yes this required two drawings because I say so

dangit Momoko you’re about to be crushed to your cartoony death yet you’re more afraid of that uselessly tiny thing c’mon

also poor Ciprian he looks so hopeless <:’D


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This hybrid was making Ciprian uncomfortable, to say the least. Not like that was a long trip for Ciprian, but even so. He may have inched away from her a little. The vibes she gave off were bizarre, though he felt that maybe he just needed some space.

Apparently, though, maybe his feelings were justified after all, since he apparently wasn’t the only one that felt odd in her presence.

<< I guess you’re right, >> the other Gardevoir responded with his own telepathy, << Here’s hoping she just has a strange way of interacting with others. I’ll count on you then. Does this mean I should take my leave again? Would it be better to talk anoth– >>

the Lucaritales’s comment caught Ciprian off guard and it also cut him off. He turned to face her again and shook his head.

“It’s fine,” he said. “Just taking in the view of the surrounding woods. They’re nice, aren’t they?” he angled his head in such a way so that it might have looked like he was staring past Momoko instead of at her. Maybe he should just leave …


i sat down and forced myself to doodle this afternoon, augh. On the top is Ciprian and Aireach, (Accidental) podtwins–Ciprian, a warden with an unhealthy revenge order out on the nightmare court. Aireach, ex-warden whom he lost to the Nightmare. ;w; THEY BREAK ME APART

Bottom is Durac, Semi-soundless Sylvari who wants to be a charr. He likes cakes and candies, and sylvari like Alizee who are candy colored :U

Cip and Durac are mine; Aireach is Edge’s and Ali is Vexxa’s. <3

Ballad for violin and orchestra op.29
Ciprian Porumbescu
Ballad for violin and orchestra op.29

The “Ballad for violin and orchestra op.29″ is one of Ciprian Porumbescu’s (Romanian, born 14 October 1853, Șipotele Sucevei, Bucovina, died 6 June 1883, Stupca, today known as Ciprian Porumbescu, Suceava county) most famous works. Composed in 1880, it is one of the few Romanian works of the 19th century which continues to be popular even today. It uses of elements of doină (a Romanian musical tune style), ballad and romance, and presents them all in a romantic, expressive and highly lyrical instrumental writing.


Keiko’s ears flinched and laid back sharply. What she expected to hear was the sound of flesh and bone of the four newcomers being torn apart, but instead her claws scraped against a broad, steel-emboldened wing with sparks leaping off the surface, belonging to none other than the tall and mighty Empoleon, Naida.

“HA!,” the knightly penguin laughed off Keiko’s attempts with a satisfied grin, “YOU T'INK YOUR CLAWS ARE SCARY, LITTLE FOX? YOU T'INK YOUR LITTLE ROCKS KEEP NAIDA AT BAY? T'INK AGAIN! IZANAGI, NOW!”


Before the rampaging fox-jackal hybrid could rear back for another strike, Keiko let out a harsh gasp as the wind was forcefully slammed out of her, being sent a great distance by the sheer force of Izanagi’s swinging tail. The two taller hunters both seemed to still have fighting spirit surging through their veins despite their grisly back wounds, and the dark dragon huffed out an ember of vindication upon seeing the kyuubi-esque creature slam against the tree. The coordination was well done, but there was something missing…


“May the Will of the Rose still the beast.”

And to top off the well-synergized combo, Perceval fired two extensively long thorns not just into, but THROUGH Keiko’s arms, pinning her to the tree. The raging fox snarled from both agony, ire and outright vexation over being in this position. And as though it wasn’t frustrating enough for her…

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Manas, feliz dia...

Feliz dia internacional de: 11 estupros por hora.
Feliz dia internacional de: 1 espancamento a cada 24 segundos.
Feliz dia internacional de: apenas 35% das violações notificadas.
Feliz dia internacional de: 1 milhão de abortos clandestinos por ano.
Feliz dia internacional de: revitimização institucional (policial, de saúde).
Feliz dia internacional de: só 10% de mulheres no Congresso.
Feliz dia internacional de: PL5069.
Feliz dia internacional de: cultura do estupro.
Feliz dia internacional de: apenas 2/3 dos salários recebidos por homens.
Feliz dia internacional de: quase 60% das mulheres vivenciando assédios no ambiente laboral.
Feliz dia internacional de: 7h a mais de trabalho semanal por mulheres que são casadas.
Feliz dia internacional de: maternidade compulsória.
Feliz dia internacional de: violência obstétrica.
Feliz dia internacional de: objetificação do corpo.
Feliz dia internacional de: silenciamento e invisibildade de denúncias.
Feliz dia internacional de: repressão e julgamento moral e sexual.
Feliz dia internacional de: rituais perversos de feminilidade.
Feliz dia internacional de: padrões de beleza doentes.
Feliz dia internacional de: transtornos alimentares, baixa auto-estima, ansiedade e insegurança.
Feliz dia internacional de: imposição de docilidade, submissão e passividade.
Feliz dia internacional de: impedimento ao respeito no espaço público.
Feliz dia internacional de: medo e angústia.

Mas toma essa rosa, come esse chocolate (moderadamente, viu?), e feliz dia internacional da mulher.
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Rihanna as Marion Crane on Bates Motel (2017)

S5, EP6: “Marion”: A special guest checks into the motel; Dylan grapples with devastating news; Sam and Madeleine’s marriage reaches a crossroads.

Written by Carlton Cuse, Kerry Ehrin, Anthony Ciprian, Philip Buiser, and Torrey Speer

Directed by Phil Abraham


Keiko: “… I’m takin’ your silence as a no?” she asks in a slightly impatient tone. “Whatcha lookin’ at? You’re kinda starin’ out into space there~” The canid hybrid looks over and sees Momoko, giving an amused smir. “You two having a staring contest?”

Momoko: “No, it’s nothing. Right, Ciprian?”

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Although Ciprian had left the others alone earlier, the whole event had still been pretty awkward and uncomfortable. He had hung around a bit in anticipation, but at this point he figured he may as well turn back, as nothing seemed to be happening. And besides, Momoko was a very capable fighter. If she got into any trouble, he was sure she could deal with it.

On the way out, though, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed something on the ground – and it definitely didn’t smell good. Morbid curiosity got the better of him and he went over to investigate.

That “something” turned out to be a “someone”: a fallen Delphox. She was … very still, to say the least. It made him feel a little sick. Ciprian had no idea who this was, but this seemed to be the result of something recent, and if Momoko and her friend were still here…?

He then heard noises further in, causing his ears to perk up and breaking his train of thought. Did he hear voices? Or something else? He decided to follow them; though it was perhaps against his better judgement, he did not care, it had piqued his interest.

Certainly the sight he came across was not a cheerful one. A weak “oh geez” was all he could manage, before he drew nearer and called out. 

Well, this was going to be a doozy.