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hypothetically, how would a red-tailed hawk be able to type on a computer?

I don’t know, I am not a red-tailed hawk, nor do I know anyone stuck in the body of one.  I guess maybe they can morph to their human form to type, if they got their morphing power back from an Ellimist.  Or, if they’re unwilling to go through that trouble, they may be able to use a stick in their beak to tap on a keyboard…

Heh, “hunt and peck”

Or maybe if they had a friend who was an Andalite, that Andalite could build them some kind of thought-speak-to-text devise.  You know, if they could make one without it CATCHING ON FIRE AND NEARLY ENGULFING THE WOODS IN AN INFERNO.  

I swear, that kid is a waste of Cinnabons sometimes

RECOVERY FUCKING WIN! I never thought I would eat a cinnabon bun the size of my face, especially for breakfast. Not because I didn’t want to (believe me I did) but because it was a huge fear food for me. I was terrified to eat anything remotely “unhealthy” because I thought I was going to gain 100 pounds after eating it or that once I ate it I wouldn’t be able to control myself and end up eating the whole box. No this is not a “cheat” meal, I don’t believe in those. This was just me saying yes to my craving and honouring my body with a delicious cinnabon that filled me with excitement and happiness! I am over the moon because I am at the point in my life and recovery where food is no longer a fear of mine. I no longer feel guilty after eating and I don’t feel bad about it either. I do not feel the need to restrict and physically harm myself for eating. Food is fuel and is meant to be enjoyed🍃

Sugar Daddies

I think we can all agree that we love “cinnamon buns.” No matter which otome game you play, there’s sure to be at least one character of the “cinnamon” or “sinnamon” variety who is to your liking.

Now, I say cinnabuns– probably because I used to get them all the time from a store called Cinnabon, and they’re buns; but whether you call them cinnamon buns or cinnamon rolls, there’s lots of flavors to choose from:

The Precious Angel cinnabun:

These types are almost too sweet. You just want to step back and admire their adorableness. They could be awkward like Yukimura, or adorkable like Albert. Preternaturally perfect like Saito or unexpectedly vulnerable like Kondo. You can’t help but fall for them.

The Crouching Tiger, Hidden Virgin cinnabun:

This type of bun has two layers. The background-driven facade and the gooey deredere center. Don’t get thrown off by the outer shell– these cinnabuns usually have some kind of secret that keeps them from getting close to anyone and as such, they have very little or in some cases no experience; the complete opposite of what you’d expect from their personality. 

In Ieyasu’s case, he’s more virgin than extra-virgin olive oil. He hasn’t even finished the Lover’s Guide and gets frustrated just untying your obi. Nico is super busy being a double agent and pouring tea, and Kyo literally has an evil twin trying to kill him. 

You can see why they haven’t found the time to do the deed with anyone. 

But don’t despair!

The Closet Freak sinnabun:

Do not be fooled. They look and act like the Precious Angel types but they’re sinning left and right when night falls– and sometimes they don’t even wait that long. Yukimura (slbp) and Yuki (DtL) also fit in this category.

The Get Rekt sinnabun:

Your body will probably never be ready. 

You’ve got, in order: Saizo, who wrote the Lover’s Guide, Takasugi, its faithful practitioner, Sid, who can’t even wait until he gets indoors, Haru, who makes sure you can’t get up out of bed, Shingen, who makes sure you can’t even walk, and Hijikata, who canonically likes it rough. 

Gird your loins!

The Maverick sin/cinnabuns:

 Depending on the situation, these guys can fit into any category, so look out. You may not know what you’re getting into, but you probably won’t be complaining. They’ll reel you in with that sweetness and then you’re done for.

The ZFG sinnabun:

For these fine purveyors of sin, not a single hot buttery eff will be given with regard to who’s around, what time of day it is, or your location. All they know is MC indicated s/he wanted them and they’re more than happy to oblige.

Proceed with caution.

The Buns of Indeterminate Origin:

404 Sins Not Found. These Citation Needed buns haven’t been given a fair chance to tell what type they are yet.

My guess is Robert (Get Rekt), Shigezane (Maverick), Kageie (Closet Freak), Rayvis (ZFG), Kagetsugu (Precious Angel), Toramatsu (Maverick).

Dear @oatsnjen,

I had my first Cinnabon experience today! I’ve never had one before because it always seemed like a “bad” “guilty” food, but I’m trying to stop viewing food as good or bad and as just food, so I decided to treat myself. It was amazing!

I thought only you could truly appreciate this. Thanks for being so inspiring!

- Amelia


I was bored and made a bunch of Cinnabon squad matching icons. Feel free to use. You do not have to credit but it would be very much appreciated. ]:)

Undertale!- Paypyrus - Toby fox

Underswap!- Sans - Respected creator

Altertale/Alterswap! - Toriel and Asgore - @friisans

StoryShift!- Asriel - @ut-storyshift

Storyswap!- Chara - Respected creator