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How To Handle Being Late  - The Fashionable Way

To say that poor time keeping can hurt your dating game is an understatement!

But… some of us are more prone to tardiness than others and while its acceptable to be a little late (fashionable at times), it can be perceived as bad mannered, unattractive and inconsiderate to be very late. Yikes!

Generally, being very late is reserved for African social gatherings and your sugar daddy’s funeral (after all, you must check with the executor to make sure he compensated you generously in the will before turning up) ;) but even those have their cut off points. So how do you handle the situations where you just can’t help running a little … or a lotta late?

On Time : Woah there, slow your horses. You are on time? Well done, now linger in your car/ car park a bit longer. Let him anticipate your arrival. I’m sure you can find something to occupy your time for the next 3-5 minutes. Another coat of lipstick perhaps. A little powder on the nose, and a brief look in the mirror. Why wait I hear you ask? You want to make sure he is seated and comfortable as you strut your stuff to grace him your presence.

Less than 10mins late: No need to apologise lady, you’ve arrived. He should be grateful you even showed up. Enjoy your date, he will!

15-35 mins late: Quickly pacify any annoyance on his part with a warm smile, sparkling eye contact and follow with a flirty compliment. Casually dismiss your lateness with something trivial and out of your control. For example, “ _ _ _ _ _ _  I’m so glad to see you. Wow! *pause* that tie/shirt/toupee looks amazing on you! Gosh, the traffic/ parking/ delayed trains are such a nuisance aren’t they”?


40 mins – 1 hr late: Hint at a day of stress and drama as you apologise … but don’t go into too much detail. Then quickly distract your date with engaging conversation. Such as “ _ _ _ _ _ I’m so terribly sorry I’m late, you don’t want to begin to imagine the day I’ve had. I’m just happy I’m here! Can you believe the district/ circle/ jubilee line was suspended?! But enough about me, _ _ _ _ what have you been getting up to today”? etc.


Over an hour: GIIIRRLLLL, this is the time to slay like you have never slayed before. If your date is even still waiting for you, it’s time for an awe inspiring entrance. Work a sexy strut right over to that man, pout your lips, serious eye contact in your arsenal and embrace him in a long(ish) hug. Now that you have hopefully surprised and allured your dashing date, he’ll have his guard down for a brief moment. Like a leopard capturing it’s prey, use a sweet or sultry voice (the choice is yours) to say the following. “ _ _ _ _, I’m sorry I’m just arriving. I don’t even want to dampen the mood by trying to explain what happened. But I’ll bribe you with an ice cream the next time we meet so you can forgive me. I nearly didn’t even make it though, but I knew how disappointed you would be if I cancelled so I just had to try my hardest to get here for you” … ensue adorable *today has been so hard for me* puppy dog pout.

And that’s how to handle being late in style!


Notice how in all instances , you do not dwell too much on being late. It’s better to just get on with enjoying each other’s company that to have an apology session about lateness. You’ve arrived now make the wait worth his while.

Always try your best to inform your date before they leave for the venue, if you are going to be late. They will appreciate it.



Easter Tube travel: key lines closed over bank holiday weekend

Large parts of the Tube network is to close over the bank holiday.

Swathes of the Underground including the Circle, District, Hammersmith and City and Metropolitan lines will be closed between Good Friday (April 14) and Easter Monday (April 17).

The entire Victoria line will be shut off from 3am on Easter Sunday until Tuesday April 18.

Services will be replaced by buses.

Elsewhere, Whitechapel station will be completely closed throughout the weekend.

Underground closures

No Circle line service between Hammersmith and Aldgate via King’s Cross.

No Hammersmith & City line service between Liverpool Street and Barking.

No District line service between Aldgate East and West Ham.

No Metropolitan line services between Wembley Park and Northwood/Uxbridge.

No Victoria line service on Easter Sunday and Monday.

Extra services:

Replacement bus services will run between: Tower Hill - Aldgate / Aldgate East - Whitechapel - Stepney Green - Mile End - Bow Road - Bromley-by-Bow - Canning Town.

Rayners Lane - North Harrow - West Harrow - Harrow-on-the-Hill - Northwick Park - Preston Road - Kenton (for the Bakerloo line) - Wembley Park.

Northwood - Northwood Hills - Pinner - North Harrow - West Harrow - Harrow on the Hill - Wembley Park.

Walthamstow Central - Blackhorse Road - Tottenham Hale - Seven Sisters - Manor House - Finsbury Park.

Seven Sisters - Manor House - Finsbury Park - Holloway Road (northbound only) - Highbury & Islington – Angel.

Victoria - Pimlico - Vauxhall - Stockwell – Brixton.

Extra Piccadilly line trains will run between Rayners Lane and Uxbridge.

London Overground

No service between Camden Road and Stratford.

No service between Romford and Upminster.

No service between Highbury & Islington and Shadwell on Easter Sunday and Monday.

No service between Surrey Quays and New Cross on Easter Sunday and Monday.

Replacement buses will run between: Camden Road - Holloway Road (for Caledonian Road & Barnsbury) - Highbury & Islington - Canonbury - Dalston Junction (for Dalston Kingsland) - Hackey Central - Homerton - Hackney Wick – Stratford.

Dalston Kingsland - Dalston Junction - Haggerston - Hoxton - Shoreditch High Street - Whitechapel – Shadwell.

TfL Rail

No service between Stratford and Romford.

No service between Newbury Park and Shenfield.


No service between Bow Church and Stratford.

My reaction when the news broke about people stuck on the Metro train inhaling smoke for almost an hour and that someone died