cinnamon babka

Fake It

A holiday inspired short piece.

Sasuke muttered under his breath as yet another person squeezed past him to get inside the small bakery. The cold air outside hit him since he stood near the back. The constant opening and closing of the door was grating on his nerves. It was a cycle of a bell ring, brief coldness and invasion of personal space. It wouldn’t have been bad if he hadn’t been waiting for 10 minutes to be called. Apparently the bakery was quite popular but he couldn’t help but think they should have expanded their storefront years ago.

The only thing keeping him here and not buying some cheap store brand cake was his promise to his mother. The Uchiha patriarch had forced him to agree to an invite to some holiday party. The babka cake was just another favor; Mikoto would have brought it herself but had sprained her ankle on an icy sidewalk a few days ago. Like any good son, he insisted he take care of her errand.

A few people had less patience than him and left, clearing up some space. Now instead of a couple of older ladies standing in front of him, there was a petite woman.

“Excuse me.”

Rolling his eyes, he pressed his back further against the corner to let this person pass.

“Go ahead already,” he responded rather bitingly. He turned his head to face her when his mouth became dry.

“Are you Sasuke Uchiha?” He nodded. “I thought I recognized you. You probably don’t remember me but we went to school together. My name is Hinata-”

“Hyuuga,” Sasuke finished. Hinata smiled and he coughed uncomfortably. How could he forget her? They were often pitted against each other by their peers and teachers due to their family name, comparing test scores and other achievements. Sasuke often bested her which only crushed her already fragile confidence which he didn’t realize until her cousin openly berated her after coming third in ranking. It became a huge scene when Naruto intervened.   

“So…how are you?”

She stood in front him with her hands together. “I’m good. I’m graduating in a year if everything works out. I’m majoring in marketing. What about you?”

Sasuke frowned. He still hadn’t figured his life out yet, much to the displeasure of his father. “I’m still working things out.” Sasuke couldn’t help but feel inadequate compared to his former classmate, even if he had a crush on her years ago. So small, it was insignificant to bring up. So insignificant, he attributed his goosebumps to the cold weather not her.

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sergeantsexface  asked:

Seb is not a cinnamon cake. He is a cinnamon babka. It's a sort of sweet bread with a filling, I'd say it's heavier and richer than just a regular old cake. And the dough is twisted on itself, making pretty patterns when sliced. Like the adorable cinnamon roll that grew up and went to war and returned. XD

suddenly everything makes perfect sense.