Well, hello, it looks like I'm sick.

So, I guess I’m physically sick. I mean, not only of my life and myself and certain things occurring and whatever, but I am actually getting sick. Again. I was out two days last week from sickness already. Hopefully I shall feel better soon. 

In other news,

I tried to get my history teacher, Mr. Tetreault, to let us watch Chaplin’s the Great Dictator when we get to WWII. I thought it was perfectly relevant. And Chaplin released the film in 1940, which means he started criticizing Adolf Hitler before most of the US did and before the US even entered the war. But, alas, he said no. I’m disappointed. 

On the bright side, I learned that in senior year, we get to watch Sidney Lumet’s masterpiece 12 Angry Men for Theory of Knowledge. Woo hoo! Considering the ethical problems, I can see why. I can’t wait, honestly.