circle backwards


Quick 100 calories:

40 jumping jacks

30 crunches

20 squats

10 pushups

(I can’t do pushups, so I just do 40 more jumping jacks)

Thigh Gap:

10 toe touches

20 lunges

30 squats

40 jumping jacks

50 second toe touch

60 second wall sit


5 arm swings

2 burpees

5 bench dips

20 wall pushups

3 burpees

1 divebomber pushup

5 bench dips

5 kneeling pushups

3 renegade rows on each arm

2 inchworms

1 pushup

:30 downward dog

2 burpees

5 arm swings

:30 arm circles (forward and backward)


15 front lunges (both legs)

15 back lunges (both legs)

20 squats

30 leg lifts (each leg)

:20 plank

:30 downward dog

15 front lunges (both legs)

15 back lunges (both legs)

Slimmer waist:

30 crunches

30 reverse crunches

30 butterfly crunches

30 bicycle crunches

30 side plank dips

30 other side plank dips

30 Russian twists

Ab work out:

30 jumping jacks

20 crunches

10 vertical leg crunches

20 oblique crunches

30 Russian twists

:20 plank

10 sit ups

20 bicycles

30 scissors

20 vertical leg crunches

10 jack knife sit ups

:20 side plank (both sides)

30 Russian twists

20 oblique crunches

10 sit ups

20 scissors

:30 plank

Slimmer Legs:

20 windshield wipers (both sides)

20 bent side lifts (both sides)

20 leg pushes (both legs)

20 thigh twists (both legs)

:30 leg lift (both sides)

Here’s what I do at the gym:

16 crunches, knees bent

16 crunches, legs straight

16 crunches, legs in butterfly position

8 crunches, knees bent

8 crunches, legs straight

8 crunches, legs in butterfly position

16 crunches, knees bent

16 crunches, legs straight

16 crunches, legs in butterfly position

4 crunches, knees bent

4 crunches, legs straight

4 crunches, legs in butterfly position

2 crunches, knees bent

2 crunches, legs straight

2 crunches, legs in butterfly position

(Total of 138 crunches)

Cardio work out machines are actually best in intervals. It allows more fat to be burned in between intervals while your heart rate is still up.

20 min elliptical

5 min stretch

15 min elliptical

5 min stretch

10 min elliptical

5 min stretch

10 min stationary bike

If you don’t have a work out machine at home or a membership to a gym, you can also jump rope, which is great exercise, walk, jog, or dance. Look up all the ways you can mindlessly burn calories such as tapping your foot.

Girls Day

So I did a thing… This idea just popped into my head, and this spilled out. Enjoy!! 

(Feyre POV)

I glanced down at the outfit I was currently wearing, wondering if it would be suitable for whatever plans Mor had in mind for girls day. My sweater dress, should be warm enough if there were any outdoor activities, but also nice enough for anything more upscale. She wouldn’t even hint at what we were going to do today, so this was the best I could do under the circumstances.

Mor had been blabbering on and on about today for the past few weeks. She had decided that while Rhys, Cassian, and Az went on their annual drunken holiday, that us girls would have fun too. She had even gotten Amren to agree to attend, how I still didn’t know.

Rhys had left this morning with his brothers, and while I missed him already I knew that this time would be good for him, good for us. We had agreed not to communicate using the bond for this weekend, if we could help it. Being separated from my mate had me a little anxious, if I was honest with myself, and I was actually glad that Mor had invented girls day, if nothing else it would be a distraction.

It turned out that Mor had surprised us all. We spent the day on a boat cruising down the Sidra, it was absolutely perfect, that was until it came time for dinner. We had docked near the Rainbow, and the view was absolutely stunning, as we all sat down for dinner. It had been an absolutely beautiful day, full of laughter and just girl talk. My cheeks actually hurt from laughing so much, even Nesta and Amren looked like they were having fun, which was a rare feat to accomplish and I knew that Mor was proud of herself.

Just as my plate was sat in front of me, a feeling of nausea rolled through me so strong, that it was a wonder I managed to stay up right. Standing, suddenly I turned away from the table and ran to railing of the boat, just barely making it in time to empty the contents of my stomach into the pristine water of the Sidra bellow.

“Feyre! Feyre… are you okay?” Mor was instantly by my side, grabbing my hair out of my face. Nesta, grabbed my arm and guided me to a nearby chair, while Amren stood back and surveyed me with her piercing silver eyes.

“I’m fine. I feel better now.” It was the truth, the nausea had gone as quickly as it started. Mor nodded, “Good. Perhaps it was the rocking of the boat, or the wine.” I nodded my head in response, but knew that was not the cause. The boat was barely moving, and I hadn’t had any wine today.

“Well, if you’re feeling better, is it okay if we eat? Because I’m starving.” Nesta asked from beside me. I smiled at my sister,  as she stood and grabbed her plate from the table bringing it over to where we were sitting near the railing. As soon as the smell of her food wafted into the air around me, that feeling was back, quickly I turned again and vomited over the side of the boat.

Mor frowned at me. “Perhaps we should get you home Feyre, it doesn’t look like you’re getting better.” I nodded again, unable to speak as my brain focused on keeping the contents of my stomach inside me. Amren grabbed Nesta, and Mor took my hand as we winnowed to the townhouse. Winnowing made the nausea so much worse, as soon as we landed, I emptied my stomach all over the hardwood floors. Mor cursed beside, me as her hands grabbed at my face checking me for fever.

“You don’t feel warm. How do you feel? Does anything hurt?”

No nothing hurt… and now like before I felt fine. The feeling of sickness having passed once again.

“I feel fine.”

“Feyre… you don’t look fine.” As she finished talking Amren and Nesta walked in the front door. “Are you okay?” Nesta asked me concern lacing her voice.

“I… I think so. I feel fine now.” Amren narrowed her eyes at me, but remained silent. We spent the next few minutes lounging on the couches in the living room talking, when Mor disappeared into the the kitchen and reappeared with desserts and tea.

“Oh thank goodness, I’m so hung…” My voice cut off as nausea once again grabbed hold of me. Nesta grabbed a nearby vase, and handed it to me just in time. This was getting ridiculous, I felt tears form in my eyes, and quickly wiped them away.

“Perhaps we should call for a healer.” Nesta whispered to Mor. “No I’m all right, really” I insisted, though I knew they didn’t believe me, they remained silent on the issue, and continued to talk a amongst themselves.

Rhys….  I called down the bond.

Fey — re. He dragged out the syllables of my name, his mental voice slurred slightly, with a hint of surprise. Right, he had spent the entire day drinking, and we weren’t supposed to be communicating with the bond. When I didn’t respond I felt a wave of panic, before I heard him.

Is.. are… you hurt?

I’m fine Rhys, go back to your fun. I shouldn’t have bothered you.

You’re never a bother, Feyre darling. His mental voice purred. I smiled, but was suddenly hit by another wave of sickness. I could feel Rhys worry, and realized that he must have felt it through me.

I’ll be right there. Was all I heard before, the room was filled with the smell of alcohol and three drunk Illyrians.

Multiple things happened at once. Cassian and Az were lying on the ground cursing at Rhys, who from the scene in front of us, had apparently not informed his brothers of his choice in sudden departure. Mor, Amren, and Nesta had jumped up from were they were lounging in shock at their sudden appearance.

The noise… smell… and commotion caused me to once again feel queasy, and I grabbed for the vase, vomiting once more. When I was finished I looked up to into the Violet eyes of my mate that were studying me from across the room.

Rhys had not moved since arriving, he stood unnaturally still, his eyes were widened, pupils dilated. The once noisy room was now quiet, as everyone starred between the two of us.

“What the hell Rhys!” Cassian screamed as he pushed up from the ground. “You could warn us next time…” Azril drawled as he crossed the room, giving Mor a quick kiss on the cheek. “Yeah!” Cassian added as he glared at Rhys, who completely ignored all of them, his eyes still locked on mine, body unmoving.

Rhys… I timidly voiced through the bond, but was surprised to discover that his end of the bond had been sealed against me. Odd…

“Rhys?” This time I said his name out loud. It seemed to break him out of whatever trance he had been in, as he closed the distance between us stopping only a few feet away. His violet eyes never once leaving mine.

“Will someone please tell me what the” Cassian drawled rather loudly, abruptly being cut off as Amren shushed him, casting a look that promised violence if he didn’t shut his drunk mouth. It seemed that even in his current state Cassian knew better than to mess with our small friend, and promptly closed his gaping mouth, crossing his arms in front of his chest like a scorned child.

Suddenly Rhys turned taking a defensive stance in front of me and growled at the occupants of the room, his wings shooting out protectively hiding me from view. I noticed that the members of our inner circle instinctively flinched backwards, everyones face one of confusion except for Amren who looked amused.

“Rhys darling, what in the world are you doing?” I asked my voice lighthearted and playful. A snarl was the only response that I received, effectively telling me to stay quiet. “Okay, you need to calm down, I’m fine.” My voice displayed more annoyance this time, but Rhys still did not relax his stance in front of me.

Rhys what the hell are you doing? Calm down I’m not in danger, I’m just sick.

The slight tensing of the muscles of his jaw, was the only indication that he heard me. A sigh escaped my lips. Stupid territorial Fae males.  

Suddenly Rhys turned towards me, his wings spread out behind him blocking my view of our inner circle, who were no doubt gawking at their High Lord’s ridiculousness right now. His eyes scanned over me, assessing my condition. I’m fine Rhys. I sent down the bond while offering him a small smile.

His eyes locked on the porcelain vase in my lap. You are obviously not fine, darling. He shot back causing me to roll my eyes. Rhys please, I think I can handle a little stomach bug after everything we have been through. Just relax.

His nostrils flared as he responded. I can’t… His mental voice sounded strained.

What do you mean you can’t?

I just…

“Are you guys doing that mind talky talky talk right now? Because if not then this is just awkward.” Cassian bellowed into the dead silence of the room. I heard someone smack him across the arm, probably Mor or Nesta, most likely Nesta.

Wisps of darkness, started curling around my mate, as his facial features scrunched together. Feyre, I need to get you out of here. Rhys pleaded into my mind. I narrowed my eyes at him, my lips forming a hard line. No, you’re overreacting, you drunk ass, stop it.

I watched as his fingers curled into a tight fist, but he lowered his wings, stepping beside me as he turned and faced the room, his eyes still didn’t stop watching me as he addressed everyone.

“Sorry, I don’t know what came over me.” Amren’s smirk widened as she glanced between us, almost like she knew…

“Amren” Her eyes snapped to mine, the smirk still plastered across her face, as she raised an eyebrow in question. “Tell us” was all I said. She had the nerve to look confused by my question, but I only hardened my stare at her.

“Tell us what?” Cassian blurted. “I don’t think she meant us, us I think she meant them us” Az corrected pointing a finger between Rhys and I. “Ohh… I still don’t get it” Cassian slurred.

“Shut up you stupid drunks” Amren mumbled, “Isn’t it obvious what’s going on here.” She looked at me then at Rhys. “No” Rhys responded dryly. “Ugh, it really is very simple. Feyre is sick, Rhys is being an overprotective ass for no reason.” Amren paused waiting for us to say something, but she was met by a room full of blank stares, until Rhys suddenly took a step back so hard that he slammed into the wall behind us.


Amren smiled at him, “Yes” she responded. I watched as my mate fell to his knees in front of me and started crying. Crying! What the hell was going on?

“Rhys, Amren! What?” I couldn’t form the words… Rhys what is it, what’s wrong. I sent down the bond as a I knelt down beside him grabbing his face. When his eyes locked onto mine I realized that they were bright, vibrant full of happiness as he smiled down at me.

You’re pregnant darling, were going to be parents. Rhys voice caressed the bond, along with an overwhelming sense of love, shock, and awe. Rhys lips were suddenly upon my cheek kissing away tears I hadn’t even realized were falling, as my mind replayed those words. Parents… a Mom, I was going to be a Mom. Are you happy darling? Rhys asked as he placed his forehead against mine, his smile never once leaving his face.

I smiled back at him, true and genuine I’m beyond happy Rhys. He pulled me into his arms then kissing me fiercely.

“What the hell is going on!” Cassian yelled, as Rhys growled and winnowed us to our room. Tomorrow we could tell them tomorrow.

I hate so much not being able to talk about my distaste for beauty rituals. I have been called a misogynist for saying I’m not attracted by feminine women or gender conforming women etc
Really? A misogynist?
I just really fucking hate makeup and skirts and high heels and all of it screams oppression to me, I don’t want anything to do with it. Why is it so controversial to say this within feminist circles??? It’s so backwards, it makes no sense.
I’m just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience?

Lift Your Eyes and Let Me In

(‘Cause baby I’m an alien like you) 

Tony Stark parked the car off the side of a side road. The pavement there was broken and cracked; flowers and weeds and in one case, a young poplar tree grew up through the rubble. The engine ticked, cooling slowly in the summer air. A moment later, Peter Quill hopped out of his side of the car. For someone who was as technologically advanced as Peter, he still had a lot of trouble with door handles. At the same time, he was quick to slap Tony’s hand away if Tony tried to open the door for him. 

“I ain’t your prom date, Stark,” he’d said the first time. Tony had laughed at the joke at the time. And eventually they had gone on not just one, but several dates. But Tony had never tried to open Peter’s door for him again, either. Some disappointments weren’t worth risking a second time. 

Peter skipped over the holes in the pavement, jumping over some of the larger plants, and generally acting like a child. Tony smiled; Peter was, in no way, an innocent, but he’d also never been raised with the idea of adult dignity. His weird, quirky behavior was put down to “being Terran” and therefore, at least on the outside, he’d never grown up. 

Tony liked that about him, really. The expectation of dignity was one of the worst parts of being an adult; free only to let your imagination and enthusiasm run wild if you were cheering on a sports team or drinking heavily. No wonder Tony’s liver was constantly crying “abuse.” 

“So, what are we doing tonight?” Peter came up beside him and slid an arm around Tony’s waist, three fingers of his left hand slipping into Tony’s back pocket. 

Tony leaned against his friend, soaking up the heat that Peter was putting out. There was something about Peter that always made Tony feel… young. Renewed, somehow. 

Mantis claimed it was the remnant of “the light” inside Peter, the light that had died when Peter and his friends had been forced to destroy Ego; Peter’s father (and world-killing, avatar of a living planet, but Tony prefered to leave those details out as being too big to consider.) Peter wasn’t human, not entirely. But he was human enough for love, for grief. 

(read more below… mobile users, check it out on A03 [x])

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Don’t Forget || Ron/Hermione || PG

A/N: So, today, @hermionewazlib asked @doveharper to draw Ron sheltering from the rain. While I was waiting impatiently for her sketch, I got out my phone and randomly wrote this bit of fic from mid-DH.

Hermione was wearing the locket.

He could hear her and Harry, behind him, arguing. The rain was pounding overhead, striking chords against a crumbled stone bridge, abandoned, just wide and tall enough to provide a temporary shelter. He was hunched slightly forward, clutching the collar of his coat round his neck. His arm still ached, the wind was whipping his damp hair into his eyes, and he was struggling to ignore the twisted knot in the pit of his stomach.

She huffed heavily, suddenly closer behind him than he’d realised, and then she was huddling up next to him.

“Damned locket,” she said roughly, tugging it over her head and clenching it in her fist with distaste, briefly closing her eyes.

“I can take a turn,” Ron offered, voice scratchy and barely audible amidst a cracking of distant thunder.

“How’s your arm?” she asked, ignoring him. And he was on the point of calling her attention back to his offer when he met her eyes, catching a glimpse of softness, concern. He swallowed and tried to shrug, but he felt too icy and hollow.

“S'alright,” he said noncommittally. “How’s Harry?”

“Frustrated. He needs a minute.”

She glanced out at the landscape beyond, overgrown grass and weeds flattened to the muddy ground as the rain intensified.

“I can’t tell you how-” she started, voice cracking. “Ron, I’m so glad you’re here.”

She hadn’t turned to face him yet, so he fixed his eyes on her profile, allowing himself to stare.

She looked so tired, bones of her face a bit more pronounced, shadows underneath her eyes. And he thought he had likely seen her nearly every way possible, every version of her. He’d seen her happy, in pain, disappointed, excited, empathetic, terrified… he’d seen her cry more times than he cared to count, not because he was afraid anymore, but because he couldn’t exactly cope with the concept of someone breaking her, most especially him, so many times.

He was too uncomfortable to think straight, stomach grumbling, and he was pretty sure the pebble in his right boot was working on a callous between two of his toes. So it didn’t really seem like much of a stretch to move a bit closer to her, dropping his coat collar to lightly reach for her hand, not making it all the way, but looping a couple of his fingers around a couple of hers.

She finally turned to look back up at him then, wet eyelashes sticking together. He licked his lips, clearing his throat…

“I’m really glad you’re here, too.”

Her lips curved into something like a small smile, and she leaned against him, pressing her cheek to his shoulder.

“He doesn’t know where to go next, does he,” Ron stated blankly, not needing the answer she gave with a small shake of her head.

They were directionless, drifting in nothingness.

“I used to love thunderstorms,” she said quietly, after a while. “Now… well, I’d give up my whole Gringotts vault to apparate somewhere warm and dry…”

He laughed shortly, shifting his posture as she lifted her cheek from his shoulder and linked an arm with his.

“Hot cocoa,” he sighed, and she smiled.

“Hot baths,” she added.

“Hogwarts breakfasts.”

“Feather beds.”

“A new pair of socks.”

“What’s wrong with yours?” she sniffed.

“Last good pair’s got a hole in the toe,” he said nonchalantly. “But I’d forget the socks for the bath and the chocolate.”

She turned to grin up at him, clutching his arm with both of her own now. Her tiny fingers curled around his bicep, and he swallowed.

“We should make a list, of all the things we want to do when this is over,” she suggested.

Part of him was ready to say he felt it was unfair to give himself hope that he’d make it. But another larger part was sure that it didn’t matter. She only wanted to feel safe, for a few moments, and this was about the best they could do.

“Let’s do it when we camp tonight,” he offered, and she closed her eyes for a moment, breathing deeply.

When she opened them again, he couldn’t look away, staring at the way the misty light cast a gray haze across her pupils.

“We should go,” Harry called out behind them.

Please, not yet. For now, the rain was out there, away from them.

But it didn’t matter anyway. They couldn’t escape, only move onward, hoping each step took them forward and not sideways… not circling, never backward.

“Give me the locket, Hermione.”

She hesitated, not breaking his gaze for some time. Lightning flashed in the distance, glowing in a halo round her frizzy hair.

She slid one hand down his arm, about to let go, but he took gentle hold of her fingers again, the shortest of tiny squeezes as they parted and stood inches apart from each other. She reached into her pocket, where he hadn’t even seen her stash it… and she handed it over to him, eyes finally cast away from his, refusing to meet them again as he took it from her.

“Don’t forget,” she half-whispered, “we’re in this together.”

And he slipped the locket over his head.

Slowly but good 🐶.

After a week break Sammy looks like he has more fun again, I am so happy 💕.
We have trained the backward circle right around me and Sammy is doing really well.
You can see that his right backward circles are still a bit slow and he needs help sometimes.
And we have started the backward slalom trough the legs yesterday.
Good boy is doing good 🐶.

We go about our daily lives understanding almost nothing of the world.

We give little thought to the machinery that generates the sunlight that makes life possible.

To the gravity that glues us to an earth that would otherwise send us spinning off into space.

Or to the atoms of which we are made.. and on whose stability we fundamentally depend.

Few of us spend much time wondering why nature is the way it is.

Where the cosmos came from.

Whether it was always there.

If time will one day flow backward.

Or whether there are ultimate limits to what humans can know.

What is the smallest piece of matter.

Why we remember the past and not the future.

And why there is a universe.

- Carl Sagan

(words begin at 2:45)

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Day 13: Magnus + BAMF

The institute was surprisingly empty when he portalled in. Not like Magnus cared. He had yet another meeting with whichever Clave representative had been sent to once again try and get him to change his mind and he was not looking forward to that encounter.

Especially because his answer would always be a ‘no’.

He smirked at the thought. At the stupidity of the Clave thinking that they could out-wait him. Idiots the whole lot of them. He was four hundred years old. He’d perfected the waiting game.

He was just about to head straight down the hall to the meeting room when he thought a detour might be in order. Who knew? He just might catch Alec training topless again.

He grinned and was still grinning when he stepped into the training area, eyes scanning the room looking for Alec.

But Alec wasn’t in the room, and the Shadowhunters who were present all froze and stared at him. Some with suspicion, some with disinterest and a few with derision.

He was just about to turn back around when movement from the corner of his eyes caught his attention. He drifted towards the ring in the corner, eyes taking in the two Shadowhunters sparring.

They were both evenly matched, throwing out jabs and kicks and circling around each other, trying to land hits. But the bigger one was slightly behind the smaller one and Magnus spoke without thinking. “Your form is wrong.”

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next up in my line of DA2 positivity posts is my fave little sister bethany hawke, so here are some awesome facts about the sweetest magical powerhouse in the free marches:

  • according to world of thedas volume 2, bethany’s magic manifested when she used force magic to throw a boy who had been bullying her across a field. during the game her main specialization is force magic.
  • once her and a friend were being chased by a dog and she put the dog to sleep.
  • bethany was named after her grandmother, bethann.
  • she is extremely compassionate and kind, especially when it comes to her mother:
    • Bethany: I’m worried about mother. All she does is sit in that rathole and think about Carver. It’s eating her up.
    • Bethany: Mother seems happier. A few years distance from all that loss… it’s a good thing. She must worry, with both of us in a place like this. She was adamant I not go, last time.
  • although she’s definitely no pushover.
  • she’s also quite curious and gets along with pretty much every companion, even if they disagree on things—such as fenris and aveline.
  • according to a codex entry, she is closest to carver out of everyone in her family.
  • during the legacy dlc, bethany gets sad over missing carver. hawke can then perform “carver’s little jig” to cheer her up, and they both remark that they miss him terribly.
  • carver used to nail bethany’s braid to her bedpost.
  • bethany was also extremely close to her father, as he was the one who taught her to control her magic.
  • she frequently visited the lothering chantry to hear leliana’s stories.
  • varric affectionately nicknamed her “sunshine.”
  • bethany is extremely kind to anders and often speaks with him about his experiences as a circle mage.
    • Bethany: So, you were in the Circle and ran away. I don’t know if I’d be brave enough to do that.
    • Anders: You’ve been an apostate your whole life.
    • Bethany: Exactly. It was never anything I had to work for.
    • Bethany: Other people always took the risks, to keep me free.
  • bethany also says that anders reminds her of her father, malcolm hawke.
    • Anders: Where did you learn your magic? I mean, you know my feelings on the Circle, but usually it’s the only decent training a mage can get.
    • Bethany: My father taught me. He was in the Circle once, trained there. But he got away.
    • Anders: You don’t know how lucky you were, to have someone who loved you and could help you. Most mages would kill for that.
    • Bethany: You remind me of him.
  • bethany is also the only companion who isn’t dismissive of justice, and compliments anders for his selflessness in taking him in.
    • Bethany: I know it didn’t work the way you wanted, but… it was brave, what you did with Justice.
    • Anders: It was meant well. I don’t know if that’s enough to forgive me.
    • Bethany: It must have been hard for him, being trapped outside the Fade. In a place where no one’s like him.
    • Bethany: I bet he appreciated having a friend.
    • Anders: He did.
  • bethany shows aveline a great deal of compassion after she loses wesley, despite him threatening her earlier in the game because she’s a mage.
  • despite some turbulent dialogue when you first meet fenris, they get eventually get along and she shows him a lot of compassion about his previous slavery:
    • Bethany: So, the magister put lyrium in your skin?
    • Fenris: So I’m told.
    • Bethany: Does it hurt?
    • Fenris: Yes. Sometimes.
  • fenris is also sympathetic for bethany’s loss and comforts her after losing carver:
    • Fenris: You must hate the darkspawn, after what they did to your home.(During Act 1)
    • Bethany: And Carver. A little.
    • Fenris: I never knew him. I’m sorry for your loss.
    • Bethany: Thank you.
  • during the mark of the assassin dlc, fenris remarks that bethany would look pretty in an orlesian dress.
  • and then there’s this amazing little banter:
    • Bethany: Bloody runaround twisted shite of a maze.
    • Fenris: Ooh, you’ve learned a few new words.
  • she also has some amazing banter with isabela:
    • Bethany: So you’ve… been with women. In bed?
    • Isabela: I know. Shocking, isn’t it?
    • Isabela: You see, sweetness, men are only good for one thing. Women are good for six.
    • Bethany: Six? Which six?
    • Hawke: Isabela!
    • Isabela: (Laughs)
    • Bethany: They took away the books you sent. “Non-curricular.” And illegal in some countries.
    • Isabela: No appreciation for the classics. Why read if it’s not inspiring?
    • Bethany: I’m not sure they were even anatomically possible.
    • Isabela: Dream of a day, sweetness.
    • Bethany: How do you stand the Hanged Man?
    • Isabela: Drink enough, my dear, and standing is the least of your worries.
  • if bethany is made a grey warden, isabela remarks that she misses having her around.
  • if  bethany is taken to the circle, isabela sends her books and naughty letters.
  • bethany is extremely respectful of merrill’s culture and asks her about what it’s like among the dalish.
  • she also asks about hawke’s relationship with a romanced merrill, to which hawke asks if they should go by pet names like “little dragon” or “baby griffon”
  • and not surprisingly she gets on swimmingly with varric too.
  • bethany finds sebastian to be charming and it’s hinted she has something of a crush on him
    • Bethany: So, Sebastian… you’re a prince.
    • Sebastian: That is my lot, Lady Hawke.
    • Bethany: (Laughs) This life is not… supportive of delicate titles.
    • Sebastian: To have a second chance, and one with such purpose, it cannot be a curse.
    • Bethany: This wasn’t my choice. If there’s something good or beautiful in any of this, please, enlighten me.
    • Sebastian: Well, there’s you.
    • Bethany: I… oh my.
    • Hawke: (Chuckles)
    • Bethany: No, the layout is wrong. We’re back where we started.
    • Bethany:(If Bethany is a Circle mage) It’s backwards from every book on Orlais I’ve seen. It’s just not-(If Bethany is a Grey Warden) I swear, what I wouldn’t give for a straightforward Deep Road… and-
    • (Bethany stops talking as she looks at him. He smiles and she smiles back. Then he runs off)
  • if bethany is taken to the circle, she takes care of the younger mages and is extremely protective of them.
  • even though she hates being a grey warden, she becomes a super badass who doesn’t take shit from anyone.
  • during mage-centric missions, especially the one involving feynriel, she reassures his mother that they’d never turn a mage over to the templars.
  • she also effortlessly calms down the ferelden refugees when they think hawke is going to attack anders.
  • if bethany is a circle mage, at the end of the game she comments “maybe it took being locked in the gallows to understand my place in the world. to see the need to free my fellow mages.”
  • despite the fact that she fears being a mage, she loves her family wholeheartedly and wouldn’t trade it for a shred of being normal:
    • “being normal would have required wholly different parents, and i wouldn’t want that.”
  • a mage!hawke will tell anders that bethany was selfless and never turned people away who needed her help.
Realm of Eternity: Part 19

(Read: Part I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | IX | X | XI | XII | XIII | XIV | XV | XVI | XVII | XVIII )


Manon swore and leapt to her feet, drawing Wind-Cleaver and snarling commands at her coven as she darted over to Abraxos, who was already crouched and growling. She and her Thirteen were a well-oiled machine–they knew their roles, their battle formations. Manon ordered Vesta to take Aellai and Daeraya to a safe place to hide, and the witch obeyed without question.

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Highly Unlikely: Kyle&Oliver


Kyle usually was quite the asshole himself but at times he had a big heart too, the asshole part of him was mostly for show, to fit in with his frat brothers. Tonight though, even drunken Kyle Spencer would not deal with what he was witnessing, through loud music and girls trying to practically hump his leg, he saw across the room about 4 of his frat brothers shoving around a guy that Kyle recognized from one of his general studies courses. He shoved his red solo cup into the hands of some pristine girl he passed by and without even thinking twice, Kyle’s fist collided with one of the guy’s in the circle, knocking the guy backwards, the other 3 frat brothers looked at him in shock and surprise as Kyle stepped back and put himself between the guys and Oliver. “Back up, I SAID BACK THE FUCK UP!” he hollers over the noise. The guys knew Kyle was quite the fighter when he wanted to be and he watched the guys scatter before he turned to Oliver and slowly, he reached out to grab the boy’s chin to give him a once over. He knew the guy was deaf? Yeah he had heard the teachers mention it once or twice but the guy was said to be smart, he wondered if Oliver could read lips.

Slowly, he spoke, “Can you read lips?” he asks, eyeing the fact that one of the guys had managed to give the kid a few bruises and a busted lip, he would make them pay later.

I’ll Make You Love Me Pt. 5



“ok, so what’s your favorite food?” sans asks as he scribbles your previous answer down on a notepad.

“Umm…” you pause for a moment, thinking back to memories of the surface. For the last few days, sans has been behaving even stranger than before. He’s been…careful with you. At first, when he visited you, he would sit down next to you quietly and drum his fingers on the floor. Once in a while, he would ask you a random question and nod to himself. His questions are still random, but they’re more frequent and he carries a notebook with him. “Sushi.” you answer simply.

He stares at you incredulously, “are you serious?”

You just shrug, “Yeah, I like it. I think it’s pretty good.”

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Old-Fashioned Black Candle Revenge Spell

“Cut the top off a black jumbo candle, tum it upside down, and carve a new tip at what was the bottom. Carefully heat it a section at a time and press 99 whole pepper corns into it all over the surface. Place it in a saucer on top of the enemy’s name paper and dress it by pouring a whole bottle of Crossing Oil over it. At midnight. this mess is carried to a deserted crossroads or, if possible, to the enemy’s yard while [they are] away. It is set down in the middle of a large X inside a circle made by walking backward while sprinkling Crossing Powder diagonally from one corner of the crossroads or yard to the other, and then around the X in a circle.
As the candle bums, a detailed list of the enemy’s sins is spoken aloud, followed by the worker’s requirements for true, justified, and lasting retribution.”

Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic, by Catherine Yronwode

anonymous asked:

But Clary and Simon convincing the gang to do a "proper" Christmas with gifts and dinner and whatever. And Alec gets 5 ugly Christmas sweaters (Magnus is mortified) but they are probably the worst gift because he can't wear them year round (he probably tries to anyway)

Edited: Uh this got crack-y and I agree Alec would wear the sweaters even if it’s boiling outside x)

‘I still can’t believe you and Mr. Forgetful here convinced us to do this,’ Jace said stretching out besides Clary. They were all sitting in the warm living room of Luke’s house, the warmth from the fire place bringing serenity to the room. A huge Christmas tree was in the corner of the room, decorated flamboyantly, with baubles, bright multicolored lights, garlands, ribbons and an angel rested on top of the tree which Clary had designed to look like the angel Raziel himself. Magnus and Izzy had tried to coat all the leaves of the tree with as much glitter as possible only to be stopped by Alec (Simon was supporting him).

‘I still can’t believe we actually agreed to this,’ Alec said holding a box of brightly colored gifts in his hands. The group was sitting in a circle and Magnus scooted backwards to make room for his boyfriend. Alec sat down next to him and put the gifts on the floor, tapping his leg in anticipation. ‘And you don’t even celebrate Christmas, Simon.’

Simon who was sitting opposite to him grinned, ‘Ah yes, but I celebrate presents, so. Besides, Clary is very convincing.’

‘I know how she convinced me,’ Jace smirked at Clary who turned into a shade that matched her hair. She grabbed a pillow from the sofa above her and whacked Jace with it who easily caught it and hugged it to his chest.

‘I’m here for the food,’ Magnus pointed out, his head resting on Alec’s lap in a lazy way while he gestured with his hands for emphasis.

‘I made food,’ Isabelle said, raising her hand, half standing up to probably go into the kitchen but Simon grabbed her wrist as fast as he could.

‘Presents first!’ Alec said quickly while Magnus said something involving the words ‘already ate’ and ‘not so hungry.’ He started passing out the brightly colored boxed, a shit eating grin on his face, his eyes lighting up like the lights of a Christmas tree. The gifts were wrapped unevenly at places, like Alec had struggled to tape them but otherwise, they looked okay. Magnus smiled at his boyfriend and started to unwrap the present, Jace just ripped the paper right off.

Everyone took out sweaters from the boxes, some green, some red, some purple and Simon received an orange one. They gang shifted from side to side, holding up the sweaters, Isabelle tilted her head trying to make out what was written on it.

‘Uh darling,’ Magnus cleared his throat. ‘Did you-Did you take anyone on your, um, shopping spree?’

‘Nope,’ Alec said looking incredibly proud of himself, Magnus felt his heart melting. He was holding up a blue sweater, which looked like someone had puked orange glitter in the front and painted reindeer on it.

Jace raised his chin and pulled the sweater on. ‘I love it,’ he said in a proud voice, sounding close to tears. Everyone weakly agreed pulling on their sweaters as well (Simon’s head got stuck, Izzy had to pull it down.)

‘Where’s yours?’ Magnus asked.

Alec pointed to his plain black sweater and said, ‘I’m wearing it.’

Magnus caught Isabelle’s eye and winked at her. ‘Oh that won’t do,’ Magnus said in a very serious tone and Alec’s smile faltered.

‘Why not?’ He asked innocently, scrunching his eyebrows in confusion.

‘Well it’s only fair that you get a sweater just as pretty as ours,’ Clary said, unable to hide her grin. Her red sweater had a 3D Santa stitched on the front. Alec’s smile vanished and now he looked horrified. He stood up, stumbling a little and backed up, his hands raised in surrender.

‘No-’ He began.

‘It’s only fair,’ Simon smiled.

‘Um, Jace,’ Alec said, his voice unsteady.

‘No one touch my parabatai,’ Jace yelled munching on the candy Clary gave him for distraction.

Alec was in trouble.

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2jae, Younjae gets lost and jb has a heart attack (not literally of course). Preferably canon, but doesn't have to be. Thanks ^.^

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1.4k

Author: TJ

Just a quick note, the Korean age system is as confusing as heck but I’m pretty sure Youngjae’s Korean age is 18, and the legal age in Korea is either 19 or 20? If not just bear with me ^^;

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Swimming lesson

“Daniel, I’m not so sure about this,” said Annalise cautiously as she dipped a toe into the water, checking the temperature.  Joining the swim club seemed like a good idea at the time, but now she’s starting to have second thoughts.  Especially since she wasn’t a good swimmer.  Being a land locked country contributed to this, but also the fact that Daniel being there made her feel flustered.

“Don’t Anna, you’ll do fine,” Daniel reassured her as he put his arm around her.  Anna blushed a bit.  Even though Daniel meant well, she even got more flustered.  "There’s no need to be nervous, you’re not even in the water.“  Dan climbs down the ladder into the pool.  "Now you climb down.”  Anna looks down at Dan in the water.

“Ok, but be ready to catch me.”  She starts to make her way in, the water chilling her as rises to her knees.  As Anna had one foot left on the ladder, she lept (as much as one can leap in water) into Daniel’s arms, who falls over.  This leads to Anna spluttering and panicing.  "DANIEL, WHERE ARE YOU!“

"Right here,” he comes up laughing.


“Anna, we’re in the shallow end, just stand up.”  Anna stops and her face goes red when she realizes what Dan just said.  Her toes were on the bottom in the three foot end.

“Oh… um.. well then…” she fidgets her hands, a little bit a ashamed.

“It’s ok, I sort of expected it,” Dan remarks.  This draws a pout from Anna.  "Ok, I"m going to take you in my arms and lay you horizontally on your back.  You want to relax and just float.  No kicking.“  Dan takes Anna and lays her flat.  She puts her goggles on just in case.  She breathes slowly and sure enough, she floats.  "Good, you’re almost there, now stand up.”  Anna does, feeling a little accomplished.  "Now, just stand there for a bit.  We’re gonna work on your strokes.  I"m just going to swim from one side to the pool and back.  You pay attention to my arms and legs.“  Dan sets off in a splash, swimming like the pro he is.  Anna couldn’t help but smile, seeing Dan in his element.  It was nice to have moments like these once in a while.  Seeing him tear through the water, his sleek body piercing the water, his tan muscles at work and…   Anna shakes herself out of her trance.  At this time Dan came back.

"You are a master at what you do, Daniel.”

“Sweet talking isn’t going to get you special treatment princess.”  Anna blushes again.  "So did you pay attention to my strokes?“  Anna nods.  "Now I’m going to hold you again, and you try to copy me.”  Back into the floating position Anna goes.  She starts moving her arms and legs, but does but becomes a splash machine, soaking Daniel.  "Ok, ok, try your legs first.  You want to kick, not thrash"

“Sorry.”  Anna does what she’s told, and her legs work beautifully. 

“Beautiful Anna, beautiful.  Now try your arms.  And don’t forget to move your head to the side above water.  You need to breathe.”  She moves her arms but it’s not perfect.  "Ok, I’m going to take your hands and drag you through the pool.  Don’t worry about your arms, just kick.“  Soon, there were going in a small circle, Daniel swimming backward and Annalise kicking.

"I’m swimming!” Anna declares.  It was a childish remark, but Dan couldn’t help but smile.

“See I could you could do it.  You still have to work with your arm strokes, but your legs are strong.  So you’ll be good at underwater swimming.  So take a deep breath.”

“What?” And before Anna knew they were underwater.  Anna was surprised at first to say the least, but then she realized she was swimming by herself with Daniel right below her.  She was actually doing it!  At least when it came to the legs.  Then Daniel took her hands and swam with her, then kissed her.  They both come up for air laugh in each other’s arms.  “You know,” Annalise said in between kisses, “I think I like you as my teacher.  I want more lessons.”  Daniel returned the kiss, still strong as ever.

“As you wish, Princess.”

((I hope this satisfies your need Rin.  Forgive me if it’s not perfect.  It’s my first fic ever! :) ))


u kno if the earth was truly round then all the one-step-forward-two-steps-back would’ve brought me backwards full circle to the endpoint of my goals by now so what does nasa have to say to that