cinnamon toast

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*sigh* my best online friend asked my why a suit and I explained I was genderfluid and she was like 'get a sex change thing ACTUALLY NO THATS WEIRD PLZ NO' and I asked why and she said 'I want you to be your true girl self and grow ur hair' and just... I told her how trapped I felt and she felt bad and pretended to be high off of cinnamon on her toast and...... I don't want to lose her. But those words hurt.... (talkanon)

oh no. that’s tough i’m sorry :/ it does sound like she’s just ignorant though, like she doesn’t seem to be purposefully mean about it

Classic tumblr thing
A post: it doesn’t matter what you ship!! Shipping is fun and we’re all just nerds on the Internet!!
Op tags: #ereri #reylo #billdip #usuk #rickmorty #cmon guys Im so tired of this drama #pinecest #rivamika #matsucest #its just fiction guys