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I’m all caught up now and thank you @cmhoughton for speaking up on that forum. Love your posts and as we have been saying here for months, it all comes down to respecting Sam and Cait as people. Shipping them and doing so as aggressively as the Tinhat-Shippers do is something everyone in the fandom should be aware of. If so many people didn’t have a moral problem with the very act of shipping real people or if what the shippers in this fandom were rational, what do they have to fear? Why are they so defensive?

The only thing I can come up with is that they know deep down that what they are doing is wrong, but the SamCait drug and the community they have formed with one another is too strong a pull to break away from or speak against.

Either way, thank you. And I am very glad I finally went over and read the forum. I need to go over their more.

I honestly don’t understand their behavior @cinjudes especially after it was clear to anyone who isn’t into “conspiracy theories” that Sam and Cait didn’t spend Christmas, New Year’s or Valentine’s Day together for the past three years. Add that to Sam and Cait’s denial of couplehood and super-shippers have no leg to stand on. I agree with you @cinjudes that the pull of the shipper community and whatever s-shippers get from SamCait is part of what keeps them going. But they are incredibly tenacious in their belief in the ship given all the evidence against it.

As you know, I’m the one person in the fandom who refuses to look at fan behavior from a “deeper” perspective. I try to stay on the surface, but sometimes even surface explanations can have some truth to them. For instance, I wonder how much of this is something as simple as s-shippers don’t want to be thought of by the larger fandom as having made the SamCait relationship up from their own wishes. Many s-shipper posts appear to largely be justifications for their belief that Sam and Cait are a couple.

Anonymous asked: ‘Oh god Q&A video, give me life! Cait is sooo enamoured with Sam, that’s obvious, the way she look at him don’t lie!“


Yeah, these super-shippers don’t get that when most of the fandom saw the same video they saw two actors who are good, fun, flirty friends, hamming it up to sell the show. Period. Putting your perceptions  in capital letters doesn’t make them true.

Unfortunately, it’s a losing proposition for s-shippers because I firmly believe that Sam and Cait were telling the truth in the KDS video and they really aren’t a couple. However, the more other fans and even Sam and Cait point that out to s-shippers, the more they seem to dig in their heels and insist that what their “gut” and their “own eyes” tell them is true and that they are a couple. Sometimes it seems that most s-shippers will never stop until they are proven right–and since that won’t happen, basically, it appears that many will never stop shipping. That would be sad indeed if that were to happen.

NOTE: This is just my opinion as a fan, nothing more. If you disagree, please do so respectfully.

Wrong ..Again.. or is it STILL?

I can never keep track of this shit. PURV!!!! HEY PURV!!!!  Help us shippers out , are you WRONG AGAIN  or is it STILL WRONG?? Though in the interest of fairness,  the “I am an imbecilic psychopath award "has to be shared three ways, between you and your co-chimps Contemplating Outlander and Cinjudes. But why take MY word for it ? when you three do such a great job of putting your crazy bullshit on display for the world to see. Lets let your words speak for themselves.  P.S. THANKS LADIES  I know I don’t say it nearly often enough but thank you  for such great material to work with , with your SOURCE info its like my posts write themselves.

OH BTW in case you can’t figure it out Sam is STILL IN LONDON WITH CAITRIONA BALFE NOT STOPPING IN PERTH ON HIS WAY TO SYDNEY…. and Purv its spelled S-Y-D-N-E-Y  with a Y not an I.


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I agree to an extent, but for the same reason I will not refrain from calling them Tinhat-Shippers - because that is what they ARE - I will not alter how I blog, or hamper my reactions to their behavior.I’m sorry, but I’m not a super nice or even tempered person. That’s just not me. I am actually MUCH MORE reserved on tumblr already due to respect for other NST and to not post curse fueled rants the way shippers do, but sometimes it is a challenge. The level I am at now though, I won’t dial that back in order to be the “bigger person”. And that is mostly because of my own stubborness to not let myself be dictated to how to blog, or to stamp out my personal voice in the name of being “the good guys”. I’m not the voice of all rationality on the NST side and I’m fine with that. I blog to post my opinion in a way that is still mine. So while I already do try very hard to “keep myself in check” if anyone on this side has a problem with thinking I don’t do it enough, then I’m sorry, but I am at my very limit of where I can still be truthful about my feelings and expressing my thoughts in a way that is honest to for me. 

I have noticed and appreciate how you do try to restrain yourself @cinjudes and I also appreciate your being up front about who you are and how you want to be free on your own blog to express yourself honestly and genuinely. No one is saying you have to change. I’m just raising questions that’s all.

Our side wants to make an impact but truthfully we’ve had very little success in doing so. Part of why I asked the first question about why NST’s are frustrated and angry at shippers is I believe I wanted to think through why I feel that way. I have to acknowledge the anger and frustration is there. Whenever I try to say it doesn’t matter and I will stop blogging about the fandom, it never works. Even starting a new blog has only helped a bit. Clearly, there is some part of me that feels drawn to do this. When I force myself to be silent I only become more frustrated and then when I do finally allow myself to write something it is snarkier than I would like it to be. So for me it is important to acknowledge why I am frustrated and why that frustration probably won’t go away.

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I’m sorry CO, but I don’t count the stupid…

No worries, @cinjudes, we are on the same page about the macaroons. I’m just teasing the super-shippers because one of the co-captains made a big deal about how Stella knew about the macaroons before anyone started tweeting about them. Even if that were true, it’s a very silly claim to fame in terms of predictions regarding Sam and Cait!  (I also just like typing macaroons!) ;)

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A certain you know who is saying A's new beau isn't a steady and that she's dating around and that includes Sam. Can't she give it a rest already?

Really? I have no idea I have been blissfully unaware of what she has been saying. I will say this , if she is saying that it is because she needs to make up something to give weight to the lie she’s crafting because A is not giving her any SM clues to mine and reshape to fit her narrative. Neither is the fella. A “caught wind” of her and her comrades interest in both of them ( wonder how that happened 😉) and cleaned her SM . They’ve been careful to not give any hints since and since THAT was her actual source she’s scrambling. Remember she said mid January that A had been with this fellow for a month or so, yet she and her comrades CO and Cinjudes were adamant that A was with Sam for Christmas. How would that work? Like I said before you can’t ride two horses with one ass. So she’s now saying A is playing the field to make that possible. I suppose next she will say Sam flew into London for 2 hours to see her . Think about this, IF (NOT) they are dating would they waste time eating porridge? Would he not be there longer?The dots are all there people you just have to connect them properly. Purv isn’t . And A is not playing the field. She’s also out on how long they’ve been seeing each other. She said a month or so in mid January because that’s when she noticed things on A’s SM . I’ve told her before to write things down she keeps contradicting herself. Since the denial video they haven’t rested for a moment they’ve been on shippers as per usual. Ask yourself why that is? Shouldn’t they be celebrating ? Why waste their time on us? I guess something is bothering them , and after this weekend they saw something happen that bothered them further. Maybe it was Sam DELIBERATELY pointing out how quick his trip to London was, he’s never done that before , why did he do it now? It’s like he was sending a message wasn’t it? Then he and Cait both on SM late late at night/early a.m. Possibly after WWPJ concert. Sam being chatty and having fun on Twitter , liking tweets about the concert , Cait posting pics and lyrics to a profoundly descriptive love song by her fave Patti Smith about the marriage of power with a deep core of vulnerability - you and me against the world, the loneliness and doubt of the day time - imploring her lover to forgive the strength of her passion, and for physical embrace to allay the doubts. Then this morning Sam , RT’d a tweet of a poll of the most beautiful women in the world, that stated Cait was leading that poll. When you put the events last 24 hours into the mix, it’s easy to see why monkeys are trying to bring A back into the mix, it’s truly reactionary to the events that have happened. Now I know they’ve never really rested on their laurels since the denial and that’s probably for one simple reason. They don’t really believe it totally. I say this a lot so please forgive me for saying it again. Confidence is quiet insecurity is LOUD.