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Elements - Part 6 - Happy Warrior 

I think it is one of the most interesting episodes of Elements so far, so I wanted to comment about some observations: 

  • The design of the entire Elemental Fire Kingdom is really detailed and I think it’s quite pretty.
  • The trait for all Fire beings appears to be forever fighting/angry. 
  • Flame Princess is a dragon, rather than just an enlarged version of her original shape. She also rejects Finn’s attempt at rational discussion with “Stop talking to me like we’re friends.”
  • Finn becoming a part of the Fire World changes him so much into straight out suggesting to kill LSP.
  • The entire Elemental Fire Kingdom is about to attack the Elemental Candy Kingdom, whose relations has always been unspokenly tense well before Elements.
  • The fact that Finn is part of this attack and the potential disaster he’ll create both physically and emotionally to himself, Flame Princess, Princess Bubblegum, and everyone else depending on how this pans out. (But most notably FP and PB)
  • Cinnamon Bun’s line at the end of the episode: “Surely, this is the end of all things.”

My favourite thing about Steven Universe is that it didn’t have a bad ending, unlike other nowadays cartoons.

You got Bill Cipher in Dipper’s body

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Finn mad because Ice King’s crown and Jake being The Lich

Star as a succubus

For a second, Wirt become the new woodsman

Even an evil Morty

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But there isn’t an evil Steven or bad ending. The only thing we have is when he go back in time and kill himself

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but the fandom doesn’t care because they create an AU where Steven is Jasper’s son (not my fanart).

He’s such a cinnamon bun that it’s impossible turn him evil.

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HOLY CRAP LADY! And that Finn sword is AAAAAAAAA

Kanto Crew Cinnamon Roll Meme
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Blue
  • Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Red
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Yellow
  • Looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: Green

vampire-candy kings and queens out trick-or-treating with their citizens in near casual clothing but see their au selves that are coincidentally wearing each others’ default clothes??? idk what’s even happening tbh.

(if this is in any way offensive, please let me know and i’ll take it down right away!)

So Elements got really intense yesterday.

There’s like a sort of interesting thing I thought to post about though… there’s sort of a weird thing about LSP’s character which I think is interesting. As I’m sure you’ve all noticed by now, each of the elements sort of have their own emotion associated with that: Candy has happiness, Ice has sadness, Fire has anger, and Slime has comfort/oblivion/funk?/assimilation.
So far we’ve seen BMO give in to happiness, Jake give in to sadness and comfort, and now Finn give in to anger after loosing Jake ((I’M SCREAMING– HOLYSHIT THIS SHOW, I JUST WANT THEM TO BE OKAY AT THE END OF THIS BUT POOR JAKE AND FINN!!!))– I think this all says something about their characters. With LSP though, she’s still normal and hasn’t given in to any of the emotions associated with the Elements, she’s apparently been to all four of the regions now untouched, even when she was trying her hardest to fit in in Slime Kingdom and she just couldn’t, or when she was angry at everyone in the Fire Kingdom because they weren’t paying attention to her.
Like it’s weird just a weird thing! Idk what it is but part of people being turned into different Element versions has to do with their emotions I think what Element each person is turned to says something about them which I think is cool.

Also, come to think of it Cinnamon Bun said he wasn’t turned because of the flame shield but Finn had a stronger flame shield than him… okay, I guess Cinnamon Bun can be in the same boat with LSP!


A couple things here. First, we have Silla, who was the golem caretaker watching over the resting place of the Blade of Queens. Due to Fionna now possessing the sword, Silla has no reason to stay in the area and chose to move into Fionna and Jake’s treehouse.

There, she acts as a sort of maid, helping keep the place clean and tidy. She has a fondness of nature and gardening, as well as cooking and helping others when she can.

Next up comes a small scene modified from The Red Throne. Flame Princess, who crashed through the wall of the tree house for Finn’s help in defeating her father, is confused to see that her former boyfriend was suddenly a girl.

Fionna, on her part, is beyond embarrassed about this.

“Elements” Parts V & VI (Adventure Time)

Slime Central

So now that Finn and Jake have to find the jewels of the elementals, they first stop at the Slime Kingdom and see that it’s become a giant roller skating party. Slime Princess has become quite large and the winners of the competition get to be absorbed inside of her, while the losers get caged.

Finn and Jake end up bumping into LSP and all end up losing, but still getting absorbed in SP, but from the back, while Finn manages to get SP’s jewel.

The episode ends with Jake getting absorbed from the slime, which causes Finn to get really upset and heartbroken at his loss, but LSP tells him to move on and to continue his mission.

This episode had a lot of good jokes and was a fun way to bring back many characters into a skating match.

Seeing variations of Party Pat, Abrcadaniel and many others was fun to watch and I’m glad that the AT crew hasn’t forgotten about a lot of these characters!

My favourite quote was when Jake was getting absorbed in the slime and he compares it to being in a warm bath full of snot. I found that both disgusting and hilarious at the same time, which is what this episode could be summed up in.

It’s interesting to see that LSP has not been affected by the elements, as her lumps protect her. It’s also good to see that she’s now supporting Finn after losing Jake from the slime.

Seeing Jake succumb to the slime was pretty sad and creepy. He’s getting really old and accepting that he’ll eventually die, similar to his dream in Orb. It would be really sad if he does end up dying by the end of the series.

Hanna K. Nyström & Aleks Sennwald has delivered another solid episode into this miniseries and it’s too bad that this was their only board together.

They have easily become one of my favourite boarders of the show since Season 7.

I can’t wait to see more of their works as the show ends!

Happy Warrior

While still sad over the loss of Jake, Finn, LSP and Gunter make their next destination at the Fire Kingdom, which has become completely engulfed in white and blue flames and the inhabitants are filled with anger and fighting each other.

Fire Wyatt and Lady Rainicorn attack the heroes and try to restrain themselves from the anger.

Finn finds Flame Princess as a dragon and tries to retrieve her jewel, but ends up swallowing it which causes Finn to resort to violence and give into the Fire Kingdom’s anger, along with Gunter included.

LSP yells at everyone to stop fighting and tries to convince them to be like the Candy Kingdom, which everyone decides to start a war and fight against them instead.

Finn who has now succumbed to his anger makes haste to the Candy Kingdom with Flame Princess and Gunter.

We got a lot of returning characters in this episode, especially with both Wyatt and Rainicorn in their new designs and I really like Lady Flamicorn’s appearance!

It’s almost like the AT crew wanted to have a huge reunion of characters, just so they can redesign their appearances and it works really well.

Seeing Gunter kicking ass in this episode was quite fun.

LSP gave a lot of good humour, such as being bossy with Finn, along with speaking her mind about the violence and try to be like her.

While some may find LSP annoying, I think she’s the only one who has common sense, so far in this miniseries, as it looks like she’ll be the last hope of Ooo in the last 2 episodes.

I also liked that Cinnamon Bun has become much more mature and wise as he’s been in the Fire Kingdom. Much better then when he was just a goof in the Candy Kingdom.

Interesting that Finn had give into his anger, as that’s where a lot of his character development started as he doesn’t resort to violence as much as he used to in earlier seasons, so it’s fitting in his character.

I almost thought that FP bit off his arm for a split-second, actually!

Another fun episode and another one of my favourites of the miniseries!