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How NCT Survived a Zombie Apocalypse
  • Taeil: totally prepared. understands how the zombie mind works. knows the zombies' weakness. knows which place is safe. everything went smooth after
  • Hansol: knew about zombies from all the anime he watched. knows how to handle zombies
  • Johnny: was with Ten. tells Ten what to do. Ten saves the both of them
  • Taeyong: went along with taeil. offered to make food for the both of them which was nescessary for survival
  • Yuta: escaped the city. fled to the mountains. zombies never went there
  • Kun: disguised himself as a zombie. becomes a double agent. killed the zombie leader. was proclaimed a hero
  • Doyoung: was inside the library during the breakout.stayed safe because of the library's lockdown
  • Ten: told by Johnny do disguise himself as a devil. scared the zombies away
  • Jaehyun: took refuge in the water(creek, ocean, pool, etc.). stayed there until all the zombies were eliminated
  • Winwin: went to join kun as a double agent. has kun's back. slays zombies while being disguised as a zombie. also proclaimed a hero
  • NCT Dream: were fast af in hoverboards which pushed the zombies to their limit. zombies died due to exhaustion

*tips back a glass of red wine and takes a long drag from my cigarette* Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes deserved nOT THAT.