{Art by the lovely Rosel-D/Cioccolatodorima on Tumblr! Read the caption if you like!} so I’m planning on making another Instagram account. I want to feel more alive and bring out more of my anime and fashion sides!! Plus it’s kinda for a YouTuber purpose. Mainly it’s for feeling like I’m interacting more with you guys because you guys are beautiful people and if you do something or make something for me, I’ll post it there! I want to be more of myself on the new profile. Being me is the crazy, funny but sweet, Hetalia-loving girl you all come to know and love. I already made another Twitter (about to make another Vine!) so that’s good to go!! So, what do ya say? #aphitaly #aph #hetalia #hetaliaaxispowers #axispowershetalia #ヘタリア #hetalian #hetalians

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