💲🍺 My Cup Runneth Over Spell 🍺💲

What you’ll need :

1 cup or chalice
(I got lucky and found this pretty one, but any cup works)
Some change
Cinnamon incense

Light the incense, and start filling your cup with all of your silver/ higher value coins.
While you do this imagine the money multiplying.
Once you have the coins in the cup surround whatever change is left around the cup.
Now, take your cup and pour it out slowly, remember the sound the coins make on each other, and focus all your energy on the imagery of the coins overflowing your cup
Once you are done make sure to clean your change up, and wash out your cup (because change is dirty yo!)

Make sure you ground yourself once you are finished !

In the night of Halloween there’s also Samhain,
from this sunset to the next we celebrate the harvest end,
when the winter starts to kill what must go away,
and wish for better things to come for the planting next year…

Have a great night guys & have fun!

Warning: This is not supposed to be tasty but it may haha depending on what you use & you can use candy and pumpkins from the halloween festivities just check that everything is still good.