cinnamon and pearl

[Image: Kairi the cinnamon pearl cockatiel sitting on the back of a bamboo dragon and chewing at a section of its neck. Beside her is Chuck from Tiny Bird Garden, with music notes above his head, and Lefty is in the bottom left looking happy with hearts above his head.]

Loving Tiny Bird Garden! Kairi wanted to make some friends too and looks really sweet with our two favourite visitors ^^


Dumping here my trash Zircon OCs (and one Pearl) once again 

(They’re Crystal Gems and hunted traitors of Homeworld, cause Raspberry once not accidentally insulted Pink Diamond during a trial where she was the prosecutor. Even though Cinnamon Zircon was diehard loyal to Homeworld, she loved Rasp like a sister and thus she saved with quick wits her ass from being shattered [she was the defending attorney during that trial] and they both escaped to Earth.

Cranberry Pearl is a newborn baby Pearl they found and adopted from an abandoned Kindergarten



SOOO my story for this squad is basically that the zircons, Cinnamon Zircon and Raspberry Zircon were lawyers in Pink Diamond’s court, until they both accidentally insulted their diamond in one of the many murder trials but somehow managed to escape to Earth before they both got shattered. 

There they had some misadventures trying to survive and having the problematic “grumpy pessimist/hyperactive optimist” sister dynamic (basically Cinnamon blaming Raspy for causing all this mess to happen and trying to find a way back home, while Raspy is just “meh, Homeworld was lame anyway….dude look at this cool ass planet around us!!”, until they one day found a newborn Pearl in an abandoned Kindergarten, Cranberry Pearl

Thus they both became the protective zirc-moms for the baby porl and eventually also joined the Crystal Gems and rest is history