ason83-deactivated20140427  asked:

i just have to ask, since you're pretty much tim and eric fan #1, do you know what's going on with the tim and eric movie? i read about it a few months ago, but i have almost no idea what it's about. when is it released? will it be in the cinemas, or is it a straight to dvd thing?

No problem! All I know is that there is a trailer finished and they are at the last, last stages of the film (planning promotion and stuff) so the film is basically done. They have been super secretive about it and they keep pushing back the date and it’s driving me insane. I’ve known about this for like two years. From past adult swim and indie movies I can infer that we are getting a teaser, not a trailer just a teaser, by Chrimbus, an actual trailer by early next year, and the movie will be out by May, probably. I say sure, there will be theatrical release, but only for a limited time and at some theaters. You being in Sweden it’s hard to tell when you’ll get the movie. I don’t think there will be theatrical release outside of US and Canada, so hope for dvd or torrent. So I probably know as much as you do! lol

Do you need any plot details?