Vintage Cinnaburst Commercial (Silly)

Stuff I Miss: Junk Food Edition

Stuff I Miss: Junk Food Edition

Welcome to another entry in the ongoing series about stuff I miss.

Cinnaburst Gum
Cinnaburst gum had these flavor crystals that made your gum crunch. It sounds gross but it wasn’t. Cinnaburst was awesome. It had a milder sweeter cinnamon flavor than Big Red. Big Red is OK, but Cinnaburst was awesome. One day I stopped seeing it stores. Years afterward I occasionally would see it in gas stations on…

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Here’s an idea! Have you ever had cinnaburst bread at Great Harvest? Yum, right? Well we know their secret: cinnamon chips. Yeah, they look just like chocolate chips. You can make your own by letting a Rhodes loaf thaw and rise (if it’s risen it’s easier to incorporate mix-ins) then mix in your cinnamon chips, reshape the loaf, let it rise one more time and bake. There you have your own copy cat version of Great Harvest Cinnaburst Bread.