Jay-Z seen during at Puffy Combs’ 28th birthday party, held at the famed Harry Cipriani restaurant in New York in 1998.

Other guests at the party included Oprah Winfrey, Muhammed Ali, Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Ellen DeGeneres, Mariah Carey, Sarah Ferguson, Queen Latifah, Derek Jeter, Lenny Kravitz, Harvey Weinstein, Elle Macpherson, Kevin Costner, Busta Rhymes, George Clinton, Missy Elliott, Lara Flynn Boyle, Denzel Washington, Muhammad Ali, Lil’ Kim, Martha Stewart, Henry Winkler, Naomi Campbell, and Russell Simmons. Crowds outside the venue hoping to see a glimpse of their favorite star reached upwards of 250 - which shut down the surrounding Wall Street area.

Robert Adam, stucco decoration by the firm of Joseph Rose, grisaille paintings by Giovanni Battista Cipriani. Entrance Hall from the Osterley Park House. 1767.

Various materials used in 18th century interior decor including stucco, paint, and plaster; applied in the Adamesque neoclassical style.

Osterley Park and House. Isleworth, Greater London, UK.