I was that girl that wouldn’t even drink a small bottle of water the whole day, but now I’m the girl that always has to pee  with water as her bf. Here are my tips how I managed this!

I. remind yourself

You could install an app that reminds you (x, x, x) or keep a water tracker in your bullet journal. Also why don’t put sticky notes everywhere with a cute reminder! Make a goal for the day and try to achieve it.

II. make it a routine

Or invole drinking water in it. Right after you get up, before you eat, when you water your plants, before and after doing sports, just make it a habit.

III. carry a water bottle 

Wherever you’re going always take a water bottle with you. Going to school? Extra plus water. Going out with friends? Still pack a bottle. As well place a glass/bottle of water in your workspace and by your bed, not just in the kitchen. This way you always see the water and drink without thinking.

IV. find your form of water

Firstly you don’t have to drink plain water. Try tea, water with lemon or other fruits or mixed with a little bit of juice (great masterpost). Then, why always from the bottle the water is sold or a glass? You could use a mason jar, invest in a cute and practical bottle, use a straw or even use a mug. Variation makes water drinking more fun!!

V. motivation

why even drink water? Here some reasons:

  • makes your skin glow and moisturised
  • healthy body
  • less darker circels (yass)
  • if you want to lose weight it helps
  • helps a lot with headaches (srsly)
  • smooth lips
  • easier to concentrate
  • energyyy
  • improves your mood

But don’t overdrink! Remeber you get a big portion of water from your food and try not to force it. Your body know what it needs, listen to it.

tommibrni  asked:

I saw the "ahah!" face on your profile picture, but not a comic with it, is it an unpublished one? :)

Hi there, I suspect you mean this little pic here:

It’s an unused gif from the “picking your mage specialization” comic. This one:

I dumped this pic and added instead Solas asking the Inquisitor why she picked the rift mage specialization. I thought this would be much funnier and it also gave me the opportunity to draw Solas (I like to sneak him into my comics as much as possible).

Here are more unused stuff and doodles:



In urban exploring circels this building is known as “Villa Klodderkes”, a name that doesn’t make any sense at all. First of all, it is not a villa; it is a town house and god only knows what ‘klodderkes’ stands for. The town house was built in the second half of the 19th century and had several purposes over the course of its history. For a long time it was used as office space for a nearby factory. Later it was used as a doctor’s practice, but its most recent use was that of police office. The building was featured in several films and television shows. In 2017 the building will be sold. We visited this town house during a group event for the facebook group Scenes of Decay. As is often the case in these situations, there was far too much talking and not nealy enough photographing. As a result, I have only a few images to show form y visit…

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VIVA LA FRANCE! Thank you guys for making a statement against racism and toxic "nationalism" in a rather divided Europe - I know there are always jokes we make of France and independence a lot, and it's the 21st Century already (the Revolution and all), but you guys were one of the first Republics that started a chain of revolutions (for the better), and this just seems like the loud message against hatred and fear that the world really needed. So, thank you France!

I’m just REALLY glad we broke the chain of political what the fuck, you know? I’m also REALLY glad we won’t have Trump and Le Pen in office at the same time, because holy shit, a match made in the deepest circel of hell :’)

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I am not in the mood for living today.
I feel so empty. I don’t know why I don’t learn from my past mistakes.
And when I try to break my vicious circel, it doesn’t work. I know tomorrow I’ll might feel better but right now I am tired of everything.


Shane Thorne x Reader

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I was minding my own business backstage, warming up near some crates when I heard thunder down the corridor. Before I could see anybody I could here them clearly yelling nasty things.

“You stupid bitch!” as I turned around again I saw Peyton Royce stomping in my direction. I looked behind me trying to figure out who she was talking to. But there was nobody. Did she mean me?

“Keep your hands of my man and don’t you dare and speak to him or even look in his direction!” she came to a stop just inches away from my face. I could feel her breath and some of her spit hitting my face.

“You have a ma-” I asked dumbfounded not really sure of what was going on, when a sharp pain stung in my cheek. Reflexively my hands shot up to cover my red glowing cheek. I heard gasps all around me, staff and coworkers eyes glued on this little show.

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“Make me.”- Stiles Stilinski

Request: ‘44 with Stiles?’

from these prompts

prompt: You’ve been getting on your boyfriend’s nerves the whole day, making him frustrated. But he has his ways to get you frustrated…


pairing: stiles x reader

A/N: lol I really am not good at writing smut but whatever. School started again and being a sophomore sucks so I can’t promise regular updates, but I always write on my stuff even when it’s not ready to be published yet. Love you guys xx


Originally posted by i-fuckworldus

You had been going on Stiles’ nerves the whole day. You disagreed on everything he said and tried to make it seem less threatening than Stiles made it out to be. At first, you did it to calm him and you. You didn’t want another supernatural drama, you couldn’t take it anymore.

But during the day, it has gotten a game to you. Usually, you didn’t want him to get frustrated. But it was really freaking hot, it turned you on like crazy. He would close his eyes to remain himself calm but would roll them afterwards anyway. Sometimes he even pulled at his hair and it reminded you of times when you would pull at his hair out of pleasure.

You often licked your lips in response, clearly being turned on by how frustrated he was. A giggle left your mouth ever so often when he rolled your eyes at you.

Stiles on the other hand was pretty fucking mad. He knew you’d only get on his nerves to get him frustrated, but it worked every time you did it. He knew you got turned on by this and when the time was right, you would get all of this back.

School had ended and Stiles had driven the both of you to his house. He let his backpack fall onto the ground as he pulled off his jacket. He seemed stressed and for a single second, you felt guilty for making him feel stressed. That feeling vanished as you saw the way his biceps flexed as he picked his backpack off the ground to look for something.

“You know, I just feel that this guy is evil. We can’t be nice to him, he’ll cause us problems, I promise you!”, Stiles ranted about Theo. You grinned to yourself and rolled your eyes. “I don’t know, he seems like a nice guy. I don’t think he’s dangerous, maybe you’re overreacting.”, you answered .Stiles spun around in a quick move, not caring to hide his anger anymore.

“Would you just shut up for once?”, he yelled. A smirk tugged at the corner of your lips. “Make me.”, you whispered. Stiles approached you with a few steps and had pressed you against his door within seconds. “Oh, really? Don’t’ think I wouldn’t know what kind of game you’ve been playing the whole day,Y/N. Believe me, if you want me to make you shut up, I’ll make you beg for me to finally make you cum over my hands.”, he spoke, nibbling on the skin of your neck only seconds afterwards.

You moaned at his words, you were the one who was frustrated now. Sexually frustrated. “Do you still want me to do that, baby?”, he asked quietly while kissing up and down your jawline. You couldn’t do anything but nod in response. “Alright.”, he grinned. Within seconds, he had easily picked you up so he was holding your body up by your thighs.

He pulled you in for a firm and passionate kiss. He’d had enough of this, he’d had enough of you playing with him, now it was his turn to get you frustrated. Stiles lay your body on the mattress once he’d reached his bed. He still stood at the edge of his bed, eyeing your body hungrily. He licked his lips as he imagined what he would do to you.

“What am I gonna do to you, kitten?”, he asked sweetly, but you and him both knew he would be anything but. “Shall I eat you out? Circle my tongue around your throbbing clit and push my fingers into your pussy? Or shall I just tease you until you’re a whimpering mess underneath me?”, he asked as he hovered over you, his eyes full of lust. You gulped, not saying anything.

“But you were a bad girl today, weren’t you? You got me all frustrated and always disagreed with me although you know I don’t like that.”, he pointed out. He placed kisses on your neck, sometimes sucking at the skin to leave marks. “You don’t deserve to cum so quickly today. You’re gonna beg me to finally free you from your frustration.”

You cried out as he quickly rubbed over your covered core. You still wore your jeans, but you were so desperate for his touch that even this would be enough to make you come. “Oh fuck, No! Please do something!”, you cried out and arched your back off the bed. A dry laugh escaped Stiles’ throat as he used his other hand to push your back onto the mattress again. He had taken his hand off your core again and you were already so frustrated you hoped it would have been enough torture already.

“Ssshh, baby. You know you’re not going to get what you’re craving if you’re so impatient.”, he spoke huskily, whispering into your ear and sending shivers down your spine. Your hand quickly grabbed his shirt, trying to hold him close to you. Another laugh escaped his plumb lips as he saw how desperate you were. “Eager, yeah? Sorry, baby, but you’re not frustrated enough.”, he whispered. He opened your jeans and slowly and painfully slid them down your trembling legs.

Your whole body shivered as his hands touched your legs. Now he was face to face to you again, hovering over you. His hand soon was where you needed him most as he started rubbing your slightly less covered core again. You almost screamed out as his finger tips grazed over your clothed entrance. “FUCK, please do something!”, you yelled out, closing your eyes in pleasure and frustration. “Not frustrated enough.”, Stiles simply replied, grinning.

As you opened your eyes to look at him, he licked his lips and winked at you, making you groan because you knew what was coming. Stiles climbed down to your throbbing core and removed your soaked panties painfully slow. Your hands fisted the sheets beneath you as soon as his breath hit your core. His lips approached your clit almost in slow motion. But once he placed a gentle kiss on your clit, you finally moaned out in pleasure.

As Stiles continued to circle your clit with his tongue, you gripped his hair at the roots and pulled at it, making him moan against you. But as soon as the moan left his mouth, he pulled away again. Your eyes shot open and widened. “No. Stiles, get down there and fucking make me come! You can’t be serious right now!”, you cried out and he chuckled in response. “Nope. You just have to be patient until I decide to release you.”, he grinned, cocking his head to the side.

You bit down on your lip in thought. But suddenly an idea popped up in your mind and you grinned to yourself. “Yeah, no.”, you grinned back at him. Your hand slipped down to your throbbing core and your started rubbing circles on your clit. Eyes immediately shut, you moaned again. Being the impatient person you are, one of your fingers immediately entered your core and you started pumping it in and out.

Your movement was suddenly stopped by Stiles’ hand, which grabbed yours and pulled it away from your heat. “Oh no,”, he told you, lust evident in his eyes. “I’m the only one that makes you come tonight. No masturbation, just me and my fingers and my tongue.”, he licked his lips and your breath hitched in your chest.

You gulped and nodded silently. Stiles put his lips on yours surprisingly. The kiss was passionate but filled with love. You loved this about Stiles; that he could be full of lust but you could still always feel how much he loved you.

His fingers slowly ran down your body, leaving goosebumbs along the way. You shivered because of his touch and arched your back eagerly. A laugh escaped his swollen lips as he pushed you back down onto the matress. A grin was placed on his lips as his fingers quickly pushed into your entrance. You screamed out in pleasure.

Your fingers grabbed the material of his shirt as he pumbed in and out of core. He placed a few kisses on your face and you put on a lazy smile before his lips met your clit again. He sucked on your swollen clit and circeled it with his tongue. You let out a loud moan in response, telling him to continue.

“Oh god, Stiles!”, you moaned out and pulled at his hair. He grinned against your clit and it pushed you closer to the edge. The hand that wasn’t gripped around Stiles’ hair gripped the sheets beneath you.

Stiles continued to suck on your clit and finger fuck your core without further disruptions. “Come for me, princess.”, he suddenly mumbled against your clit. That was all you needed to be pushed over the edge. You screamed out and pulled at his hair as you arched your back and your orgasm rolled over your body.

Once it died down, you lazily let yourself fall back into the matress. Stiles’ lips soon found your neck again as he began peppering it with kisses. “Ready for round two?”, he whispered into your ear. Your eyes widened in surprise. “So fucking ready.”, you whispered back, already getting wet again as you thought about how he would soon be inside of you.

You gribbed the hem of his shirt as he sat up and pulled it over his head. Your fingers caressed his skin as they discovered his chest. Your touch left goosebumbs all over his skin. Grinning, your fingers slid down to his jeans and you slowly opened them. 

Your hand immediately slipped into his jeans and palmed his dick through his boxers. Stiles closed his eyes in pleasure and let out a quiet moan. You placed your lips on his lovingly, while using your other hand to caress his cheek. “Sorry baby, but I’m not patient enough today.”, he mumbled as he broke the kiss and pushed his jeans down and threw them onto the floor along with his boxers. 

He was now fully exposed to you and although the two of you have had sex many times before, it was always shocking how good he looked. You admired his body further while he searched for a condom in his nightstand. As he finally found one and pulled it on, he positioned himself at your entrance.

He pushed some hair strands out of your face and pushed his lips on yours. “Ready, baby?”, he whispered, glancing at you. You nodded in response. He kissed you as he entered you, swallowing your moan. 

Your finger nails digged into the skin of his back, surely leaving marks. As Stiles’ mouth left yours to place kisses on your neck, you moaned out loudly. You knew it wouldn’t be too long till the both of you would come, since you were both already so frustrated. 

Stiles pulled out and pushed back into you several times. He grunted and moaned into your ear and you bit down on your lip to surpress further screams.

Stiles was the first one to ever make you feel that way and you didn’t think that anyone could ever do it better than him. He knew your body, he knew how to make you feel good. 

Stiles’ fingers pulled you out of your thoughts as they circeled your clit. You knew you’d come way quicker with him doing this. “Ready for your release, princess?”, he whispered into your ear while he thrusted into you.

You nodded ever so slightly and at first you thought he hadn’t even noticed. But he had. His speed increased immediately, pushing you closer to the edge. His fingers circeled your clit with more pressure.

Fuck!”, you yelled out, as your orgasm rolled over you for the second time that day. Only a few seconds later, Stiles came too and collapsed onto your body wuthout crashing it. 

He rolled next to you, staring lazily at you, admiring every detail about you. He took a hair strand of yours and put it behind your ear, caressed your cheek afterwards. 

“Don’t fucking ever get on my nerves ever again.”, he whispered to you, which made a grin appear on your face. You finally opened your eyes again and turned your head so your gaze was meeting his. 

“If I get this every time when I get on your nerves, I’ll do this every day.”, you smirked and he slightly rolled his eyes. “Come here.”, he demanded and you cuddled into his side. 

“You’re so fucking gorgeous. I love the way you give me orgasms.”, he whispered into your ear. A laugh escaped your mouth and you slapped his arm. “You’re such a dick.”, you grinned. Stiles’ arms wrapped securely around you.

“I’m kidding, babe. I love you.”, he said and kissed your head. “I love you too,”, you whispered back and squeezed one of his hands. “Although you’re a fucking dick.”, you giggled.

• Seamus Finnigan is pissed. And when I say pissed I mean pissed.
• Hannah Abbot is flirting with Dean Thomas, and Dean doesn’t even seem to notice. He’s just smiling and being friendly, as always.
• Abbot is all over him, putting her hand on his leg, tracing small circels over his jeans. Dean says something funny, and she burst out in an extremely annoying fake laugh, whipping her over her shoulder, looking extremely silly in Seamus opinion.
• It first when Abbot actually moved closer, putting her hand over Dean’s, Seamus walks over to them. When he stops both of them looks up, Dean smiling like an idiot, Hannah looking slightly disappointed.
• “I’m sorry, Abbot.” he says through clenched teeth, saying her name as if it actually brought him pain. “But this guy already have a date for the dance. He’s going with me!”
• At first Abbot looked shocked, then confused, and then embarrassed. She looked between the teenage boys, thinking about what she should say.
• “I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I-I thought Dean maybe would like to go with me, he’s always so nice to me.” She finally stuttered out, still embarrassed.
• “He’s nice to everyone!” Seamus said angrily, but shut up when Dean gave him a look that clearly said “shut up”.
• “I’m sorry Hannah, but I’m going with Seamus. My boyfriend.” he said kindly. “But you know what? Why don’t you ask Ernie, you know Ernie in Hufflepuff, right? He told me that he’d love to go with you!”
• Abbot smiled and nodded, still emberassed, and walked away. Dean turned around, facing his small and furios boyfriend.
• “You’re adorable when you’re mad, you know that, right?” he said with laugh and kissed Seamus cheek.
• Seamus grumbled something, but relaxed.
• “You’re my boyfriend.”
• “Exactly. And I’m not going to leave you for Hannah.”

my first time ever doing this don’t judge

Imagine Monsta X: Introducing you to the members

-he would lay his arm around you and stand in front of the other members
~ “Hey… So this is my girl (Y/N).”
-he looks at you with his eye smile and comforts you to talk to the others but he wouldn’t let go of the grip at your arm
-while you’re talking he smiles and stares at you but when you look at him he stares at the ground bc he’s a shy bear

-stands proudly next to you and would look at you the whole time he speaks
~ “Look how pretty she is… Her name is (Y/N)! So be nice to her ok?”
-would wrap you in cotton wool like when someone says something against you he would be upset and protects you

-jumps in front of the members and screaming
~ “TADAA this is (Y/N)!!! SHES MY CUTIEPIE YES!”
-hugs you from behind and places his head on your shoulder to listen to convos between you and the members
-adds always cute words like “lets siti sit on the couch” because he’s so happy he can’t hide it

-hand around your waist and kisses on your cheek the whole time
~ “Look at MY jagiya.” -> he let go of you to stand next to the members and to look at you too
-winks at you (yeah all the time)
~ “So this bomb is called (Y/N).”
-he would be shy that he called you bomb in front of everyone and hugs you so that nobody can see his blushing face

-puts his hand really carefully on your head and strokes your hair
~ “This is my sleeping beauty, my signifikant other (Y/N)!”
-when he sees that you’re nervous he would pull a meme face but is totally serious after it (makes you laugh and feel comfortable)
-would be so proud of you

-takes your hand and draws circels with his thumb (yes y'all know what i mean right DAMN)
~ “(Y/N)? This are my members and I really hope that you like them. They mean so much to me… Wait! I mean you’re of course the most important person right?”
-at the beginning he would talk really much do much aegyo and be nervous
-later he calms down and will just listen to your voice and looks at you

-would stroke your back and kiss your forehead
~ “Ayo bros! My little princess (Y/N) is here.”
-the sweetest aegyo and the baddest rapper at the same time just to impress you
-jumping around you all the time when others are talking but when you talk he just listen to you and looks in your eyes and smiles so you can see his dimples and attention

Thanks for the request 💖

Like the first time- Isaac lahey

Request: ‘can you write an imagine where Isaac and y/n get into an argument and he gets aggressive, surprisingly, because he usually never lashes out around y/n? then make-up sex?’

‘Hey would you be able to do the dialouge prompt #2 with Isaac lahey please? Your writing is amazing btw, have a good day!’ (thank you so much lovely!)

#2 “Do you want me to leave?”

from these prompts

prompt: Isaac is so stressed about everything going on that he gets mad and aggressive. The both of you get into a fight and he yells at you. Because he knows you can’t stand men yelling at women, he makes it up to you…

warnings: Smut, oral& unprotected sex (guys please always protect okay)

pairing: isaac x reader

A/N: This is the first time I ever wrote smut so don’t judge me/ I also put these two requests into one imagine, I hope that’s okay.


Originally posted by aeipathyshh

It’s been a rough day. Well, screw that. It’s been rough weeks for the whole pack. Especially for your boyfriend, Isaac. Not only has he been kidnapped by the alpha pack and saw one of his friends die, but he was also as worried about the alpha pack and the darach like everyone else.

So, you wanted to go over to Scott’s house after school, since Isaac was now living in the McCall’s household. You had already told Scott that you wanted to spend some time with Isaac, so he arranged that he could be with Allison. His mother was working anyway. 

You had to stay two more hours in school than Isaac, so he was already home by the time you left school. Before you drove to Scott’s house, you bought everything that Isaac liked. You bought pizza, nachos and ice cream for later. You thought he deserved it, after all the stuff going on at the moment.

Scott had given you a spare key to his house long before Isaac moved in, so you didn’t have to ring the bell to get in. “Isaac?”, you yelled. He soon came running down the stairs. 

“Y/N? What are you doing here?”, he asked, not as pleased as you hoped he would be. “Well, you know,”, you said as you started unpacking the things you had just bought. “I thought you could use a little distraction. With all that’s happening right now-”, you told him, but he cut you off.

“Oh, you thought? As if a little distraction would make everything okay again.”, he almost laughed, making your smile drop. “I didn’t say that, Isaac. I just wanted to make you feel better because-”, but you were cut off once again. “Because what? Because Boyd died? Nothing can make me feel better right now, don’t you get it?”, he almost yelled by now.

“Isaac, why are you yelling? Calm down. I just wanted to do you a favour.”, you told him calmly, but he seemed still as mad. “Why would I calm down? You don’t know how I feel so stop acting like you did!”, he nearly screamed now.

“Isaac, I know how you feel please just stop yell-” “Do you don’t! You don’t know how I feel so shut up!”, he screamed. You took a step back because you were so shocked to see him like this. 

You had reached the kitchen counter by now, so you quickly turned away from him and gathered all your things. Although you fought against it, your eyes slowly filled with tears anyway.

You quickly took your bag and went to the door but Isaac came running after you. “Where are you going?”, he asked. You turned to him, full of anger. “Where do you think I’m going, huh? Do you think I’ll just stand here the whole day and let you scream at me? I’m better than that.”, you explained, quickly whiping away a tear that found its way down your cheek.

Isaac’s facial expression had softened as he took a step towards you, but you took one backwards. “No,”, you began, your voice steady. “You’re not coming to me now and apologise when you yelled at me for no reason only seconds ago. You know how much I despise men yelling at women. You know it. And you did it anyway. Because you do not care, obviously. Otherwise you would have seen by the way I acted that you freaking hurt me.”, you told him, your voice not as steady and loud anymore.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry..”, he began. “I just wanted to make you feel better I-”, you started, but broke into cries, to weak to hold the tears in. “I know, I know, baby. And I’m sorry. You know I am. I just can’t get into my head that Boyd is dead.”, he nearly whispered. A tear rolled down his cheek as he slowly approached you. 

“Y/N, I’m so sorry, I-”, now he broke out in cries and you immediately pulled his body into yours. Hugging each other, you slowly slid down the door. His head was now lying in your lap and your hand was going through his hair.

You let him cry until there were no more tears to cry and while he cried you sat in silence. “You’re okay, you’re okay.”, you whispered. He had closed his eyes and his breathing was now on a normal pace again.

Do you want me to leave?”, you quietly asked him. Isaac looked up to you, a confused look on his face. “No, no.”, he said, shaking his head. “Y/N, you have no idea of how sorry I am,”, he started, but you cut him off. “No, it’s alright.”, you played it off, but Isaac was stubborn. “I’m going to make it up to you today. I want to make you feel good.”, he told you.

Although he probably meant that you were going to do what you planned to do this night, the way he said it made you think of something else. You slightly blushed and tried to hide your small grin at the thought of it, but Isaac saw it anyway.

“What?”, he grinned, uninformed about your thoughts. “Eeh, nothing.”, you told him, a little embarrassed because he didn’t think the same. He thought about anything that could have made you act so weird. 

“Oh!”, he brought out as he finally understood what you had thought. “We can do that as well, if you want to.”, he grinned. “You know, that was just an idea you don’t have-”, but you were cut off once again. This time, Isaac pressed his lips onto yours. A moan almost slipped past your lips as you finally felt his lips on yours again.

He stood up without breaking the kiss and he soon had picked you up. You instantly wrapped your legs around his torso. Isaac began walking up the stairs to his room, your weight not really being a problem for him. Suddenly, without warning, one of his hands gripped beneath your skirt and began circeling your clit. 

You let out a moan, breaking your kiss. “It’s been too long since we last did this, right, baby?”, he whispered into your ear, his voice only getting you wetter. He slowly lay you onto his mattress once you’d reached his bed. Isaac looked down at you, his eyes full of lust while your core started dripping. 

He now slowly got rid of his shirt, still staring down at you. Then he crawled between your legs, which you had already opened for him. For a minute you just stared at each other, the previous argument was already forgotten.

“I told you I was going to make it up to you, right? What do you want me to do, baby?”, he asked you. His fingers trailed down your right leg until he reached your heat and then slowly trailed back to your knee. You had closed your eyes in pleasure but opened them as soon as you felt Isaac’s hand being to far away from your heat.

“Do it just like the first time.”, you whispered. The first time you and Isaac have had sex was romantic but the sex was just as good. Isaac’s lips drew into a grin. “Just like you request.”, he smirked.

So he climbed on top of you, your foreheads touching as he softly placed a kiss on your lips. “I love you.”, he whispered into your ear and kissed the spot right beneath it. 

You closed your eyes as Isaac slowly placed several kisses down your body. As he tugged at your shirt you sat up to make it easier for him. He took your shirt off and immediately attacked your chest with his lips.

He lay you down again and continued placing kisses down to the hem of your skirt. Isaac did everything as slowly and as passionate as he did the first time. He pulled at the end of your skirt and looked up at you, still wearing a grin, that made you roll your eyes, but you also smiled.

He finally pulled off your skirt and climbed back again, so you were facing each other. “What do you want me to do now, princess?”, he grinned, kissing your neck and creating a hickey. “Don’t be a dick about it, Lahey.”, you slightly laughed.

Isaac knew what he could do to you, how he could make you feel. A quiet laugh escaped Isaac’s lips as his hand reached down to your heat. At first, he began circeling your clothed clit, sending waves on pleasure through your body. This act made you arch your back, begging for more.

“Patient, baby. You wanted it slow and that’s exactly what you’ll get.”, he whispered into your ear. You groaned, partly because you weren’t patient at all and partly because what Isaac did to you right now felt too good to be able to describe it.

Isaac had never circeled your clit as slowly as this but it was still feeling so good you thought you might cum just because of this. You let your head sink into your pillow as your hand reached for his arm, needing something to hold on to.

Isaac was holding himself up on one hand and was currently right in between your legs so it was easy for you to dig your nails into his back. You sure as hell made him bleed but you knew it would heal right away.

Isaac was about to say something but you cut him off. “Just do your thing!”, you laughed, but you were still eager. “Yes ma’am.”, he laughed and kissed your forehead before he crawled between your legs. He placed a soft kiss on your covered core before he pulled down your panties almost painfully slow.

But the moment your panties dropped to the floor, he was back between your thighs again, and quickly sucked on your clit. You let out a scream at the sudden action, your hand flying to the back of his head to pull at his hair.

Isaac then pushed one of his fingers into you, making you arch your back once again. You almost pushed his face into your heat as he licked your whole core up and down.

After that, Isaac stopped and climbed back to you again. “I love you so freaking much, Y/N. You have no idea.”, he told you, making you open your eyes. You were pretty much exhausted already, but you smiled up at him and pulled his face into yours, kissing him passionately. 

One of your hands reached down to his crotch and you began palming him through his jeans, already feeling that he was hard. He moaned into the kiss as you unzipped his jeans.

You were apart too soon as Isaac took off his jeans, including his boxers. He was now completely naked and you only got wetter, being shocked at what he could do to you.

Within a few seconds, he was between your thighs again. He glanced at you like he always did; asking for approval. You simply nodded in response. You burried your head in the pillows as Isaac entered you. For a second, you could only hear how the both of you deeply breathed in.

A few seconds passed before he pulled out again, only to push himself back inside. His hand searched yours and as he found it, he squeezed it tightly. He repeated his slow thrust a few times but his hand suddenly found your clit again, circeling it once again, but with more pressure this time.

Your arched your back in pleasure. From now, it wouldn’t be too long until you came. “Oh my god, Isaac!”, you yelled out, eyes squeezed shut. Isaac placed his lips between your breasts and sucked onto the skin, creating yet another hickey.

Within the next few thrusts, you reached your high as you screamed out his name. Only seconds later, Isaac did too, still thrusting into you while you lay there, too tired and exhausted to do anything.

He let himself fall next to you and immediately pulled your body into his. Isaac held your head in his hands as he kissed your forehead. “I’m so in love with you.”, he whispered as he stroked your hair. “And I am so in love with you.”, you responded, looking up at him and wearing a smile.



Today I was going to the dorm of the lovely dorks to cook with Jooheon. He is my boyfriend for some months and our relationship is great.
Finally Joo knocked at the door to pick me up. I hugged him tight and jumped inside his car. “How was your day, girlie?”, he smirked and placed his hand on my thigh. “It was alright. And yours?” “Yeah too, but now it’s gonna be great with you.”, slightly blushing. I laughed and pinched his tummy: “What do the others make?” Jooheon scratched his head and answered: “So I.M and Wonho are meeting up with the manager because of the lyrics and beats they mixed. Kihyun is shooting for this beauty show and about the others I don’t know. I think they wanted to go to the supermarket or something like that.” While he was talking we arrived at the dorm. So he jumped out the car and ran around it like a 5-year old. With a big gesture Joo opened my door and bowed. I bowed too and laughed: “Gamsahabnida you nice boy!” He placed his arm around my shoulders and we walked in. Inside the dorm I started cooking and he hugged me from behind laying his head on my shoulder. Even when I needed to get some ingredients he didn’t let go of me, he just wanted to hold my hand or hug me. “Hey honey I think I’m finished. It needs to simmer.” We were standing in the positon like we stood at the beginning. So I placed my hand on his head and stroked his hair. *aegyo* “Yeah let us lay down! *deepvoice* Jooheon is going to take care of his little princess.” He turned me around and smirked. I pinched his dimples and said: *aegyo* “Lovely idea Joo.” He ran to the couch and jumped on it, calling my name so that I would come faster. Jooheon laid on it and took a blanket for us too. I placed my head on his chest and hugged him tightly. He covered us and placed his hand on my back, starting to stroke it. We were laying there for a while just staring in each others eyes and smile. Then he interrupted the silence with whispering: *aegyo* “I really love you.” I moved a little bit up to his face and kissed his nose. He kissed mine too and laughed. Now I touched his dimples again and said: *aegyo* “Is this kkukkukkakka now?” Jooheon couldn’t stop smiling and nodded heavily with big eyes. Now I laughed too. He covered our heads with the blanket and hugged me so that there is no more space between us. “I want to hug you even tighter but I can’t because I may break you or so.” We both laughed and I said: “Joohoney, I’m not that easy to-” He interrupted me and kissed my lips softly. Then he looked at my eyes and kissed me a second time more passionately. I placed my hand at his neck and smiled: “You’re my baby. I love you too.” “The answer took you really long Softie.”, he stroked my face. I whispered: “I’m sorry.” “Don’t let me wait so long again, please?”, he removed the blanket from our heads. “Yes sir!”, I stroked his chest and tummy. Now he drawed circels with his thumb at my back making me shiver. I kissed his cheek suddenly causing him to giggle. Jooheon responded with a kiss on my forehead. He wrapped his legs around me and placed his chin on my head. At this position I slept on his chest in his warm arms.

Thank you for your request 💖 It was so much fun to write this ^•^ Joohoney is the cutest, enjoy! (Not my gifs)

In the woods - Luke Hemmings

helloo i finally posted something again yayy, but again sorry if i got alot of grammar wrong. But anyway Enjoy! xx

i always loved going on vacation with my family. Not only was the place and the weather great but the son of the family we where going with was a real sight. Luke Hemmings was like a greek god dressed in black. We where the same age so basicly we where forced to hang out, but i didn’t mind at all. The car ride was extremely boring so i slept the whole ride. Once we got to the spot we all started unpacking the cars. We where all staying in one big house. There we 3 bedrooms so it meant that Luke was staying in the same room as me. Around midnight after unpacking and eating we all went to bed. Our room had one big bed and a smaller one that our parents put there.

“You can take the big bed if you like” He said while taking some clothes out of his bag. “Okay thanks Luke” i said back and walked to the bathroom but i kept the door slightly open on purpose. I got out of my sweats and hoodie and got in a big t-shirt. i peeped though the door and saw him changing as well. He pulled off his shirt and sat on the bed to take of his way to tight skinny jeans. i walked in trying to look like i didn’t knew. “oh i’m sorry Luke” i fake shocked while turning around. This way Luke could directly ook at my bum since i didn’t put any pants on. “Oh uhm… you can look now” He said kinda shy and when i turned around we sat in his bed with the blankets over his long legs. I threw my clothes in my suitcase and got in the bed.

“I’m sorry i walked in on you like that i should have warned you.” i said trying to look as innocent as possible. “oh no i’ts alright love” i think that was a tease. “Well than goodnight Luke” “sweetdreams (y/n)”


I woke up in the middle of the night by a loud tud. “Shit” i heard Luke say. I turned around and saw Luke laying on the floor grabing his shoulder. “What’s wrong ?” i asked sleepish. “At home i have a bigger bed so i wont fall out.” he whined and got up. “You can lay with me if you like” i said hoping he would agree. “Yes thank you” i turned around and he walked to the bed, he got in and closed his eyes. After 10 minutes of discussing with myself i finally got the courage. “Okay this is awkward with the space between us, can we please cuddle?” i said kinda annoyed. “i thought you’d never ask” he said and turned around so you where spooning. 

Our legs where tangled together and one off his hands held mine which i held pretty close to my boobs. But i wasn’t comfortable at all. so i started moving my legs a bit and my butt after. “Stop” i heard Luke whisper behind me. I ignored it and moved a bit more until i heard a groan. “What are you doing?” i asked foncused and when i turned around i saw his eyes closed and his lip between his teeth. He opened his eyes and looked at me weird. “You’re rubbing your ass against my dick” I put my hand against my mouth and tried not too laugh. I turned around and thats when i feld his hard on.”Okay i’ll stop and i’m hihi sorry” We spooned again but his dick really bothered me, and it was the perfect opportunity so i moved again. 

“if you don’t want me to cum please stop” he said in a raspy voice that turned me on. I sat up and got on him so our crotches where touching.”what are you-” But when i pulled off my shirt. He bit his lipat sat up straight while holding my sides. “I’m gonna take care of your problem” i said and kissed him while pulling at his hair. He groaned in the kiss and grabbed my butt, i moaned at the feeling and started grinding. “You’ve got to keep quiet baby” while he’s kissing my neck and collarbones leaving marks. “Don’t worry about me princess, worry about yourself” Luke said with that voice that made my core tingle. 

He flipped us over, i layed under Luke’s sweaty body in only my underwear. He started kissing down my body and i was holding in my moans by biting my lip. “These need to go” He growled at me and pulled off my panties. He kissed my thighs teasing me. “please” i begged. He dragged a finger up and down my slit. And suddenly pushed it in making me let out a load moan. “So ready and so wet” He said before licking one stripe. He was moving so fast and started sucking it send me close to the edge. “Oh you don’t get to come just yes” 

He moved away leaving me whining and wanting more. He moved up and kissed me so i could taste myself on his lips. He stood up and walked to his bag getting a condom. “Where you wearing nothing but boxers when you got into bed with me?” He chuckeled and sat on the bed with his back against the headboard. “No” He pulled down his boxers but i quickly grabbed his dick to lick up one stripe from base to tip and giving the tip a kiss. “Damn girl you’re eager” He groaned at me and put on the condom. 

I sat above him and tried to look as sexy as possible. “Very” i grabbed his dick and sank down on it making me moan. Luke kissed me so i could be loud. It filled me up nicely. “God you’re so tight” He grouweled with his eyes closed and his lip between his teeth. He gabbed my sides and carefully moved me up. I sat down fast making him let out a long moan. I kissed him to shut him up and started grinding. “You feel so good baby” I said bouncing up and down till the moment Luke flipped us over. 

He moved so he had one foot on the floor and a knee on the bed. He was really pounding now. My moans couldn’t be controlled so Luke put two of his fingers in my mouth. I grabbed his arm and put my nails in them i needed to grab something and i didn’t care what. His other hand got down to where wwe connected and rubbed circels on my clit. “Oh Luke” came out muffled. I tried to grab something else but  only found blackets. “

“You look so good princess” He said and wend faster and harder going in a way he left only the tip in with every thrust. He revmoved his hand from my mouth to grab a boob. “I’m gonna cum Luke” I tried to tell him as quiet as possible but a moan followed after. So i bit on my hand and closed my eyes. i came with a very hard thrust and it hit me like a ton of bricks, while trying to scream Luke’s name. He groaned a few times before cumming and enden with my name falling of his lips. 

He pulled out and fell on the bed next to me. “Better than i my imagination” I puffed out trying to feel my lungs back with air. “Same here” He said and stood up to throw away the condom. I wrapped myself in blackets and waited for Luke. “Sooo… you thought about havig sex with me?” He chuckeled walking back. “Did i say that?” i said blushing lke crazy. “Don’t act like you didn’t, i know i did.” i crawled up against hisa warm chest and started to fall asleep. “This is gonna be an amazing holiday”


What a tease ~ Part 2 (Luke Smut)

Pairing: Y/N|Luke Hemmings
Words: 1547
Warnings: Well…Smut, cursing, the usual?
Summary: You’ve always loved teasing boy’s. Resting your hand dangerously high on their thighs and pulling your skirt up when walking past a cute one were the more innocent thing you’d do. But what you’d do to your new neighbor would be such much more fun.

Part 1

You kept teasing Luke the following weeks, walking around your room in your underwear, sunbathing topless in your garden when your parents weren’t home and even leaving your window open a few nights while pleasing yourself, knowing that his window was open as well, moaning his name just loud enough for him to hear.

How could you know that a fucking kissing booth would change so much? Your mom’s really big on this whole “integrating into the neighborhood” thing and made you help out. You didn’t expect to be spending your afternoon at a kissing booth though, holding your cheek out for old men and pre-teen boy’s to kiss. You’re already counting down the minutes until you’re free when you spot him in line. Black skinny jeans, matching black tank top and shades with his blond hair hidden under a snapback, brightly grinning at you. You hurry up  to finish the people in front of him and just as he place his 25¢ in front of you Clarice, a girl from down your street, turns up. “Hey there Y/N! I’m here to free you!”-“ Thanks Clarice.” You answer with a bitter smile. “Just let me finish this one, he already paid after all.” Before turning back to Luke and pulling him down to lock your lips with his, pushing them open with your tongue. Your hands trace down his arm but you disconnect again before he can move to pull you closer,you wink at him and turning around to leave. “They’re all yours now.”

You’re just about to leave the fair when someone grabs your arm and pulls you back. It’s Luke, grinning cheekily at you “Didn’t know you could get kisses like that at a kissing booth. You’ve put Clarice in a quiet uncomfortable situation.” You shrug your arms without answering but Luke continues anyway “But I thought those few cents I paid weren’t justifying your service. So how about I invite you? Pick whatever your wanna right” Pointing at the several amusement rides behind him.
Now it’s your turn to grin at him as you step closer and get on your tip toes to whisper in his ear. “Too bad I’m just about to leave. But to be honest I’d rather ride you anyway.”
You turn around and make sure to slide your fingertips over his crotch while doing so. You take his hand and let him lead you to his car. During the whole drive home you let your fingers ghost over his thighs, letting them draw little promises of what he’ll expect once you’re home.

As soon as Luke closes his bedroom door behind him you’ve got your hand around his neck and pull him into a kiss. One that is nothing like the one earlier today. You make sure to let him feel your lust, sucking and biting, playing with his lip ring. You grin to yourself as you hear Luke quietly moan when you tug his hair. Displaying his pain kink this easily turns his cheek red,but you just start dragging your nails down his arm and digging them into the sensitive skin on his neck.
Pressed against the wall you slowly start grinding on his thigh between your legs, circeling your hips, the friction of the fabric making you soaking wet. Luke grabs you thighs, effortlessly picks you up and carries you to the bed, sitting down with you in his lap, you leg straddling his side’s. You pull up his tank top, throwing it on the floor, your shirt and bra following right away. Burying  your face in his hair to muffle your moans as he takes your nipple into his mouth, sucking and gently biting down while pinching the other. The wetness between your thighs almost makes you lose your mind. You lean back and hiss thankfully as Luke’s lips slowly wander down your chest to your tummy stopping right about your waistband. He hovers there for a few seconds before finally yanking your shorts and your panties down as far as your parted legs allow it. He takes his time, eyes fixed on your private parts until your squirm in his lap, rubbing yourself against his still restricted errection to get some kind of pleasure. “Fuck babe, your fucking beautiful!” Luck whispers before placing a kiss beneath your belly button, right above your clitoris and bringing his index and middle finger up to your mouth. His eyes are fixed on your lips around his fingers as you suck them while he starts rubbing your c-spot with his free hand.
You’re left breathless when he pulls his fingers out of your mouth again, but Luke is in no hurry to give you the pleasure your searching for. Lightly tracing his fingers over your vagina makes you arch back moaning “Luke, stop screwing around!” Grinning he lightly places the tip of his index finger on your clitoris while looking up at your face. Slowly sliding them down until he finally slips them inside you. Amused he watches your reaction as he curls them up and starts moving them. You bite your lips and pull Luke’s hair as you can feel your thighs shaking and know you can’t go for much longer. Stopping him by grabbing his arm with one hand and his chin with the other to make him look into your eyes. “You’ve been having the upper hand long enough now. I know you’re so fucking hard right now” you make sure to grind your hip in his lap, pressing it against his erection while saying that. “You want me to ride you, right? Just like I said earlier.” After dragging your fingers over his bulge you get off his lap and kick the shorts and panty, that are now dangling on your  ankles, aside before pushing Luke back into the matress and pulling off his skinny jeans along with his boxers as well.
You bite your lip at the sight Luke’s full erection, already throbbing with precum. “Damn babe” you whisper as you position yourself over his lap. “One rule, baby boy, you’re only allowed to come when I tell you. I want to hear you beg.” You take his hand hand put them your thighs before slowly lowering yourself onto him, biting down on your lips hard to swallow down the moans in your throat, forcing yourself to watch Luke tilting his head back and letting out a long soft moan at the feeling of you.His hands grab your thighs deeper as you slowly move on top of him, his dick filling you out, making your walls clench around him with every move. You’re rocking your hips while leaning back and steadying yourself on his thighs. Luke’s hand wander up your thighs to your hips, almost desperately trying to grab them to make you move faster but you just place one back on your thigh and one on your chest. “Tonight we’re gonna do it the way I want, got me? You gonna do exactly what I want.” You stop moving and lean forward until your lips almost touch “and I know you’re already so close but you’re gonna be a good boy right?” You can feel his hips buckle up. Leaning back smiling you feel his dick twitching inside you. He’s already a mess underneath you, whimpering more than moaning, begging you under his breath to move faster “Fuck y/n! Stop fucking teasing me! I can’t go on any longer!” - “You know what I want to hear, Luke!” - “Oh shit, please y/n! Please! I’m a good boy, please let me cum!” As an answer your raise your eyebrow but pick up the speed feeling yourself getting closer to your own orgasm as well. You pull Luke up so you sit in his lap, letting him wrap his arms around you while still riding him, finally allowing him do move his hips. As he starts violently thrusting inside you, meeting each of your movements by hitting your g-spot, his lips sucking at the sensitive skin above your collarbone, you dig your nails into his back and pull his hair with your other hand. You scream his name as he fucks you through your orgasm, him following almost simultaneously. Loudly moaning your name as well, one hand at the small of your back the other in your hair to press you close.
He let’s himself fall back onto the bed afterwards while you climb off of him. “Fuck Y/N, that was amazing. You….You are amazing” You give him a smile “right back at you, honey” as you start gathering your clothes. Luke leans up onto his elbow and watches you. “What are you doing?” You pull your shirt over your head and toss your bra at him before answering. “Going home? What else should I be doing? You can keep the bra as a souvenir.” When Luke’s face fills with disappointment you stoppen confused. “What? You want round 2 already?” He puts on his amazing cheeky smile “Actually I was just hoping to make you breakfast in the morning.” You laugh but take off your shirt again and crawl back into the bad, Luke’s arms wrapping around you while you bury your face in his chest.


Imágenes desarrolladas en base a la figura que inspiró las primeras obras de la arquitectura monumental en la historia humana, la Pirámide y la figura por excelencia en el cosmos, la de las estrellas y planetas, la Elipse.

Images inspired by the figure of the first works of monumental architecture in human history, the Pyramid and the basic shape of stars & planets, the Ellipse.