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Is there any work for "holding hands" or have a desire to hold someone's arms close?

Cingulomania is the strong desire to hold a person in one’s arms.

Possibly coined by J.E. Schmidt for the Lecher’s Lexicon (1967); 

from Latin cingō (“surround, encompass; gird”) + Greek manía (“madness”).

(Artworks by James R. Eads)

Cingulomania, Part 5 DONE

Hm… this ended on a darker note than I’d intended, but given the context of the AU, it makes sense to me.

About 2700 words, bringing this fic up to longer than Nautilus and Haspenald.

Cingulomania, Part 5
The rest of the world could have been pulled into the Void and Fenris would not have heard. All of his focus existed solely for Anders – his voice, his breathing, the sounds of his movement behind him. The chair back creaked and the chair rocked back just enough to lift its front legs a hairsbreadth off the floor before it dropped again.

“Fenris…” The chair rose and dropped again. He knew that if he looked up, he would see Anders’ fingers clasped over its top edge, gripping it to make it rise and fall that way. Even that was too close.

“Stop!” He rose without thought for what he would do next, stamping a foot down on the seat to keep Anders from toppling over with the chair when Fenris’ weight was gone.

Anders peered over the chair back at him, his hair loose around his face and sticking up wildly in the back, his eyes too shiny from the drug, and the expression of hope he wore left Fenris torn between wanting to flee and wanting to give him everything he had been begging for. Then he dropped his eyes from Fenris’ face to his groin, and Fenris’ emotions shifted to embarrassment mixed with defiance.

Yes, Anders’ pleading had made him hard. Yes, he had unlaced his leathers because it had made him that hard.

He looked down.

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