Magickal Properties of Herbs Part One 

Sage: Used mainly for purification. Also used to alleviate grief and sorrow and to promote good wishes. Sage is often used in smudging sticks to purify a space. You can also write a wish upon a sage leaf  and place it under your pillow for three nights and then bury it. 

Curry: Mainly used for protection, burned to repel evil

Comfrey: Ensures safe journeys if carried while traveling or placed in luggage to prevent theft. Used for general healing, stability and endurance.

Cinnamon: Spirituality, healing, protection and luck. Burn as incense to increase psychic powers and spiritual vibrations. Used in many spells to draw money and prosperity. Works very well in sachets and amulets. 

Lamb’s Ear: Similar to Wood Betony (in the same genus) in terms of magical properties. Once called woundwort and used as bandages for wounds and bruises. Associated with protection. 

Star Anise: Burned as incense to increase psychic abilities and to repel negative energies. Placed on altar to increase power generated

Eucalyptus: Healing and Protection. Great for healing and purifying sachets, also used to stuff healing pillows. Used in amulets for protection and reconciliation of difficult relationships

Wormwood: Removes anger, provides protection and increases psychic powers. Can be carried to protect oneself from accidents and burned as incense to increase clairvoyance. Careful, can be poisonous! 

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