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Absolutely Anything

Summary: Y/N Stark lost her leg in a car accident as a teen. Her boyfriend, Bucky Barnes, helps her dad design a new prosthetic. To celebrate, they head to the beach, where some of Y/N’s insecurities resurface. Bucky decides to help Y/N beat her self-doubt by facing some of his own fears.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Reader

Warnings: mentions of a car accident, insecurities, an insane amount of teeth-rotting fluff

Word count: 2063

A/N: Thank you so much for the prompt @fuckkoffcourtney !!! I hope I did it justice!

One Shot Masterlist

Bucky carefully guided you down the steps to your father’s lab with his hands covering your eyes. His heart was pounding in anticipation with each tap of your shoes on the metal staircase. When you both finally reached the bottom, Tony Stark was waiting bouncing with excitement.

“Okay, doll, open your eyes,” Bucky said, excitement filling his voice.

“Um, Bucky? You kinda need to take your hands off my face first,” you replied, cheekily.

“Oh, right!” Bucky fumbled. He removed his shaky hands and you found yourself staring at a metal leg.

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If Ben & Sophie did a car commercial together

for dead-rabbit-comics and kangarooblu–two really great asanoya lovin’ friends who I hope can use this as a pick me up. GOOD VIBES FOREVER YOUR WAY MY FRIENDS <3

Shadows Of Hellfire (Chapter 3)

Look at me with my frequent updates! One might almost think I’m being productive!

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Chapter 2 <<   >> Coming Soon!

After tying up Cel in the nearby stables, the tavern they eventually reached was somehow, still amidst the hustle and bustle of the town, yet secluded in it’s own corner.
Draped in brush and long-limbed branches from a forest that seemed to drape it’s curtain of shadow ever closer, the last droplets of sunlight reflecting off autumn leaves, an arm of ivy inched its way up the fractured window on the lower level of the old, oak built cottage.
As they entered, Anxiety pulled up his hood, cloaking worried eyes and, following the defensive motion, Roman pulled a dagger he didn’t entirely know how to use from his hip, gripping the slick, dragon-hide handle tightly.
Anxiety pulled open the batten door by the rusted iron handle and swung it open with a loud complaint from the hinges, Roman swept inside with a set expression, pausing and waiting as Anxiety seemed to hesitate, eyes darting to the forest..
Anxiety entered.
The bar was oddly quiet, the few patrons inside the shady den, lit by the flickering limelight of the candles, reflected in their ale, nursing their drinks with occasional call for another to drown their sorrow.

“Could I, uh, pardon me? C-Could I, uh, is there anyone there?” Roman broke the equanimity with an anxious shift to his form.
Behind the bar was empty.
With a bedraggled sigh, Anxiety slammed his fist onto the slightly rotting bar, and with a trodden look, the barkeep see down the glass he’d been polishing.

“Be right back,” Anxiety remarked, moving behind the bar and into the back.
Roman stood, rigid.
A few long, drawing moments later, the patrons of the bar’s eyes shifting, gliding over the newcomers until they slid off, finding their ale far more interesting.
Eventually, a motherly figure emerged, shoulders barely showing up from behind the tall bar.
She gave an eerily crinkled smile.

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I Smile When I see Cinnamon in a Divination Recipe

When I was new to smoking cannabis and didn’t know where to find it in my town, my friends taught me how to have psychedelic trips on Cinnamon.

For that reason, it totally makes sense that cinnamon would be in divination teas, and the portions in the recipes for it aren’t far off from what I learned.

I haven’t tried a cinnamon divination tea yet, but I will when I start practicing scrying. I will definitely be calling it my Trippy Witchy Tea.

One instructor noted that he was skilled but seemed to get nervous during flight tests.

Lots of cool stuff in here but: anxiety-disorder-having Bodhi Rook.  It’s canon.  Fight me.  :P

from Star Wars: Rogue One Rebel Dossier by Jason Fry

during my SS taylor looked like a video vixen who could step on my face and just keep walking, but also like a goofy lil cinnamon roll who probably tripped up the stairs in her thigh high boots that afternoon

Shadowhunter Spoiler Saturday #2

Shadowhunters in Shadowhunters


The spoilers in this post come straight from different drafts of Shadowhunters scripts.

Same as last week with everything, guys! THESE CAN BE MAJOR SPOILERS SO PLEASE STICK TO THE SAME RULES!

The ground rules are:

1.) Don’t you dare spoil someone who has specifically told you not to spoil it for them.


3.) Unless someone has given you express permission to spoil this for them, DO NOT SPOIL IT!


5.) Respect other people’s opinions. This is mostly for fan sites to know what to look forward to. This is not a post to bash the writers on. I believe they are treating the source material very fairly, and so I don’t accept hate here. You want to complain, go somewhere else and don’t tag either myself or ShadowhunterChat in your hate mail. They are your opinions, and you have a right to them of course. But don’t think that you having an opinion is more important than other people’s self-confidence, opinions, beliefs, etc. TREAT EACH OTHER RESPECTFULLY! And that not only goes for each other in this fandom. Treat the writers, directors, actors, author, every single person in Shadowhunters with the utmost respect. They don’t owe us anything, and none of them had to bring this series back after the movie flopped. Keep that in mind when you are whining over the tiny details that didn’t make it into the show.


That is all. Continue at your own risk. There will be another notification at the point of no return later in the post.

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