if you follow the ‘cry it out’ method, or agree with it, we can’t be friends. the only reason a baby stops crying after it’s started is because it’s given up trying to call for help and thinks there’s no one there to hear or care that it’s crying. even if being bored or having a wet diaper or being hungry doesn’t seem to be a big deal to you, a baby’s world is small and those experiences are all it knows. and it’s parents are the center of that world. a baby cries when it needs something. abandoning your child in it’s time of need is bad parenting.

I got a few time bc people dont arrive yet, so... CIO debate time

Today’s debate is about CIO method

  1. whats your opinion about this? and Why?

My opinion: Im against the CIO method…I think its cruel to make this to a child…They need love and to feel understood so i dont think i would ever use this with my kids…and its proved that CIO kills some brain cells…CIO stress our babies and stress us too…I want my baby to feel loved and dont feel abandoned by me or his dad…There are another ways to introduce your baby to sleep by himself…
I mean, this method can also be usefull if used properly but there are much more cons than pros about this…
One of my auties used this, and it was stressfull for us who were listening the baby cry and for him…
If i want my kids to have a sleep schedule, ill make it another way than CIO

And about you?

Cry It Out

So today when I was doing the laundry, Charlie was following me around and fussing. Idk I wouldn’t consider it actually crying you know?

Well anyways I let her do that for about 10 minutes while I finished doing the laundry. I didn’t feel guilty about it because I could tell she wasn’t actually upset. She was just being fussy. I’d never let her actually cry. So my question is: Is this CIO?