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“Forgotten” Authors

So I just posted a list of popular Dramione authors and their most popular fics for a new ship member, and mentioned that I would make a separate post for few popular fics with authors who are not as popular. The problem with recommending fics that are popular is that when DramioneAsks recommends any fic, people go read it, and like it, and favorite/follow/review it, and then it only increases the fic’s popularity, causing us to recommend the same “Most Popular” fics over-and-over again.

So here I am adding a list of authors who may not be current in the fandom anymore, but who wrote some popular fics (that are at least 5 years old) that we love to read and share. I encourage you to check out the other fics of these authors. 

Also, make sure to check out new fics regularly (we post them from our queue daily), and remember to favorite, follow and review fics as your read them, so that you can help your favorite new authors join the “popular club.” You can also help by submitting recommendations of newer fanfiction for us to share with others.


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in high school i told a friend i was never going to say “i don’t know” ever again, and if someone asked me a question i really, really didn’t know the answer to, i was just going to make something up. you know, for the giggles.

but instead she got this horrified look and put her hand on my shoulder and said,

“emma, no—that’s what men do.”

anyway that’s how i realized what mansplaining was.

Building an MCU!BuckyNat headcanon

Okay, here’s some ideas and some questions you can ask when you put together your own MCU!BuckyNat headcanon. These are sick days ramblings, so do with them what you will.

Starting point in their timeline:

  • Bucky: From some time after WWII to, well, just the last couple years, we know Bucky was in a state of arrested personal growth. We know he had forced amnesia. But we have very carefully *not* been shown the full extent of his interpersonal capabilities as the Soldier. We know he *must* have had a lengthy conversation with Zemo, for example - the infamous mission report he sought - but we didn’t witness it. Additionally, we never see the Soldier interact interpersonally with a cohort; we only see exchanges between him and either bosses or victims. So we really haven’t seen the Soldier’s capacity for relationship. (This factor alone makes me wonder if we’ll see a flashback to demonstrate what this looks like, perhaps in an end credit scene.) But we can surmise he is capable of a relationship that is important enough to shape both of them. And we can surmise in this fantastical setting that as long as Nat is also of age, the age difference is kind of irrelevant.
  • Natasha: For this writing, I’m going on the assumption that MCU!Nat really was born in 1984, instead of the comics birth year of 1920-something. I’m not entirely convinced one way or the other, except for the fact that it’s the MCU, and even their Captain Marvel casting choice - a character who in the books is a colonel in the Air Force - could only recently legally drink. So having a 90 year old female lead, even if she looks like Johansson, is unlikely. So, earliest year for a reasonable relationship would be Nat at age 19 or 20, so circa 2003/2004 at the earliest. (If she’s older, this whole thing is expanded and complicated!)

Working together:

  • Obviously in the comics, he helped train her as an adult. This is a potential starting point for them in the movies but really, if their handlers have any sense at all, they’ll quickly realize they make a fantastic team. That partnership would be a huge boon to anyone who controlled them. And surely their handlers are also arrogant enough to believe that they could control their private lives as well, at least for a while.
  • Depending on how many interactions you want, they could weave in and out of each others’ lives for several years. We only know for certain that she’s working for SHIELD in Iron Man 2, circa 2010. That’s up to seven years’ time for interactions, coinciding with her making her mark as the assassin Black Widow.
  • With the time frame being just a few years, and not decades, there’s probably only one real instance of the relationship being discovered by their superiors. We don’t have time for more if she’s born in 1984.

Being separated/punished:

  • I’m quite confident that whatever else happened, their punishment for their behavior included his memory being wiped, and her memories very definitely being kept intact. I don’t know whether or not she realized the extent of his mind control; but since she endured her own, at some point in time it’s likely to register that he was forcibly wiped of memories of her. She would certainly have realized by the time Steve meets him and recognizes him.
  • One theory going around is that their separation and punishment was the catalyst for a big relocation for him, from his long-standing connection with Russian HYDRA to being controlled by American HYDRA instead, as in CATWS.
  • In contrast to that option, I believe that Bucky is still with Russian HYDRA in CATWS and is only on loan. His Russian crew, his Soviet weapons, and the temporary feel of the bank vault storage all suggests this to me. Instead of him transferring to the US, I think a “quieter” punishment happened for them both. I think he was shuffled off to Siberia, then eventually sold - potentially as “damaged goods” - to a different handler in Russia or in another former Soviet country. I think she was probably sent on several unsavory missions and from then on was kept under stricter supervision, and never worked again with a partner.

Being used against each other:

  • In the comics they first meet again, memories intact, as they’re working at cross purposes. It’s a compelling tension, but I’m suspicious that we’ll not have time for such an arc in the movies.
  • To my knowledge, there’s not an Odessa-event in the comics. This is unique to the movies, one of them being used against the other before their reunion. This adds a compelling layer of guilt on his part, and complicates her feelings over the years, I expect. This can be the complicating factor of their reunion in the films, since they’re likely to be working together on the same goal when they meet again. 
  • Some folks also add an element of Odessa being a test - Bucky’s handlers sending him after her, wanting to know if he would kill her.
  • Introducing a loving chapter of their past after audience members first watched them fight each other in a viscerally dangerous situation makes for a fantastic contrast. It’s a unique reveal for the writers to get to play with.
  • With this reality in the relationship, we also have the potential for Bucky to finally get directly emotional on-screen about a specific past mission of his, to show a specific guilt and grief. He went after Steve, but it goes without saying that Steve forgives him. Sam is another victim, but Bucky didn’t know him at the time, and they’ve slipped into a quietly friendly antagonism. Tony’s loss was just too large to make about Bucky. This regret - that he went after Nat - Bucky can feel keenly and personally.
  • And we only know about Nat’s self-reported exchange at Odessa, and DC of course. There could be more times when he was sent after her.

Her search (“Going after him is a dead end. I know. I’ve tried”):

  • The big question here is, when did she look? After Odessa? Before Odessa/right after separation? Both? How did she feel in Odessa if she has a failed search for him behind her?
  • How did her search interact with her decision to defect? Or did it at all? (See my headcanon below for more on this)

The meaning in the bond:

  • Was it “only” a single important interlude? That lasted, what, a few weeks? It could have been his first interactions as a human for decades. He could have been her first love. That’s the shortest version, but it’s enough.
  • Was it a longer series of interactions. Perhaps of multiple training periods? Or partnering up repeatedly?
  • The biggest sized positive influence is that one changed the other’s life in more concrete way. Maybe they got away together, the Soldier being free for some length of time, before he or they were recaptured. Perhaps he sacrificed himself to get her free of the people who raised her. Perhaps she simply cracked his programming in a way that never fully recovered… which probably made for a brutal few years, but ultimately prepped him for Steve’s presence getting all the way through to him.

My current headcanon:

They trained together, starting a relationship without being discovered. It was quickly realized that they were unstoppable together, and over some period of time, they were used together to complete several missions. On the last one, whatever it was, they were discovered. His mind was wiped and he was stored in Siberia. All of her memories were kept intact as she was used more brutally than before. But she started looking for him. It was no easy feat under the new level of surveillance but she looked. It became an obsession for a certain period of her life. This overwhelmingly obsessive time is what makes her worry about Steve later, when she tells him that he might not want to pull on this thread.

It was during this same time of more brutal missions that she got on SHIELD’s radar. Maybe a year or two after being separated from Bucky - as she *still* actively looks for him - Clint was sent for her. I don’t know how much Clint knew of her reasoning, as he offered her whatever deal he offered. But she knew that choosing her own freedom meant giving up any slim chance there still was that she would find him. She would have even less access to information and leads outside of the country and intelligence structure she knew. She had to decide between her freedom and continuing her search. And we know which one she chose.

Eventually she met him again in Odessa. He looked right at her and didn’t even know her. And he injured her badly, but didn’t kill her. At that point, she would have some confidences she shares with Fury, Barton or both. Even if it’s just allowing a look on her face that she wouldn’t allow with others. I don’t know how many details they knew. But they at least understood through watching her difficult recuperation experience that the Winter Soldier had been involved, and that they had some past connection. This makes her actions in Fury’s bunker in CATWS even more poignant, especially the deleted scene where she confronts him about allowing her to think the Soldier had killed him.

It’s only once Steve has recognized him, and given her his birth name, that she’s able to find one of his files, where a friend works. Only a combination of him being free of handlers and Zemo flushing him out finally gets either Steve or Nat anywhere close to him. And Steve now has both more drive to help him and more “legitimate” history with him, so she lets Steve take care of him, for the most part.

And then eventually their paths as Avengers will cross again.

anonymous asked:

Omg if they do have spencer having a twin i NEED her to crash ezrias wedding and when the minister person says "does anyone have an objection" i need her to walk down the aisle and be like i do


That is giving me Trish Stratus interrupting Lita & Kane’s wedding circa 2004 REALNESS (if anyone gets/remembers this, we are now officially married). 

I swear I literally fantasize about Ezria’s wedding being ruined. I had a thought like what if EzrA is A.D. and on the day of the wedding, the girls are getting ready and Aria realizes she forgot to bring…..whatever. She starts panicking and the other girls tell her not to worry and that they’ll go back to Ezra’s apartment to get it. Time goes on as the girls search for this object and Hanna (bc she would be the one to find something) starts fishing though Ezra’s things and low and behold, she comes across papers, receipts, pictures, emails, plans, and everything else that appear wildly incriminating. She gets the girls’ attention and they start slowly putting things together and before you know it, they are finding more and more things that A.D. had/use against them and that’s when it reality hits. 

Ezra is A.D.

Meanwhile at the wedding, everyone is waiting for the girls to come back but Ezra starts getting restless, urging Aria to start without them. After some hesitance, She agrees and there begins the ceremony. The girls realize they need to stop Aria from marrying him ASAP so they rush out of the apartment. Cue the dramatic music and camera cuts as the girls race to the wedding while Ezria start their vows. Spencer hops into the driver’s seat of the SUV and tells everyone to hold on while she starts the ignition and thrusts the gear into drive in one fluid motion.

“Ezra Fitzgerald, do you take Aria Montgomery to be your wedded wife, to live together in marriage?  Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, and forsaking all others, be faithful only to her, for as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” Ezra grins with his mouth spreading out across his face. The girls are holding tightly onto the grab handles of the car as Spencer floors the gas and speeds past other vehicles - a couple of scared squeals from the others as we, the viewers, start to notice how evil Ezra’s smile is becoming while Aria is obliviously staring up at him with heart eyes.

“Aria Montgomery, do you take Ezra Fitzgerald to be your wedded husband to live together in marriage?  Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health and forsaking all others, be faithful only to him so long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” Aria happily beams, smiling with her teeth. Her eyes begin to slightly water just because she’s been waiting for this moment for what feels like forever and it’s now finally happening. They’re really doing this. They go through the process of giving and receiving the rings when Spencer flies right onto the curb outside the establishment, not caring to waste time to find parking. The girls undo their seat belts and jump out the car, hiking up their dresses as they run as fast as they can in their heels.

“And now by the power vested in me by the State of Pennsylvania , I pronounce you husband and w-”

“ARIA, STOP!” the girls scream out in unison as they burst through the double doors of the entrance. Everyone’s attention snaps to the back with the entire building frozen in shock at such an abrupt interruption. Aria’s eyes go wide as she watches her friends stroll down the aisle, breathless.

“Aria…you…you can’t marry Ezra.” Spencer warns her.

“Wha-what are-what is this?!” Aria finds herself confused yet gradually growing infuriated by the second as she sends dagger-like glares at the girls. “Why not?!”

Emily sorrowfully steps forward with a hyper-realistic mask in her hand as her and Aria’s eyes lock. 

“Because he’s A.D.”

………………….Now you tell me if that’s not something you would love to see happen???lmao idk why i just busted out into story-mode that’s a true pipe dream of mines. But now that you brought up the Spencereitta ruining the wedding, I’m just as excited! Man, the possibilities! 

Pirates of the Caribbean 5

I just got back from seeing Dead Men Tell No Tales.  I have thoughts.  Quite a few of them, actually.

I should preface this review by giving a bit of background on my involvement with this franchise.  I saw the first PotC movie in the theater seven times.  I saw Dead Man’s Chest three or four times and loved it.  I saw At World’s End exactly once, hated it with the passion of a thousand burning suns, and never saw it again.

I was–and am–a hardcore Sparrabeth shipper.  The canon status of Willabeth only explains part of my disillusionment with the franchise, however.  My biggest problem was how Elizabeth had an amazing character arc over three films, going from a prim-and-proper governor’s daughter to the ass-kicking Pirate King, pursuing her dreams in defiance of society’s expectations, outwitting both the EITC and legendary pirates, leading an armada in battle…and then had it all stripped away at the end of the third movie, where she is left literally barefoot and pregnant to wait for her man to come back.  I was–and am–livid.  I felt betrayed, both as a fan and a feminist, to see one of my favorite characters do a 180 like that.

So I have very strong feelings about these movies.  I’ve tried to get over it in the years since AWE, with limited success.  Against my better judgment I did see On Stranger Tides in the theater, and thought it was mediocre.  Since Elizabeth wasn’t involved I could just ignore its existence, for the most part.

Then the fifth movie was announced, and Will was going to be in it.  I had hoped that maybe, just maybe they could try to rectify some of the mistakes (read: character assassination) of the past.

They didn’t.  But they still came up with a pretty good movie.  Honestly, I’d even give Dead Men Tell No Tales four stars out of five.  I was riveted to the screen for most of it, and it was thrilling to hear the theme music and see the familiar faces.  It was exciting and entertaining, the special effects were impressive, and there were some good laughs.  Plus, zombie sharks!

Do I have issues with parts of it?  Yeah.  And I’m going to ramble at length.


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annalrk  asked:

did you design a buncha different mess-ups for tone's circuit or was he always a paintbrush??? need to know for Professional Reasons. y'know like art. and love for tone.

Always a paintbrush circa 2004/5