Imágenes desarrolladas en base a la figura que inspiró las primeras obras de la arquitectura monumental en la historia humana, la Pirámide y la figura por excelencia en el cosmos, la de las estrellas y planetas, la Elipse.

Images inspired by the figure of the first works of monumental architecture in human history, the Pyramid and the basic shape of stars & planets, the Ellipse.

• Seamus Finnigan is pissed. And when I say pissed I mean pissed.
• Hannah Abbot is flirting with Dean Thomas, and Dean doesn’t even seem to notice. He’s just smiling and being friendly, as always.
• Abbot is all over him, putting her hand on his leg, tracing small circels over his jeans. Dean says something funny, and she burst out in an extremely annoying fake laugh, whipping her over her shoulder, looking extremely silly in Seamus opinion.
• It first when Abbot actually moved closer, putting her hand over Dean’s, Seamus walks over to them. When he stops both of them looks up, Dean smiling like an idiot, Hannah looking slightly disappointed.
• “I’m sorry, Abbot.” he says through clenched teeth, saying her name as if it actually brought him pain. “But this guy already have a date for the dance. He’s going with me!”
• At first Abbot looked shocked, then confused, and then embarrassed. She looked between the teenage boys, thinking about what she should say.
• “I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I-I thought Dean maybe would like to go with me, he’s always so nice to me.” She finally stuttered out, still embarrassed.
• “He’s nice to everyone!” Seamus said angrily, but shut up when Dean gave him a look that clearly said “shut up”.
• “I’m sorry Hannah, but I’m going with Seamus. My boyfriend.” he said kindly. “But you know what? Why don’t you ask Ernie, you know Ernie in Hufflepuff, right? He told me that he’d love to go with you!”
• Abbot smiled and nodded, still emberassed, and walked away. Dean turned around, facing his small and furios boyfriend.
• “You’re adorable when you’re mad, you know that, right?” he said with laugh and kissed Seamus cheek.
• Seamus grumbled something, but relaxed.
• “You’re my boyfriend.”
• “Exactly. And I’m not going to leave you for Hannah.”

my first time ever doing this don’t judge