Those interested in cinematography, i suggest looking at Matt Workman’s youtube channel Cinematography Database. Great stuff, on an intermediate level. talks unions, agents, who is in the camera & eletric department and what they do.  his secondary channel breaks down the cinematography of films and tells you what was used and why. Very casual and easy to understand!!

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Essie, go to youtube now and search "peaceful cuisine". Watch the videos with [no music], it's asmr heaven with yummy recipes. I'm obsessed, the cinematography is just beautiful and the sounds are mind-blowing. Also the guy who makes them is a japanese man with iwa-chan's hair (now i want someone to write an au with asmrtist/chef iwa-chan + stressed out oikawa obsessed with hajime's hands)

dang anon, this channel is serious shit, i’m kind of zoning out standing in my kitchen. speaking of kitchens, his is amazing. i hate baba ganoush but i want to eat it anyway. 

yeah, i don’t have the time to write that story, but i pray to god that someone writes it, because it halfway writes itself. 


The Art of Lighting Dark Skin for Film and HD 

by Cybel Martin

“Every shade and hue offers its own unique challenges and glorious opportunities for the Cinematographer to create art. Anyone with a basic knowledge of lighting can get a decent exposure when filming non-white skin. I want to discuss “the art”.

Your narrative will dictate how a character should appear: Ashen. Vibrant. Healthy. Exhausted. Apathetic. Enlightened. I can (and so can you) make any skin tone exude one of those adjectives. This is my process:

                                  ( Cinematographer Cybel Martin )

Once the director and I come to a consensus on how a film should look, I determine which HD camera / film stocks and lenses can achieve it and still stay in budget. My lighting scheme is based on the dynamic range and/or latitude of the HD/film stock, my “man power” (size and technical ability of my G/E crew), post production budget for Color Correct, pace of our shooting schedule and demands of the location (no windows, can’t rig from the ceiling etc)…

Here are a few of the things I consider when working with different skin colors…”

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SHERLOCK: The Art of Symmetry

This came through in an editor’s forum I’m a member of. 

God damn, this show is gorgeous.