• CINNA:I WOULD GO OFF THE GRID but that would mean I could get on Twitter and then I'd probably die or something equally as dramatic but arguably less depressing
  • CINNA:point is, I really hope you're not doing anything rn because I'm only, like, a block away.

Full Name: Cinna Rosales
Gender and Sexuality: Female, Bisexual
Pronouns: She/her
Ethnicity/Species: Dalish Elf (Antivan) (However if I were to give her an actual ethnicity, she’d probably be Spanish, Italian, and/or black)
Birthplace and Birthdate: (Haven’t figured out her birth place) July 27
Guilty Pleasures: Cinnamon Rolls
Phobias: Sharp Objects near her face, Slightly Claustrophobic, Being Restrained
What They Would Be Famous For: Inquisitor… or murder
What They Would Get Arrested For: Murder
OC You Ship Them With: Tbh. Fleur, lol, she doesn’t really have a partner
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: VAUGHN
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: She’d love murder mystery,drama, romance, and suspense
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Strangely convenient situations
Talents and/or Powers: Very flexible and agile, good at manipulating and lying
Why Someone Might Love Them: She has a very strong personality and is very beautiful; a strong and independent woman was my goal for her
Why Someone Might Hate Them: She’s rather stubborn and has really bad commitment issues due to, you know, murdering her lover
How They Change: Gradually comes to terms with her grief and starts to recognize humans as equal, because before, though she liked them, she sort of objectified them, if you get what I mean? Think like Rose Quartz from Steven Universe.
Why You Love Them: She’s fun to draw, one of my most well developed characters, and easily my first OC to be developed to this point! I love her very much~


@cinnamart finished my commissions and I love them so much!!!!!!

please go check out her blog, where she posts her wonderful amazing art!

i’m cryin my smol child looks so amazing in her art style