Katniss had never quite been as materialistic as some of the other
    victors. All she wanted from her winnings was to keep her family out
    of harms way and make sure that Prim would never have to experience
    what she went through.Unfortunately Capitol parties and appearances 
    went along with that. And thought she HATED them Haymitch and Peeta
    made them bearable. Well – that and it was made infinitely easier
    that she had an excuse to hang onto Peeta for dear life. He had always
    been better with crowds and people, while she just seemed to leave and
    unsightly taste in their mouths. 

                 so cinnia, what will I be wearing this time? 

Caeruleus Aether Drabble: Cinnia

Prompt: N/A

Characters: Cinnia, Vaeramae, mentions of Loic and Tomoe

Series: Caeruleus Aether: Blackbird

Notes: I had some down time at work and wrote a thing.  It’s not good, but it’s not awful.  Written just after I finished The Hunger Games. I apologize for the tense and any tense changes.


I’m not entirely sure where to begin.

I remember the first time I met her.  She wore armour with a valknut on it, ravens at her shoulders and a wolf protecting her back.  She favoured the colour blue, the trim long faded from the skirt she wore. Her gestures were sharp and confident.  There was a fierceness about her that I recognized in others like her.  I knew then that she was what they called a Valkyrie.  Warrior women who collected the souls of the dead, capable of magic and transformation. 

She smiled easily, was curious about everything.  She asked questions while I worked the silver in my hands, and I found myself not minding.  The woman was genuinely curious about my work. 

“Why don’t you work with iron?”

I paused.  It was innocently spoken.  I was fashioning silver into a dagger, using magic to help strengthen the metal.  Weapons were made from iron or bronze. Silver was known to bend. I glanced over at the Valkyrie and decide to answer her question.

“These weapons are for the Fair Folk.”

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