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top 5 lyrics??

these are all subject to change and are heavily influenced by the songs i’ve been overplaying lately, buuuuut:

  1. “i will avenge my ghost / with every breath i take” this line is just a time machine right back to gerard circa 2004/2005 and it hurts and it’s ugly but it’s just so completely raw that it can’t help but resonate with you on a primal level. this is about the anger that comes after the fear, this is about the desire for revenge that comes after you pick yourself up and watch the dust settle. it’s not a fashion statement is probably my favorite revenge song because it carries a lot of the weight of the concept album but it doesn’t fuck around at all. this is revenge summed up in two lines to me.
  2. “you keep eternity / give us the radio” i love this line because on one level it’s totally literal and in keeping with the high concept of danger days — all the killjoys have in the BLI wasteland is the radio — but of course it’s also more generally about mcr (because 90% of mcr songs are about…mcr) and how nothing matters without music. this is, of course, extra painful in light of the breakup but what ISN’T
  3. “do or die / you’ll never make me / because the world / will never take my heart” i know that welcome to the black parade turned into a proto-meme literally right after it was released but i don’t CARE, this song still means a lot to me and i can genuinely still get emotional over it, especially this part. one of my favorite things about mcr is their sincerity — i never understood the criticism that they were pretentious, because if anything, they were overearnest, probably never so much as in this song. don’t you dare call them naive — the world will never take their heart. they’ll keep fighting the good fight until there’s no one left.
  4. “and there’s no room in this hell / there’s no room in the next” for the most part i think bullets largely functions as a pressure valve for all of the conflict in the band’s lives at the specific time it was recorded — the frustration, the aimlessness, the fear of the unknown, the injustice of an uncaring world, etc. they worked out a lot of those demons in the recording of the album and moved onto angrier music for revenge, but i think this part in early sunsets over monroeville could have been written at any time during the band’s career. it’s the weary/angry/solemn call to carry on because the world doesn’t want you (which they were always about — they loved to be a band that people hated) and because moving forward is all you have left. you even hear echoes of it in planetary (go!) — hell is full, heaven has no vacancies, so what’s next? you keep going.
  5. always and forever my eternal favorite is “i’d rather go to hell / than be in purgatory” because it is THE ULTIMATE mcr mission statement, the most succinct fuck-you-slash-call-to-arms, the bottom line of every song they’ve ever written. that sentiment is at the core of every album they’ve ever made and it could have easily cheapened the message to have them spell it out so explicitly but i think insetad it strengthens and reaffirms it. it’s so fucking taunting and scorched earth about it — just like, hit me with your best shot — i’d rather be dead than waiting. this fucking band

so ive compiled some embarrassingly angsty/silly/totally teen quotes from my livejournal circa 2004-2005 (age 16-17) LOL

“i only watched one of alexisonfires songs and talked to owen instead .i can offically say i’m over hardcore.not that i wasnt already over it months ago”

“i’ve decided that when i grow up i want to be a philosopher and/or social theorist and/or activist. totally.”

“…i broke a toliet seat and i’m wearing a leather jacket and chuncky maryjanes, i feel so tuffff right now.”

“i’m starting to worry about my motivation in regaurds to school work.i go home everyday and listen to records, dance around, go on the net and talk on the phone.i never get anything done.”

“we saw a group of ravers at townhall steps so we ran past and screamed "ravers are losers”“

"bikini kill make me gay”

“i am in desperate need of fake id! does anyone know of anyone who looks similar to me who is over 18 and will lend me their id on the 29th of january?i must see le tigre!!!and bright eyes which is some time early april.”

“the rest of the night was all about hugs, kisses, tickling, hickies, pokes, spooning, crazy attack and conor oberst!”

“wednesday was amazing. walking in the middle of the road, shop lifting, pizza and mocktail making”

“ Last week this drag king/stripper gabbed me by the back of my head and rubbed my face into her crotch”

“If you could read my mind you would be reading this: ’girlsgirlsgirlsgirlsgirlsgirlsgirls’.”

“i dont know weither its a reflection of my lasyness or my slowly decaying soul or is it just cause my room is so damn small?”

“im acually glad she didnt tell me she had a girlfriend before we slept with each other”

“ellen rang me a bit later saying "hi this is tobi vail” she is so tobi vail and joan jett all in one.“

”things to do :
                      write/plan zine
                      le paper dolls! shows, fuck band practice.our first show will  = our first rehearsal
                      get hair cut
                      go shopping in newtown and buy leopard print stockings
                      start thinking about formal dress
                      become cindy sherman
                      go dancing at spectrum preferably with jeremy and/or other cool kids
                      get hot girlfriend preferably (insert her beautiful name here) *sigh*“


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