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Heimdall IS The SOUL STONE

There has been a theory going around for quite some time about Heimdall and how he possesses the final Infinity Stone, the Soul Stone. Well, it’s a good theory and all, but after watching the Thor: Ragnarök trailer, I came up with a better Heimdall/Soul Stone theory that will most likely end up being true.

My theory is that since the Soul stone takes on a mind of its own in the comics, and since Adam Warlock now most likely won’t have it, that Heimdall IS the Soul Stone.

Like all Infinity Stones, they were scattered across the universe, but the Soul Stone developed a mind of its own, its very own soul. After some time, it created a body for itself, like, an artificial intelligence (Ultron, Vision) building its own body.The body itself is the Soul Stone, and that is Heimdall. The stone won’t appear on Earth in Black Panther or Spider-Man, it’ll appear in Thor: Ragnarök when Heimdall is on his own and discovers what he truly is.

It would explain why he’s capable of seeing every living being in the universe, why he’s so powerful, and why Odin kept him close (if Odin ever knew). It would also explain why he has Orange eyes, the Soul Stone’s color in the MCU, when no other Asgardian or alien has them. It would also be a huge twist that fans won’t see coming. It was right in front of them the whole damn time.

Steggy Positivity Week Day 04- Modern Day

Now, I realize I don’t have a completed work for this day, but here’s the first chapter of The Ink of Our Souls, my modern set soulmate AU:

Peggy’s phone went off, blaring a particularly loud, brassy rendition of ‘Hail to the Chief’. Howard’s ringtone, which he had set and she had yet to figure out how to change. Groaning, she fumbled around on her nightstand until her fingers brushed the familiar smooth rectangle.

“Howard, it’s three in the bloody morning,” she snapped, lifting her phone to her ear. “What the hell do you want?” Beside her, Nathan, the latest in a long list of romantic partners, stirred.

“Come back to bed Peg,” he murmured, slipping an arm around her waist and planting a kiss on the soulmate mark on her shoulder blade.

“I can’t” Peggy replied, reluctantly shrugging him off. “I have to deal with Howard.” Nathan sighed heavily, and Peggy felt the mattress shift as he settled down and drifted back off to sleep. On the phone, Howard said, “Jeez, Peg, there’s no need to bite my head off. I just wanted- Oh man, you’re going to hate me for this - to invite you to a party.”

“You called me at three am,” Peggy said carefully in an attempt to keep the volume of her voice under control, mindful of Nathan sleeping beside her, “to invite me to a party?”

“A very fancy party,” Howard said defensively, as if that excused it. “With lots of important people.”

“Is this one of those diplomatic parties the Council makes you do, or is this an attempt to drum up more clients for Stark Industries?” Peggy asked tiredly.

“A little of both,” Howard admitted. “Besides that, there’s going to be someone there that I want you to meet.” Peggy sighed.

“When?” she asked, trying and failing not to snap.

“Friday night,” Howard replied in a wounded tone. “And don’t worry about what you’re going to wear. I’ll have Ana pick something out for you.” This statement was accompanied by another sigh on Peggy’s part. Howard did this every time he invited her to one of his parties, and it had happened enough times that by now she was used to it, but she still wished that just once Howard would trust her to dress herself for a party.

“All right,” she said. “I assume Mr. Jarvis will be picking me up?”

“Of course,” Howard said. “You know the drill.”

“Great!” Peggy said, mock cheerful. “Now may I be allowed to go back to bed? Some of us need to maintain a normal sleep schedule, you know.”

“Yeah, yeah, sure,” Howard said, either not hearing the sarcasm in her voice or choosing to ignore it. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” Peggy replied, jabbing the “End call” button with perhaps slightly  more force than was necessary.  She dropped her phone back on her nightstand and settled down next to Nathan with a sigh, falling quickly into the deep embrace of sleep.

Read the rest on Ao3!

Crack Theory: Claudia’s Been Here All Along and She’s Coming Back

This actually builds on some old ideas that myself and others have had in the past.

When we first see Undertaker’s scythe, we see there is part of a skeleton attached to the end.

There have been theories that this might be Claudia. What makes this especially interesting is that in Undertaker’s own flashback of before he deserted, his scythe is shown without a skeleton.

Now, if this is Claudia, what would be the purpose of him keeping the skeleton? Is it purely sentimental? Perhaps, but maybe there’s another explanation. Undertaker has said that shinigami only collect the souls. The cinematic records are left behind in the brain.

So, if this is Claudia, could Undertaker have preserved the brain. Not only is he a shinigami, and would have knowledge of advanced science or technology, but he became an undertaker. He would have learned all about preservation and have access to things like formaldehyde. While, theoretically, the brain could be still in the skull (and there is thorns to hold the skull closed), it’s also possible that Undertaker kept the brain preserved in a jar.

Undertaker kept Claudia’s brain, and her records, and has been preserving them. He wouldn’t put them back in a partial skeleton, but he might be planning to transplant her brain and memories into another body. He might become a true Dr. Frankenstein in a way.


Please note this is only a crack theory.

it’s been two days and i need to articulate what to me was probably one of the most beautiful cinematic parallels i’ve ever seen

i can’t get over the power of that scene where anne was praying to the Virgin Mary in the moments before her impending death. of course, she didn’t die, but had constance and aramis not intervened she would have, and I almost think she knew that she was going to – and she was praying.

similarly, the scene in the cell where aramis was talking to God, begging for mercy, was incredibly moving – and he, too, thought he was having one last conversation with his lord before his death.

the camera cutting back and forth between anne’s prayer and the skirmish on the stairs was some high quality cinematography, but more importantly, i want to draw the parallel between that scene, with anne in the bedroom, and the earlier scene – with aramis in his cell

they were both praying in the moments before their supposed death

and this simultaneously united them in a profound way and threw into sharp relief the contrast in their characters – because through prayer they embodied everything that made them them

anne was praying to Mary, mother of God, speaking as one would to her queen, her lady – addressing her with humility but still articulate and controlled, kneeling at the foot of her bed, dressed in her royal silks and with her back ramrod straight. she was the embodiment of poise and grace, pale and almost ethereally beautiful, repeating a previously-memorized verse over and over and over and over again, methodic and planned. and while her prayer was the simple repetition of a few phrases, it was filled with unspoken meaning and raw emotion, a kind of desperation and anguish that swelled in the air behind the measured delivery of the prayer. this is so quintessentially anne, a girl raised to be a queen who says but two words and means whole paragraphs, who hides her deepest emotions behind polite statements and who manages to say everything while saying nothing at all. the words of the prayer itself detached anne from the forgiveness she was asking for – “deliver us, at the hour of our death” – once again highlighting anne’s ability to talk about herself while never actually mentioning herself once. how many conversations had she had with constance or the king or even aramis, where she was so clearly talking about herself, her love, her hurt, where she managed to externalized and speak of herself through speaking of someone or something else? it’s a skill that’s almost anne’s hallmark in the show, and it is highlighted in the prayer that she recites.  

aramis, on the other hand, spoke directly to God Himself, as one might speak to a parent you love and respect deeply, but whom you have disappointed. aramis has always been on first name terms with God, and here you saw him slumped against the wall, disheveled, in his dusty leathers and chains, stumbling over words that are almost cracking with emotion. he spoke like he knew God would forgive him (as any parent who loves their child would, unconditionally), but that was why he was miserable, because he didn’t think he deserved that forgiveness. his prayer wasn’t planned in any manner of the word, nor premeditated – he just spoke, because that is what aramis does, he talks to God like He is in the room, like He is close by always. personal and warm and openly emotional, as aramis is with everyone he knows, everyone he loves. and note – he asked first for mercy on anne’s behalf, for God to protect her, and then he very much personalized his undeserving status in direct contrast to anne’s “deliver us” – aramis says “i am not worthy of your mercy”, direct and personalizing his faults the way he takes everything (his love, his loyalty, his courage) into the depths of his own heart. aramis says that his soul is ready, that he’s resigned himself to his fate, but there is still a spark of defiance in his eyes, fiery where anne’s immovable mask of grace was ice cold in the face of death.

they’re like opposite sides of the same coin, because even through all of this contrast, both prayers are incredibly sincere, coming from deep within the heart of the speaker and very evidently filled with true faith, and that is what unites them so beautifully. 

anyways, i have a lot of emotions about the season 2 finale,

anonymous asked:

I've read the posts that discuss the Shinigami's role of judging human souls through their cinematic records, and seeing who is worthy of being saved or spared. How exactly do they know who is worthy, and who is not? Do any of the Shinigami or their bosses/higher-ups have the power of future sight, or do they just make their own judgement calls? Are they making mistakes by doing that?

Apparently, they make their own judgement calls, and they must be – by default – somewhat biased, even if they are trained not to be.
William says what the reapers do is just a formality to make sure mistakes aren’t being made, so perhaps someone “higher up” makes initial decisions about who should live or die… before those lists are made.
Despite whatever rules, formalities, etc. are in place, I assume some people “worth saving” probably do fall through the cracks from time to time.

anonymous asked:

I wonder how Madam Red and Ciel first met Lau. And I do think that it may have been possible for Undertaker to make a Vincent clone in his laboratory. If he couldn't use the DNA from any part of Vincent's remains, he may have had the DNA samples already, stored away somewhere. And I know that UT is a very brilliant genius scientist, although an insane one as well. So yes, it could turn out that Real Ciel is a child Vincent clone, as well as a Perfect Bizarre Doll.

I think Ciel met Lau during a case as the Watchdog. Lau is operating some opium dens and he’s an official of the Chinese mafia so he’s part of England’s underworld. And since Ciel’s job as Watchdog is to keep an eye on England’s underworld it’s likely that he met Lau like this. They probably made an agreement that Ciel would let Lau do his things as long as it’s not getting out of hand and as long as Lau provides Ciel with information. And Madam Red then met Lau through Ciel, I assume.

About the twin, as I said before I think it’s really the twin, not Vincent or Vincent’s clone or whatever. He looks way too much like our Ciel and seems to know things that only the twin could know. And by now I’d say the existence of a twin is certain. Sure, someone may have experimented with Cinematic Records, souls and bodies and all but I personally think it’s impossible to bring Vincent back (or at least Undertaker seemed to think so when he visited Diedrich). But sure, that’s just my opinion. ;)


Like Channel Orange, Blonde has a stunning array of sounds: There’s cinematic soul (the Beyoncé-aided “Pink + White”), serene gospel (“Solo”), outré electronica (“Pretty Sweet”), steamy blues (“Self Control”) — even spoken-word segments (“Be Yourself”).

Despite all that wattage, it’s Ocean’s message that strikes the deepest: Blonde reflects the anxieties many Americans might feel today, whether brought on by racial tension (“Nikes”), domestic uncertainty (“Seigfried”) or social media (“Facebook Story”). It’s ambitious, sure, but Ocean tackles those concepts with such strikingly intimate tunes, it feels as if you’re slyly scrolling through his texts.

Frank Ocean’s Blonde: EW Review


12 Days of Fitz w/ @leofitznetwork- Day 12: Free Day (AKA, I MADE IT!!)
↳ 3 Seasons of Fitz: Oh, Fitz | Glasses Fitz | Science Biatch


grelluffandwillsprout  asked:

Do you think demons eat souls because they don't have one themselves? Kind of like Undertaker did with his Bizarre Dolls, where they ate humans because they sort of thought they could get at their victim's soul if they did?

Hmm, nice idea. Maybe that’s the reason. I got a similar question about why demons eat souls a few days ago (here) and there I said that I think souls are the only thing that can serve as their nourishment. But maybe it really has something to do with demons not having souls themselves.

But do demons really have no soul themselves?

We know that Sebastian has a Cinematic Record. So maybe he has some kind of soul, too. However, that Cinematic Record only showed scenes from his time as Ciel’s butler so it’s possible that it exists only for this body Sebastian has while pretending to be a butler.

Quite early in the manga Sebastian said that his body and soul belong to Ciel, implying that he indeed has a soul. 

But maybe, just like the body and possibly the Cinematic Record, this soul is just a temporary soul that’s connected to this human body.

In the Campania arc the Bizarre Dolls were going after souls. They were also attacking Sebastian, meaning Sebastian might have a soul. On the other hand, when Sebastian and Ciel were alone on that boat, Sebastian implied that Ciel was the only one around with a soul. So that would mean he himself doesn’t have one. (Or that’s how I interpreted his words but maybe I’m wrong.)

So I’m not quite certain if Sebastian really has a soul and if so, whether it’s similar to a human soul or if it’s only temporary for as long as he has a human appearance.

But if demons really don’t have souls themselves maybe that has something to do with them eating them.

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I had this random thought that the stone from Agents of SHIELD

Is one of the Infinity Gems

At first I was like:

Surely the Agents of SHIELD writers would reach that far to tie the show to the cinematic universe. Not to mention is it certainly too big to fit on the gauntlet.

THEN I thought that in theory neither would any if the other gems, unlike the comic universe only the mind and power (scepter and the orb) are gauntlet size, the space gem (the tesseract) and the reality gem (the aether) aren’t exactly gem size.

Then I looked up the infinity gems and found the soul gem:

“…is the gateway to an idyllic pocket universe that is much like heaven. “ - Where it could have taken Simmons

“It also has the ability to steal the powers and abilities of others,” - Which is why the Inhumans were so scared of it

 “The Soul Gem is sentient and has a hunger for souls.” - Which is why it ‘ate’ Simmons

“It is often considered to be the most dangerous and corrupt of all the gems.“

So now I’m basically like:

Let’s talk about the Undertaker (version 2.0)

The next chapter is only one week away so I was rereading the Campania and Weston arcs (since UT was the villain for these two arcs) in order to refresh my memory about the mortician and his bizarre dolls. 

The thing is, as much as I love people theorizing wildly, I love canon even more, so this is just a “what do we know again” post about him to help whoever wants to speculate about him. :)

First of all, here’s a timeline I did months ago about the Undertaker, it might be useful. Then you have…

1) The Bizarre Dolls project

  • Why did he start it?

He left the Shinigamis around “50 years ago” (we’re in 1889), so maybe he watched the cinematic record of someone with an interesting life and couldn’t comprehend why death would come so soon to this person, hence the beginning of his curiosity which led to his departure.

  • How does it work? (Campania version)

Shinigamis stop the cinematic records and collect souls, which means that while the Undertaker can act on the records (within the body), technically he isn’t supposed to have any souls in his possession.

=> For people who think he might be giving Vincent/Claudia’s soul to drink to Ciel in ch108, please  consider this part carefully.

  • How does it work? (Weston version)

Johan Agares was his “masterpiece” because he “was full of episodes” (of good quality I suppose too).

  • What are the limits of the Undertaker’s knowledge?

=> People who think he’s making Ciel swallow his father/grandmother’s soul in ch108, please consider the panel above (especially since that scene of ch108 is very probably a flashback that happened before he went to Germany).

Also, if it’s impossible for dead corpses lusting after a soul to “make another’s soul theirs”, don’t you think that means it’s even less possible for a living boy who still has his own soul? :)

  • So why is UT still trying to revive the dead?

Many of us speculated that the Bizarre Dolls project was helping UT not only in his curiosity towards humans but also maybe to bring back several people he met since he left the Shinigamis and who are now dead.

And indeed, it seems to be the most logical explanation so far.

2) The Phantomhive family

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Kuromysteries: Undertaker and the Bizarre Dolls

(created by @thedarkestcrow​ and me; look here for our complete list of Kuromysteries

 The Kuroverse set forth some rules about death quite early on in the series.  In Chapter 11, as part of the Jack the Ripper arc, we first see what happens after the death of a human character in the Kuroverse: a movie reel of film, a Cinematic Record, plays back their memories.  A shinigami then separates the Cinematic Record from the soul and collects the soul and thus ends a person’s human life.  The memories remain in the person’s brain:

Later, during the Campania arc, we see these rules twisted into a loophole: by editing Cinematic Records in a certain way, Undertaker has been able to create zombie-like moving corpses.

What is Known So Far:

Qualities of Bizarre Dolls

Bizarre Dolls lack sight and hearing.  Earlier generations of Bizarre Dolls had inhuman, zombie-like qualities which made them easy to identify.  However, they appear to lack normal human needs such as oxygen, as they were able to survive in the water during the Campania arc.  They feel no pair nor fear.

The Campania Bizarre Dolls had scarring on their forehead and bodies and their eyes were covered by black lace.  Though they lack sight and their eyes were covered, they are somehow able to sense a human soul and are drawn to any souls in the vicinity.  Their lack of a soul is what motivates them to find a soul of their own, and they will resort to biting someone who possesses a soul or who stands in their way.

The newer generation of Bizarre Dolls seen in the Weston Arc are far more advanced–and quite human-like in manner and appearance.  Vice principal Agares, Undertaker’s most advanced Bizarre Doll, blended in seamlessly with humans.  For reasons not entirely known, Agares did not seek out a soul like the other less-advanced Bizarre Dolls did, though the process of his creation was different from that of earlier generations.

Process of Creation

Undertaker explains his methods for creating Bizarre Dolls in both the Campania and Weston arcs.  Shinigami collect the souls of the dead–but the memories remain in the person’s brain.  By adding a continuation to those soulless memories so that they never end, the body is tricked into thinking it is alive, and it continues to move.  Since all living things seek what they lack, and Bizarre Dolls lack souls, they instinctively try to tear a soul from the bodies of the living to claim as their own.

In the Weston arc, Undertaker has updated his methods to create a more human Bizarre Doll.  Instead of memories, he now edits in a human’s yearnings for the future to create a more complete Cinematic Record.  This contrasts with the previous generation of Bizarre Dolls, who continued on due to false memories that Undertaker added to the end of their records.  Also noteworthy is that this new generation of Bizarre Doll also can be controlled by Undertaker through some unknown means.  Despite the updated methods, not all Bizarre Dolls were as convincingly human as Agares; Derrick Arden and the other boys were not very advanced specimens.  The quality and quantity of the memories determines how human-like the Doll becomes.

 Undertaker’s Possible Motivations for creating the Bizarre Dolls

    Undertaker has stated his reasons for creating the Bizarre Dolls on two separate occasions.

  1. Curiosity.  In Chapter 60, Undertaker tells Ciel that his motivations were his curiosity towards humans:

Later, in the Weston Arc, Undertaker states a slightly different form of curiosity: he wants to know what comes after the end of a Cinematic Record:

2.  Beauty.  Also in Chapter 60, Undertaker says that his Bizarre Dolls are more beautiful than when they were alive:

    Outside of these two stated reasons, what other reasons could Undertaker have for reviving the dead?

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