circle b ranch

Wiggling Noses | PARA

It wasn’t the world’s best idea, Delta mused as she pulled into the parking lot of Circle B ranch and made her way out of the car and up to the side barn they had converted into the adoption center. She fell in love easily; with friends, with boys, with music. With animals. And she knew that if she laid eyes on anything that looked even remotely cute… she was doomed. But it was a nice day, and it was a good cause, and she wasn’t one to say no to either of those things as she pulled open the front door, automatically feeling a smile crawl onto her face at the sight of people milling about, looking into makeshift pens and kennels, talking and laughing and having a good time.

And she was no different, really, as she made her way through the crowded building, looking at puppies, cats, out the back door towards the small round pen where there were a few goats, some ponies, even a donkey. And then she landed her eyes on the prize, so to speak. The hutch within a small, fenced-in area full of none other than floppy, hoppy bunnies, twitching their noses, cleaning their ears, happily going about their day – absolute heaven. She was so taken by how damn adorable they were that she almost didn’t notice someone approaching to the side…

My feet are still swollen from checking out the Circle B ranch. I’m really sad that I couldn’t ride but I will definitely have to go again one my son is done baking. It’s not safe to ride at this point. I think the ice cream and baked goods made up for it a bit.  This morning, I think there will be extreme laziness and leftovers from what we brought home. Pie for breakfast is normal, right?