of God.
  8. Thou shalt never lie, and shalt remain faithful to thy pledged word.
  9. Thou shalt be generous, and give largesse to everyone.
  10. Thou shalt be everywhere and always the champion of the Right and the Good against Injustice and Evil.[14]

Though these ten commandments are often accepted to be what knights would use, they would not necessarily be what a knight actually followed in the medieval era. This code was created by Leon Gautier in 1883, long after the knight had ceased to exist in its traditional form. Chivalry in a historical sense was more of a subjective term, these laws would likely be seen as good code for a clergyman, however others would hold different ideas on what chivalry truly was.

So i bolded the ones that sort of apply, and taken with our understanding of what we consider chivalry to be, acting with honor, courage, justice and a readiness to help, despite the fact that chivalry as a whole is just a christian European propaganda term that’s been hanging around forever and a day, we can conclude that Bakugou has these qualities, or well, all but one. 

He wants to become a hero, so we can thus accept that he is ready to defend people who cant defend themselves, he’s going to school for it so he is respecting the law and will uphold that jutsice, as he hasnt gone outside of it to become a Vigilante which he could easily do with his power and skill level. Bakugou has never backed down from an enemy even when he should have, he is completely without mercy in a fight, He has never lied, ever in the series that i can find. He is generous in that he gave Kirishima the money to replace his broken night vision goggles. 

and also we cant even say he’s not ready to help the weak, he is antagonistic to the people he sees as a challenge, he hardly gives the time of day to anyone else. 

3. Nerve and determination. 

Nerve: a person’s mental state, in particular the extent to which they are agitated or worried.

Determination:  firmness of purpose; resoluteness.

Bakugou has like, two emotions. he’s either angry or he’s quiet. We’ve seen him scared maybe Twice? in the entier anime/manga and both times, considering he’s 14-16 years old being unnerved is completely justifiable. While Katuki in no way “keeps his cool” he’s never shown to be consierably worried or unsure about what he’s doing, and he’s always acting with a purpose.

so if we were going with “your a gryffindor if you meet all these characteristics” then i should rest my case tbh. but here are the traits listed on the wikipedia for the other three houses

Ravenclaw:  characterised by their wit, intelligence, creativity and wisdom 

Hufflepuff:   valuing hard work, patience, loyalty and fair play 

Slytherin:  associated with cunning, and ambition (im sensing a bias)

also on a personal note i feel like we can exclude ambition as a defining trait in BNHA because we’re talking about students who had to compete against thousands of other children. U.A. is the #1 ranked high school for heroics and is considered as the top Hero Academy in the world. every year less than 1 in 300 students who took the exams get in. you need to be ambitious to even try for this school. 

n-burox  asked:

While I was walking to go buy the rainbow flag and getting kinda nervous about it, it made me think, if this is scary to do on such a small scale, how scary it must be to display one on stage in front of thousands of people. And that we, as supporters, are most likely incredibly important in giving Harry and Louis the courage to display their rainbows for people to see; it's the flip side of people taking courage from them. I doubt they would be as open if they didn't know we were there for them

And that is SO BEAUTIFUL. And it’s makes me so emotional. What a great symbiotic relationship. They know how important it is to us, they know we’re proud of them, and they know we’ll be there for them. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are great, they are great, it’s a circle jerk of courage and love. !!!!!!!!!!!! ok sorry I was Having Emotions 


It’s a circle jerk of courage and love!!!!! 🌈💦