Hhhmmmmmmmmmmm first contribution to Starco (even though I’ve been shipping them since episode 1! Aged up a bit because thats just kind of how it came out

 I can’t fucking draw torsos so yep you get a scarf and the collar of a red sweater because I bet Marco wears red sweaters in the winter :3

I totally gave up on the background can’t you tell?



since i keep calling Scorpius and Albus my precious cinnamon rolls, I figured I’d draw them eating…. cinnamon rolls! 
Scorbus leisurely afternoon homework sessions with snacks give me life :’D

+ bonus comic about eating cinnamon rolls –




Because I absolutely love Olympics!Nightcrawler, here’s Kurt winning his first (of several) gold medal, and then Kurt going on the Tonight Show after the Olympics.  That second pic is extra self-indulgent because I just really wanted to draw Kurt sitting in his signature style.  Backgrounds are super lazy because my elbow is still giving me problems and I gave up.

Some more Olympics!Nightcrawler headcanons:

-Kurt’s medal count:  Bronze in Team; Silver in Vault; Gold in Floor Exercise, Rings, Parallel Bars, High Bar, and All-Around Individual. 

-He fails to place in Pummel Horse because that’s when the terrorist attack happened as @gyolove described here.  Kurt’s form is sloppier than usual due to his exhausted state, and then he accidentally unwinds his tail 1/3 of the way off his leg on reflex when he nearly falls off, which results in further deductions.

-Kurt would hang out with the fencing team and watch their events when possible.  He even practices with them a couple of times and learns some new techniques.

-Kurt (and other mutant Olympic athletes) was excluded from initial Olympic ads and sponsorships, but after his amazing performances in the prequalification rounds (including a sensational perfect score in Horizontal Bar), a fervor and excitement erupts over Kurt among audiences and suddenly there’s a scramble for advertisers to get him in their ads and promos.  Many companies and brands send him lots of stuffs to entice him into being a spokesperson or appearing in their ads.  Kurt has never received so much stuffs in his entire life.

-Including shoe companies??  For some reason??  Kurt’s never had so many shoes and he can’t really wear any of them.  Kurt wonders if God is playing some sort of prank on him with this.  He finds it hilarious and frustrating in equal parts.

This isn’t going to be the last of my Olympics!Nightcrawler posts, so I’m going to start tagging it all as “olympics nightcrawler” from now on.