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1. ur thoughts on swimming anime
Haven’t watched it LOL but I heard it’s pretty good hahhh

2. first group that got u into kpop
Suju :)

3. last movie u watched
“Now you see me”

4. where would u like to live other
than where u live rn and why
Either in asia cuz omg food. Or idk I kinda like where I live :) maybe move to a bigger city..? Idk

5. what are three things that u would never change about yourself
My birthday LOL (does this even count) , my name I guess, and my ethnicity LOLOLOL

1) what is your fav food and why?
2) friendship or relationship?
3) if you had a day of doing anything you want and not get in trouble, what would you do?
4) why did you start tumblr?
5) top three fav bands :)

I TAG UHHH cinnamoffee, hoshikari, uusan, hitchae, andddddd whoever else is reading dis 8D