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Everlark Drabble Challenge - Beneath Your Beautiful

Alright! I am waaaay beyond the 48 hr limit. First off, I was tagged by the amazing titania522 with the prompt “Beneath Your Beautiful.” If you haven’t heard the song, I highly recommend it! 

I’d like to tag flip-fantasia, wistfulweaverwoman, and famousfremus (if any of you would like to sit this one out, no pressure!). The prompt is Retail Everlark and you’ve got 48 hours. :)

This quickly morphed into a full-fledged tale. I am incapable of being brief, so this is the first part (unbetaed), which is still entirely too long to be a drabble, but what the heck. I’ll be putting the whole thing up on and A03 soon.

This is a 74th Games AU involving tribute!Katniss and Prep team!Peeta. Thanks for such a great prompt titania522, and to the anon who started it all!

Each time the female members of her prep team tittered over length of her leg hair or looked scandalized by the dirt under her nails, the male member would change the subject, asking them about some unfathomable Capitol product or event that had them all aflutter. This did not go unnoticed by Katniss.

Nor did his blue eyes, always on her, and curious.

He touched her gently when he rubbed ointment on her skin, and was the only one who looked at her like a person. There were light orange streaks running through the ashy blond whorls of his hair, and he’d accentuated the dusting of freckles on his pale face with a soft sheen of gold powder. Like his name – Peeta, to their Octavia and Venia, he was Capitol, but different.

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