cinematic soul

it’s been two days and i need to articulate what to me was probably one of the most beautiful cinematic parallels i’ve ever seen

i can’t get over the power of that scene where anne was praying to the Virgin Mary in the moments before her impending death. of course, she didn’t die, but had constance and aramis not intervened she would have, and I almost think she knew that she was going to – and she was praying.

similarly, the scene in the cell where aramis was talking to God, begging for mercy, was incredibly moving – and he, too, thought he was having one last conversation with his lord before his death.

the camera cutting back and forth between anne’s prayer and the skirmish on the stairs was some high quality cinematography, but more importantly, i want to draw the parallel between that scene, with anne in the bedroom, and the earlier scene – with aramis in his cell

they were both praying in the moments before their supposed death

and this simultaneously united them in a profound way and threw into sharp relief the contrast in their characters – because through prayer they embodied everything that made them them

anne was praying to Mary, mother of God, speaking as one would to her queen, her lady – addressing her with humility but still articulate and controlled, kneeling at the foot of her bed, dressed in her royal silks and with her back ramrod straight. she was the embodiment of poise and grace, pale and almost ethereally beautiful, repeating a previously-memorized verse over and over and over and over again, methodic and planned. and while her prayer was the simple repetition of a few phrases, it was filled with unspoken meaning and raw emotion, a kind of desperation and anguish that swelled in the air behind the measured delivery of the prayer. this is so quintessentially anne, a girl raised to be a queen who says but two words and means whole paragraphs, who hides her deepest emotions behind polite statements and who manages to say everything while saying nothing at all. the words of the prayer itself detached anne from the forgiveness she was asking for – “deliver us, at the hour of our death” – once again highlighting anne’s ability to talk about herself while never actually mentioning herself once. how many conversations had she had with constance or the king or even aramis, where she was so clearly talking about herself, her love, her hurt, where she managed to externalized and speak of herself through speaking of someone or something else? it’s a skill that’s almost anne’s hallmark in the show, and it is highlighted in the prayer that she recites.  

aramis, on the other hand, spoke directly to God Himself, as one might speak to a parent you love and respect deeply, but whom you have disappointed. aramis has always been on first name terms with God, and here you saw him slumped against the wall, disheveled, in his dusty leathers and chains, stumbling over words that are almost cracking with emotion. he spoke like he knew God would forgive him (as any parent who loves their child would, unconditionally), but that was why he was miserable, because he didn’t think he deserved that forgiveness. his prayer wasn’t planned in any manner of the word, nor premeditated – he just spoke, because that is what aramis does, he talks to God like He is in the room, like He is close by always. personal and warm and openly emotional, as aramis is with everyone he knows, everyone he loves. and note – he asked first for mercy on anne’s behalf, for God to protect her, and then he very much personalized his undeserving status in direct contrast to anne’s “deliver us” – aramis says “i am not worthy of your mercy”, direct and personalizing his faults the way he takes everything (his love, his loyalty, his courage) into the depths of his own heart. aramis says that his soul is ready, that he’s resigned himself to his fate, but there is still a spark of defiance in his eyes, fiery where anne’s immovable mask of grace was ice cold in the face of death.

they’re like opposite sides of the same coin, because even through all of this contrast, both prayers are incredibly sincere, coming from deep within the heart of the speaker and very evidently filled with true faith, and that is what unites them so beautifully. 

anyways, i have a lot of emotions about the season 2 finale,


Like Channel Orange, Blonde has a stunning array of sounds: There’s cinematic soul (the Beyoncé-aided “Pink + White”), serene gospel (“Solo”), outré electronica (“Pretty Sweet”), steamy blues (“Self Control”) — even spoken-word segments (“Be Yourself”).

Despite all that wattage, it’s Ocean’s message that strikes the deepest: Blonde reflects the anxieties many Americans might feel today, whether brought on by racial tension (“Nikes”), domestic uncertainty (“Seigfried”) or social media (“Facebook Story”). It’s ambitious, sure, but Ocean tackles those concepts with such strikingly intimate tunes, it feels as if you’re slyly scrolling through his texts.

Frank Ocean’s Blonde: EW Review


12 Days of Fitz w/ @leofitznetwork- Day 12: Free Day (AKA, I MADE IT!!)
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I had this random thought that the stone from Agents of SHIELD

Is one of the Infinity Gems

At first I was like:

Surely the Agents of SHIELD writers would reach that far to tie the show to the cinematic universe. Not to mention is it certainly too big to fit on the gauntlet.

THEN I thought that in theory neither would any if the other gems, unlike the comic universe only the mind and power (scepter and the orb) are gauntlet size, the space gem (the tesseract) and the reality gem (the aether) aren’t exactly gem size.

Then I looked up the infinity gems and found the soul gem:

“…is the gateway to an idyllic pocket universe that is much like heaven. “ - Where it could have taken Simmons

“It also has the ability to steal the powers and abilities of others,” - Which is why the Inhumans were so scared of it

 “The Soul Gem is sentient and has a hunger for souls.” - Which is why it ‘ate’ Simmons

“It is often considered to be the most dangerous and corrupt of all the gems.“

So now I’m basically like:

also can we just talk for a second

about the fact that Sylvanas has finally discovered the miracle of PANTS

and has her midriff nice and protected now too?

like no her armor is not perfect. it’s still strapless boobplate. but

within the bounds of a fantasy game, and especially given WoW’s history in such matters,

it’s a biiiiiiiiig step up.

(I remember at last year’s Blizzcon how Metzen, I think it was, was talking abt how his little girl was watching a cinematic for Dragon Soul and asked “why are all the girl dragons wearing swimsuits?” and how that made him think more about how shitty some of WoW’s female character designs were. and since then we got first Yrel and now Sylvie’s new look and that means a lot to me)

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