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Let’s Get Out of Here  Part 10: Magic Kingdom

Summary: Bucky and Y/N spend their last day at Magic Kingdom. But there are a few surprises in store for them today!

Characters: Bucky Barnes, reader, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson

Warnings: none

Word count: 3270

A/N: Sorry this part took so long! It’s the last part, and I really wanted to get it right. An epilogue is coming as well. Thanks for reading!

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“Come on, Bucky! We’re going to miss it!” You grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the approaching monorail. Bucky had insisted on going back to the room so you both could wear the Mickey ears you bought last night. He also decided to change into one of the tshirts he brought. Today was going to be a scorcher, and even he couldn’t deny the benefits of short sleeves. Thankfully, since you were in such a rush to catch the monorail, he didn’t have time to doubt his decision or change his mind.

You managed to run in just before the doors closed. “Whew!” you gasped, leaning against a pole.

Bucky gave you a toothy grin and held out his arms.  “See? I told you we’d be fine.” He watched the scenery pass by outside. “So Magic Kingdom for our last day, huh?”

You nodded and stood next to him, curling naturally into his side. “Yup. It’s THE park everyone thinks of when they think about Disney World.” You leaned your head back against his shoulder, grinning at the sight of him and the Mickey ears.

As he got off the monorail, Bucky was determined to make this experience at Magic Kingdom better than the first night. He pulled you over to Minnie and Mickey and asked for a picture. You giggled at his enthusiasm as a random stranger took a picture of the four of you.

“Okay, I know it’s probably going to look cheesy,” you said, walking towards the center of the park, “but this is one of my favorite rides and it gets crowded really quickly.” You got in the line for a ride called It’s a Small World and waited to get to the front. Bucky was surprised to see small boats instead of roller coaster carts. When it was finally your turn, you both scooted to the back row of one of the boats.

“Is this ride fast?” Bucky asked, as the boat began to move.


“Does it have any drops?”

“No, you adrenaline junkie!” You giggled.

He leaned close and whispered in your ear, “Then what does it do?”

“Just watch!” You poked his shoulder and turned to the front.

The small river widened as the scenery began to change, and Bucky heard music flow softly through speakers attached to the ceiling. You began singing softly under your breath, eyes darting left and right to soak in the sets around you.

Vibrant, multi-colored backdrops covered the walls, and Bucky admired the detail of all the different scenes. As your boat traveled down the river, each location changed. The Swiss Alps, Antarctica, Asia and more came to life as you traveled to all seven continents. Animatronic people dressed in their culture’s local garb danced along to the music, and Bucky noticed the song lyrics changed to match the country they were in. He couldn’t help but start to hum along with the catchy tune.

By the time the ride ended, Bucky was full out singing next to you. You grabbed his phone from your backpack and recorded a quick clip of him singing. He could see why you liked this ride. It was beautiful and spread an awesome message of equality and friendship. People might be different, but that doesn’t mean they can’t come together. You hopped off the boats and headed to your next destination.

You flew high with Peter Pan, rode magic carpets with Aladdin, and spun around like Mad Hatters. You both had a sharpshooting rematch during the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger ride, and, once again, tied. You managed to scare Bucky during the Haunted Mansion ride, and he got you back as you traveled through a particularly dark part of the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride. His left arm had crept up behind your back and the cool touch of metal on your neck had made you shriek as a pirate jumped out of nowhere.

You took a break from rides to get a picture with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. Bucky was really getting into the character greetings, and he insisted on visiting Merida as well. He pretended to shoot a bow and arrow with her while you snapped a pic. If he was self-conscious about showing his arm, he didn’t let on. You smiled at his enthusiasm and felt happy that no one had made any rude comments.

Thankfully, as Bucky’s stomach started to grumble, you declared it was time for your lunch reservations. You flipped through the pictures on his phone as you made your way to Cinderella’s castle. “This one is still my favorite,” you declared, holding his phone out. It was the picture of you two by the dock from last night.

“Mine too,” Bucky agreed. “The Mickey ears definitely make the picture.” You giggled and gave him back the phone.

Walking up to Cinderella’s castle made it seem even more gigantic than the first night here. A sign welcomed you to “Cinderella’s Royal Table” and you both walked into what felt like a literal castle.

High ceilings were accented with latticed glass windows. Small stained glass coat of arms decorated the top of each panel of glass. Bucky’s head swiveled around and admired the solid wood tables and fancy chairs. Knight armor guarded each entryway, and the paintings on the walls were just as royal as the other decorations. Napkins were delicately placed in the center of each plate, and families were already seated. You smiled at the little girls, and even a few boys, dressed in princess gowns and tiaras.

“Hi, my name is Y/N, and I have a reservation,” you told the host. She checked her book and nodded. “Yes, Y/N, here you are.” She looked at you and Bucky. “Would you like to wait for the rest of your party or be seated right away?”

You and Bucky shot each other confused looks. “Rest of my party?” you asked. Before the host could respond, a familiar voice called out.

“Y/N! Bucky!”

You both turned around and your mouths opened in shock. Tony, Steve, Wanda, Nat, and Sam walked up to you.

“Stylish Mickey ears there,” Sam snickered. Wanda elbowed him in the side.

“I think they look adorable,” she said, ignoring the look on your faces.

You and Bucky tried to find words to speak

“How are you-?” you started.

“We took a jet here this morning,” Nat replied smoothly.

“How did you-?” Bucky began to ask.

“FRIDAY found your reservation for lunch, and a quick phone call upped your number,” Tony said, shrugging his shoulders as if it were an obvious answer.

“Why?” you both asked in unison.

“I told them this was a bad idea,” Steve said, quickly. “It’s your vacation, not ours.” He glared at Tony and Nat during his last sentence. They looked away, pretending not to notice. “We don’t have to stay with you past lunch,” Steve continued. “But your pictures did look amazing, and we were…well, a bit jealous.” He rubbed the back of his neck and blushed sheepishly.

You and Bucky gave each other knowing smiles. Just the two of you had been fun, amazing even, but it would be nice to share the last day with your friends. Bucky walked up to Steve and clasped his shoulder. “Of course we want you to stay!” he said. Everyone breathed a small sigh of relief. The host politely coughed.

“May I show you to your table?” You nodded and led the way to a larger table in the back.

After you sat down and ordered, the team wanted all of the details from your trip so far. You regaled them with tales of your adventures, obviously leaving out the negative encounters Bucky had. Bucky stared at you adoringly as you told your stories, a look that did not go unnoticed by Steve or Nat.

“Stevie, you’re never going to guess who we saw yesterday!” Bucky exclaimed suddenly. He pulled out his phone and showed Steve the picture of Mary Poppins.

“No way! From the stories?” Steve took Bucky’s phone and examined the image more. “What was she like?”

“She sounded just like my ma when she read the books to us. It was amazing!”

Just then, a line of Disney princesses walked in the room to greet all of the guests. Your eyes lit up when you saw Rapunzel, and she graciously came over to take some pictures with your table. Nat had to get a picture with Ariel, and Wanda smiled alongside Snow White. Not to be left out, Tony and Steve got their picture with Cinderella, and Bucky posed with Aurora. After a delicious dessert of white chocolate in the shape of a glass slipper, you headed back out for more rides. You whispered an idea in Bucky’s ear, and he grinned mischievously.

You led the team over to Splash Mountain. Once Sam saw the huge drop on the mountain, he quickly shook his head.

“No way, I don’t do heights,” he said, firmly. He crossed his arms and planted his heels.

“What’s the matter, Pigeon, you scared? Don’t you fly for a living?” Bucky taunted.

Sam pointed a finger at him. “It’s Falcon, and you know it. And no, I’m not scared.” His eyes looked up at the ride uncertainly. “I just don’t like getting my hair wet.”

Bucky scoffed. “Come on, let’s leave the chicken behind.” He pretended to walk away.

Sam huffed. Being called pigeon was one thing, but chicken? Sam Wilson was no chicken. He rushed past Bucky to get to the line. You shook your head with Wanda and Nat. “Children,” you muttered. Steve couldn’t help but laugh, and Tony decided to join in on the fun.

“You see, Wilson, this ride doesn’t have lap bars like the other ones. You’ll just have to hold on to the one in front of you.” Tony pretended to look back down the stairs you had come up. “Hope no one falls out.” Sam’s face turned ashen.

“Not so confident without your wings, huh?” Bucky asked. You shoved both men aside and put your hands on Sam’s shoulders comfortingly.

“Sam, this ride is perfectly safe,” you assured him. “The only people that are going to fall out are the ones I’m going to throw out.” You looked back between Tony and Bucky. “Clear?” They both nodded, and Bucky at least had the decency to look guilty.

By the time it was your turn to get in a boat, Sam was a nervous wreck. He fidgeted in his seat next to Wanda, and cringed when it finally began its ascent up the hill. You gripped Bucky’s hand as you got closer and closer to the top. Nat and Steve sat together, and Tony lounged in the last row by himself. At this height, you could see the whole park, and everyone briefly admired the view.

Suddenly, your stomachs dropped as the boat careened down the hill. You all screamed until it reached the bottom. A huge wave of water crashed over you, soaking every possible piece of clothing. Bucky looked ridiculous, his long hair dripping. He shook his head like a dog and you squealed as you got even wetter. Sam just kept looking around, repeating, “Okay, we’re good,” over and over again.

When you got off the ride, Wanda discreetly used her powers to wring all the excess water out of your clothes. While they were still a bit damp, it definitely wasn’t as bad as before. The cool water felt refreshing on your skin in this heat. Bucky was definitely content with his decision to wear a tshirt.

Space Mountain was your next destination. When you told Bucky it was an indoor coaster, his face lit up. The carts only had three seats, so you all had to split up. Nat, Sam, and Tony took one car, Bucky and Wanda took another, and you and Steve paired up.

“Take off your ears!” you yelled at Bucky as he stepped into his seat. He complied, and tossed them to you for safekeeping.

“So Bucky seems really happy,” Steve commented as you waved the others off. Another cart pulled up and you sat down in the front. You took off your Mickey hat and held it protectively in your lap with Bucky’s.

“Yeah, he’s been having a lot of fun,” you smiled. Steve stared at you intently. “What?” you asked.

“Are you two…?” You quickly shook your head.

“It’s not like that,” you replied.

“Do you want it to be?” he asked. You paused and considered his question.

“I’m good with what we are right now,” you finally responded. “Maybe one day. Who knows?”

Steve nodded, but secretly, he hoped you two would become more. Bucky was a totally different person around you. The Bucky he knew wouldn’t just get up and go on vacation like this. And he definitely wouldn’t be posing for pictures with Disney princesses or wearing short sleeves. He wasn’t the same Bucky he knew back before the war, but he also wasn’t the shell HYDRA controlled.

Steve couldn’t think of a good way to verbalize all this to you, and he didn’t get the chance to since the ride began to move. Your cart rode through a tunnel with blinking lights, and Steve could hear space sound effects above him. You went up, up, up until you reached the apex of the track.

“Oh my gosh!” Steve yelled as you went down, the cart speeding up each second.

Space Mountain may have been an indoor coaster like Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, but they were far from the same. These seats were raised much higher, so you could feel every hairpin turn and small drop. It was nearly pitch dark, but thanks to some random flashing lights, you could faintly see the other cars traveling down the tracks. Supernovas sparked in the corner of the room and you screamed with excitement as you went down a small hill. Steve held on for dear life as his overwhelmed senses tried to figure out everything that was happening. Somewhere in the distance below, he could hear Tony whooping. Your cart continued down its path, and you ducked with each blaster noise. You couldn’t help laughing as Steve kept screaming at each turn. For people who go on death-defying missions all the time, some of the Avengers can’t seem to handle thrill rides.

Bucky was bouncing from foot to foot waiting for you and Steve to get off. Looking at the expression on his face, you knew exactly what he wanted to do.

“Anyone up for round two?”

After riding Space Mountain three more times and the Seven Dwarfs Mine roller coaster after, Sam insisted on something slower. You led everyone over to the Prince Charming Carrousel.

“Now this I can deal with,” Sam said, hopping onto an empty horse. He danced in his seat. “Let’s get this party started!” He clapped his hands together and laughed.

Music tinkled through the speakers as everyone else tried to find the perfect steed. You and Bucky found two silver horses with colorful saddles next to each other. The up and down motion of the horses was calming, and you felt yourself relax after all those thrill rides.

When the ride was over, Tony decided it was time to get dinner. The sun was starting to set, and lunch felt like a million years ago. You all walked back over to Main Street USA to the Plaza Restaurant. It felt very Hometown USA with its classic American sandwiches and other grub. You all ordered different meals and picked off each other’s plates, savoring the delicious food.

“What’s on the agenda tonight?” Tony asked, stuffing french fries in his mouth.

“Fireworks at Cinderella’s castle,” Bucky replied, without hesitation. You carefully looked at his face to see if he showed any apprehension about tonight. Surprisingly, there was none. He caught you looking and gave you a small wink.

“Cinderella’s castle is so beautiful!” Wanda sighed. “I imagine it must be very pretty at night.”

You nodded. “These fireworks are definitely top-notch. And there’s a whole story beforehand with Tinkerbell and the fairy godmothers.” Wanda clapped her hands together excitedly. Even though she wasn’t saying much, Nat’s smile lit up more as well. It was nice having your girls together again.

Steve treated everyone to ice cream after dinner, and you made sure the rest of the Avengers got a pair of Mickey ears at a souvenir shop. A kind cast member took a group picture of all of you wearing them. By now, the sun was almost completely gone and Cinderella’s castle provided the perfect backdrop for your picture.

You and Bucky led everyone over to the castle to get the best view. You settled into your standing area just as the music swelled and the lights began to change colors. The others watched in amazement at the intro you and Bucky had already seen before. You stood in front of him, leaning against his chest as you stared up at the castle.

“When we go back, are things going to be different?” Bucky asked quietly.

“What do you mean?” You looked up at him, confused. Bucky took a second to think about his response.

“I feel…happy here. Happier than I’ve felt in a while. And we’ve gotten closer too. I mean, I know I haven’t been perfect,” he admitted, thinking about the fireworks, “but I like how I feel.” He shook his head. “Sorry, I know that doesn’t make sense.”

You turned around to face him, considered everything he said. “I hear you. Vacations are vacations because they take us out of our lives for awhile, you know?” You paused. “It doesn’t have to be completely different. You can hold onto these happy memories. And I’ll be there if you ever need me. I mean, we don’t have to change just because we go back to New York.”  

He smiled down at you and kissed your forehead. You smiled and turned around. Bucky looked down at you adoringly. These last few days had been nothing short of amazing, and you were to thank for that. You never pushed him or treated him like something fragile. You had definitely gotten closer, and Bucky realized he didn’t mind that one bit.

“Anything can happen if you let it,” he whispered softly. Mary Poppins’ words echoed in his head over the music of the show. Very carefully, he wrapped his arms around your front and pulled you in closer. He let out a sigh of relief as he felt your arms cross over his as you leaned back into the embrace.

As you held each other, the first firework went off. A brilliant gold light filled the sky, and the firework crackled as it faded away. More and more went up until it was a mixture of colors and sounds. The music added to the magic of the night as different scenes from Disney classics were projected onto the castle’s walls. You and Bucky excitedly named each one as it appeared.

At one point, Nat looked over at the two of you. It was a picture-perfect scene as Bucky towered over you and gripped his arms around yours. Both of your eyes sparkled in child-like wonderment with each burst of color that filled the sky.

Nat carefully nudged Steve and nodded her head in your direction. He smiled at the sight and discreetly pulled out his phone.

You two were going to have a new favorite picture by the end of the night.

for dead-rabbit-comics and kangarooblu–two really great asanoya lovin’ friends who I hope can use this as a pick me up. GOOD VIBES FOREVER YOUR WAY MY FRIENDS <3

ladymage  asked:

"fly?". Midnight meowed as Nina hugged him, earning a purr from the silly cat " middy had to join in". John chuckled as everyone else enjoyed the show laughing and giggling

Nina still seemed wary of the rest of the people in the house but laughed as Midnight purred, petting him and hugging him happily. The little child then reached over and patted Kiyo on the head as she tried to get him to purr as well. The sorcerer smiled and leaned into the pats, clapping a hand over his mouth as he let out a pleased meow. He really couldn’t help himself sometimes.

The spell soon ended and Nina pouted as she slowly landed back on the ground, tugging on the sleeve of Kiyo’s shirt. “Do another Onii-chan!! I wanna see more!! It was cool!! Kitty wants to see more too!! Please? Oh and now there’s a Ducky!! Hello Ducky!!” She went over to Tim and scooped him into her hold as well, giggling as the little duck nuzzled her. It was clear that she really loved animals.

“Oh that’s Tim, Nina! He’s um… really attached to me… Oh but I think its kinda late now… Don’t worry though! I’ll do another when we get up okay?” He tilted his head at that and ruffled her hair, yawning as he rubbed at his ruby eyes. The sorcerer was incredibly exhausted from everything that had happened.

The little child pouted again but nodded and followed him as he went and changed into his other clothes. She hopped onto the bed he had and hugged Tim and Midnight close. He sat next to her and smiled softly, Ki growing dim in his head as he drifted off. It had been a wonderful day.

#202 The Real Solangelo Shovel Talk

Because let’s face it, Nico doesn’t really need the Seven or Reyna Shovel Talking Will, because that Cinnamon roll has probably  tripped ove his own feet.
Give me more headcannons of Apollo or any other Campers shovel talking Nico, like, Kayla threatening him (under the suggestion of a forgotten tumblr user) on Showing an arrow so far up to nico’s ass he’ll puke feathers, Lou ellen threating to turn him into corn again… More campers caring for Will the same way he has always cared for them all.

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