circle drawing


Many of you probably don’t know this, but I love Chiho Saitou’s work, she’s my favourite mangaka ♥ I bought some of her manga online and finally got the delivery today! Her work inspires me so much. If you’ve ever wondered where my love of romantic stories comes from, this is it.

Heya arty friends, I got a question for y'all. Are there any helpful links/tutorials/videos that helped y'all out? I’ve googled some stuff and I’ve gotten some but I thought about asking y'all to see if you might have gotten something else. Especially some stuff that shows how to do those circle things to draw bodies and shading stuff. Those confuse the hell outta me so I usually just.. guess.. but I’d like to learn.

Basically, I’m just asking if there’s anything that’s stood out to y'all that might help an newbie out.

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welp it’s almost 3am, but here they are!  almost as close as to how i picture them all!!!  (i say almost because i’m still having difficulties with cas lmao)

hope you like it all :D  if you’re interested in posts with just rhys/feyre or whatever, let me know!  i’m not opposed to selling prints either (or of any of my acomaf art) even though these are just “sketches” hahaha