New Indian chef in town – Cinnamon Grand welcomes Chef Kadhir

Cinnamon Grand Colombo’s Chutneys is acknowledged as Sri Lanka’s first five-star South Indian restaurant offering specialities from the four primary states of South India – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

What better way to further enhance this experience at this plush restaurant, than enjoying the daily fare turned out by our new chef from South India, whose memories of his grown up years are laced with the thick aroma of garam masala and other exotic ingredients from his rich Indian culinary heritage.

Born in Tamil Nadu, Chef M. Kadhiranan known among his peers both here and abroad as Chef Kadhir brings years of expertise to Chutneys kitchen, churning out South Indian cuisine that are authentic and delicious. Although his experience as a chef is only ten years, his involvement of cooking South Indian fare goes way back, to his school days. “It was only my brother and I in my family. We had no sisters. As a result I used to cook when my mother was at work,” Chef Kadhir asserted.

As a result this, he mastered dishes popular to the region, while his interest in the profession grew. “Soon after college I went on to study hotel management because I was determined to learn the ABC’s of hospitality.”

Fresh out of university, he embarked on his culinary journey, starting at an industrial catering, cooking for 700-800 people per day. Preparing all three meals along with a few others, they made close to 800 liters of sambar per meal. “I joined as a kitchen assistant,” Kadhir acknowledged. “Although it was hard work, at the end of the day we felt proud to have cooked for so many people.” He also got a chance to play with spices and learn different methods of cooking while working there.

Kadhir’s break came when he moved to Malaysia to work in the restaurant chain, Passage Thru India which had several eateries around the country. Owing to his passion and love for Indian food, he managed to grow his expertise and went on to manage Mumbai Grill, a subsidiary of Passage Thru India within a year. “During my three and a half stint there I specialised in multi-cuisine,” he said.

Back home in India, he moved to Chennai where he dedicated his hours to focus and excel at South Indian cuisine.” His last stint before coming to Sri Lanka was at seven-star, ITC Grand Chola in Chennai.

Just a month since he started at Cinnamon Grand, Kadhir assured that he is ecstatic to be able to share his love with the Sri Lankan community.

“Chutneys offer a spread of dishes, featuring the best regional specials of the four states of South India. This means I can really show Sri Lankans truly authentic dishes in the regions without any barriers,” he said.

Describing the differences of the four states, Kadhir explained: “Tamil Nadu cuisine uses a lot of masala in its cooking. Sesame and peanut oil are commonly used as groundnut cultivation is high in the area. The food are also steamed majority of the time.” Kerala known as God’s own country is surrounded by rivers and lakes and as a result has a high-yielding coconut production. The dishes are therefore influenced by coconuts and are mildly spicy compared to Tamil Nadu cuisine. The extremely spicy dishes are from Andhra Pradesh with its cooking utilising red chillies in almost all dishes. Hyderabad biryani is also a speciality from here. “From Karnataka comes dishes made using kokum and a special red chilli which is of medium level in spiciness.”

What Kadhir brings to table is knowledge on a wide-spread array of these dishes. “I am so excited to recreate the memories of my homeland here. Through Chutneys I will offer all that I have inherited from my ancestors in a five-star setting for a memorable experience for Sri Lankans and all Indian food lovers to truly enjoy.


For reservations at Chutneys, contact 011-2497372.

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World Tourism Day 2014 - Supplier Meet

In commemoration of World Tourism Day 2014, Cinnamon Grand Colombo organised a Supplier Meet on 27 September at Nuga Gama, bringing together over 20 talented artisans from across the island to encourage their skills and promote it within Cinnamon City Hotels in the future.

Currently most of the suppliers are only promoting their crafts through Cinnamon Grand’s Nuga Gama, the village in the city.

Cinnamon City Hotels Sector Head Rohan Karr with the artisans

Cinnamon City Hotels Head of Marketing Communications Tharika Goonathilake conducting the discussion with suppliers

Some of the crafts on display

Cinnamon Grand’s Sunday feasts


There is nothing like relishing through a meal paired with the finest fizz or bubbly on a mid-Sunday morning to cap off a well spent weekend, just before the start of another hectic week.

At Cinnamon Grand Colombo, the choice of celebration is yours to pick. Whether it is the exotic flavours of the Far East you crave for, the sizzling aroma of local seafood curries, meaty carvery or a home-made authentic Sri Lankan meal – Colombo’s preferred dining destination offers it all.

Giving guests an extra couple of hours to roll in bed and enjoy the comforts of home and company, Sunday buffets at the Cinnamon Grand are presented as brunch – an indulgent experience that combines two meals while doubling as a weekend social occasion to catch up with friends, soak up the previous night’s happenings and enjoy some family time.


Bring a dragon’s appetite if you want to partake in a festival from the orient at the Courtyard restaurant. City’s most favoured brunch, Dragon Brunch is a feast for the eyes as well as the palette.

With over 100 dishes influenced by the Orient on offer, the lavish spread features the best dishes from China, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Whether you like your meal with fruity beverages, a glass of bubbly or a pint of beer, diners can opt for the packages priced at Rs. 2,200++, Rs. 3,750++, and Rs. 2,750++ respectively.

From fresh oysters and mussels, Chilled Prawns with Green Tea Oil, Indonesian and Malaysian Nasi-Goreng, Singapore Style Fried with Mee-Hoon, Baked Fish in Chilli Garlic Sauce Chilli Crab, Thai style BBQ Spare Ribs or Prawn in Coconut Curry – the lavish spread litters the guests with choice. Special action stations for Peking Duck with Pancake, Singaporean Style Spring Rolls, Dim Sum, Vietnamese Sate, Cantonese Noodle BBQ and Tempura also guarantees fresh dishes, made to order.


For the seafood lovers, The Lagoon restaurant holds its weekly Sri Lankan flavour with ‘Maalu Maalu’.

Close to 11 varieties of seafood goes in to the making of the buffet every week which features the likes of Steamed Pepper Crabs, Deep Fried Hurulla and a favourite among locals and now latching on to overseas guests as well – the Seer Fish Head Curry and Crab in Thick Coconut Curry. From tuna to modha to mullet to Kumbalawa – one can find their favourite seafood here,

For just Rs. 1,750+++, Cinnamon Grand’s Maalu Maalu offers not only a spread worth its cash, but also offers complimentary pool usage and 50% discount on all local beers and spirits.


Cheers Pub’s Sunday Carvery meanwhile slices out the finest of roasts – be it chicken, beef, pork or lamb, accompanied by a range of freshly made vegetables, mash and gravy. For all carnivores, there is no better place to enjoy roast meats, slow cooked to perfection, along with traditional Yorkshire pudding, healthy salads and warm date pudding other than at Cinnamon Grand. Priced at Rs. 1,750++++ one can even catch a few games with friends and a couple of pints.


For a taste of authentic Sri Lankan cuisine made following traditional recipes, Nuga Gama weekend lunch buffet spreads an extensive experience for guests. From a variety of rice dishes, spicy and light vegetables, curries, salads, sambols, seafood and other fare; it’s all things Sri Lanka at Nuga Gama.

Three types of rice dishes, Chicken Curd Dry Curry, Mutton Black Pepper Curry, Beef Curry, Babath, Jaffna Crab Curry, dry fish (Karawala), Prawn and Cuttlefish, Polos cutlets, healthy range of salads made from home-grown vegetables and fruits and traditional sweetmeats are all on offer at Rs.1,550+++.

For reservations call 011-2437437.

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Cinnamon Grand’s Coffee Stop offers a basketful of surprises that makes for the ideal Easter indulgence with six special cakes, three types of cupcakes, cookies, white chocolate truffles and chocolate eggs in an egg. These beautiful delicacies, available on the 30th and 31st of March, between 8:00 AM and midnight, will make an impressive gift, an alluring addition to the Easter table at home or even a whimsical treat for yourself, should you feel like something special. For orders or information, call the Coffee Stop at Cinnamon Grand Colombo on (011) 2 497361/62 or (011) 2 497382.