i sat down and forced myself to doodle this afternoon, augh. On the top is Ciprian and Aireach, (Accidental) podtwins–Ciprian, a warden with an unhealthy revenge order out on the nightmare court. Aireach, ex-warden whom he lost to the Nightmare. ;w; THEY BREAK ME APART

Bottom is Durac, Semi-soundless Sylvari who wants to be a charr. He likes cakes and candies, and sylvari like Alizee who are candy colored :U

Cip and Durac are mine; Aireach is Edge’s and Ali is Vexxa’s. <3

Ballad for violin and orchestra op.29
  • Ballad for violin and orchestra op.29
  • Ciprian Porumbescu

The “Ballad for violin and orchestra op.29″ is one of Ciprian Porumbescu’s (Romanian, born 14 October 1853, Șipotele Sucevei, Bucovina, died 6 June 1883, Stupca, today known as Ciprian Porumbescu, Suceava county) most famous works. Composed in 1880, it is one of the few Romanian works of the 19th century which continues to be popular even today. It uses of elements of doină (a Romanian musical tune style), ballad and romance, and presents them all in a romantic, expressive and highly lyrical instrumental writing.


BMW 335i by Ciprian Mihai
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