The Prince by Elicia Donze. Drawn in PS. Please do not remove caption.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Will Smith circa 1991. Portrait is from the waist up. Will is standing with one hand in his pocket. He’s wearing a dark gray suit jacket with a silvery sheen over a black-and-white tropical leaf patterned button down shirt. Some of the leaf patterns are glowing yellow and red as if lit from within. His hair is styled in a high top fade, and he’s gazing at us with a soft smile. The background is a gradient from soft yellow to deep rose with a border of jagged yellow loops.]


An insert from a Tom of Finland’s ordering catalog circa 1991 from our forthcoming Decker Library Erotic Collection. Along with these wonderful stamps, the catalog also offered Tom of Finland prints, comics, leatherwear, etc.

And we love the message “LET ‘EM KNOW WE’RE EVERYWHERE!”

Happy Pride!

monstersinthecosmos  asked:

tell me your headcanons about everyone's favorite movies. and by everyone, i am speaking of course about vampires. ALSO this does not include movies that were specifically name dropped in canon. WHAT ELSE U GOT BRAH

*deep breath*

Louis fucking ADORES Baz Luhrman, is the thing. He fucking loves the color and the frill and the spectacle of it. He loves those kinds of intense, swirling pageants, when he’s not attempting VHS AND CHILL with goddamn wolf-related media circa 1991.
He also loves Tarsem Singh’s The Fall, but can only bear to sit through it once or twice a year, in silence, huddled on a couch with his arms around his knees and no other people interrupting his viewing.

Lestat’s a fan of noir, neo-noir, character-driven stories, and bombast. He loves him a strong narrator. (This does not mean he’s good at comprehending these works.)
He loved Léon: The Professional, and also every shiny silly thing Luc Besson’s made since. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is beloved, as is really any RDJ pic; if ever there was a sucker for a comeback kid, it’s Lestat. Ten-to-one Lestat’s arranged to bump into the man at red carpet events. Bet he likes John Wick, too, because how DARE kill puppies clearly murder sprees are the answer.
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead is the thing he and Louis tried to watch together and have just decided never to speak of again ever.

Daniel loves journalism and conspiracy thrillers, real or fictional; films where one person discovers the hidden thread beneath the common workings of the world. Always adored All The President’s Men and Three Days of the Condor, and–well, maybe he wouldn’t entirely have said no to just growing up to be Robert Redford.
He has a love-hate relationship, in particular, with the 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers; he can see the horror, but not quite feel it. He’s been that tired. And those cold, alien things have a real beauty to them–why fear joining?

Armand enjoys surreal comedies–this we already know, of course. Any mention of Terry Gilliam is unnecessary here. He’s also got a soft spot for grand, gory spectacle, films with fountains of blood produced by practical effects of varying levels of proficiency. He’s got a nice collection of Full Moon films.
Also, Peter Greenaway films. Obviously. Search your heart. You know it to be true.
He has fucking enjoyed a viewing of The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, Her Lover. He enjoyed The Pillow Book somewhat… less.

Marius has every version of Phantom of the Opera ever committed to film. Yes, including Phantom of the Paradise. In particular, he enjoys Love Never Dies immensely because Raoul is OBVIOUSLY the problem here amirite.