cinnamon trip!!


If Ben & Sophie did a car commercial together

for dead-rabbit-comics and kangarooblu–two really great asanoya lovin’ friends who I hope can use this as a pick me up. GOOD VIBES FOREVER YOUR WAY MY FRIENDS <3

#202 The Real Solangelo Shovel Talk

Because let’s face it, Nico doesn’t really need the Seven or Reyna Shovel Talking Will, because that Cinnamon roll has probably  tripped ove his own feet.
Give me more headcannons of Apollo or any other Campers shovel talking Nico, like, Kayla threatening him (under the suggestion of a forgotten tumblr user) on Showing an arrow so far up to nico’s ass he’ll puke feathers, Lou ellen threating to turn him into corn again… More campers caring for Will the same way he has always cared for them all.

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PS: Quality is shitty because i took them with my Ipod but that’s better than not
uploading at all