cinnabon ;)

RECOVERY FUCKING WIN! I never thought I would eat a cinnabon bun the size of my face, especially for breakfast. Not because I didn’t want to (believe me I did) but because it was a huge fear food for me. I was terrified to eat anything remotely “unhealthy” because I thought I was going to gain 100 pounds after eating it or that once I ate it I wouldn’t be able to control myself and end up eating the whole box. No this is not a “cheat” meal, I don’t believe in those. This was just me saying yes to my craving and honouring my body with a delicious cinnabon that filled me with excitement and happiness! I am over the moon because I am at the point in my life and recovery where food is no longer a fear of mine. I no longer feel guilty after eating and I don’t feel bad about it either. I do not feel the need to restrict and physically harm myself for eating. Food is fuel and is meant to be enjoyed🍃