Big hand going out to jebuscorpse for the banner!!! 

Okay guys so I’ve finaly decided to do my first tumblr awards! :D

Rules To Enter:

  • Mbf me
  • Must reblog this post
  • Likes are okay but dont count as an entry
  • You can reblog as many times as you want
  • And thats everything! 


  • Best Humour Blog (3 winners)
  • Best Photography Blog (3 winners)
  • Best Tattoo/Band Blog (3 winners)
  • Best Nature Blog (3 winners)
  • Best Original Posts (3 winners)
  • Best Theme (3 winners)
  • Best URL (3 winners)
  • Best Icon/Avatar (3 winners) 
  • Strongest Selfie Game (2 winners)
  • Best Overall (3 winners)
  • Personal Favorite (1 winner)

Winners Will Receive:

  • A follow back from me if I’m not already following
  • Promos whenever you ask!
  • Blog advice
  • Selfie/post reblogs upon request
  • My eternal friendship

I will decide on an offical date to decide the winners when this post gets enough notes, but im thinking roughly around the end of March :) There will be 30 winners selected in the end! Ive chosen my categories to apply to most blogs so you DO NOT have to be a humor blog to enter!!! With that being said, your chances of winning are pretty good, so reblog, and good luck!!!!!

aayyy, since i just reached my first thousand i’ve decided to make a tumblr awards


  • mbf me
  • reblog this (liking is for chumps)
  • if this doesnt get enough notes this never happened :-(
  • picking on April 15th


  • best urls (3)
  • best posts (2)
  • cutest people (4)
  • nicest people (2)
  • best fandom account (3)

Winners Receive:

  • A follow back
  • Promos/selfie reblogs/post reblogs/anything else that’s reasonable 5eva <3 (tag me #antidad)
  • advice and friendship if you’re into that
  • cool link of your blog on my blog that is less cool