cinematic duos

i don’t know why i’m thinking about this now but,,, consider the legends discovering brangelina broke up a month after the rest of the world did bc they were in the temporal zone.

like they get back during invasion, and mick asks “what did we miss” and someone is like “oh brad and angelina are no longer married” and mick just looks,,, broken, oh so broken, bc mr and mrs smith was his favorite movie.

sara finds out and starts cackling and everyone is like “what” and they discover she’s actually crying
sara: i really liked mr and mrs smith ok??

jax is,, not as upset as everyone expects him to be? and then stein starts rubbing at his eyes like “dammit jefferson express your emotions so that i don’t have to feel them!!!” and it turns out jax has been bottling all his pain over the fact that the most iconic duo in cinematic history, mr and mrs smith, have broken up

amaya doesn’t understand the fuss, like why does everyone care?? they’re just people in movies, celebrity culture isn’t a thing in 1942
amaya: who are these two people and why do they matter that much
sara: when we get back to the waverider, i’m gonna make you watch mr and mrs smith

ray is sobbing uncontrollably, he needs like 7 pints of ice cream, three boxes of tissues, and two viewings of the notebook to get over this breakup
ray: they had children, children
everyone: wow so far ray has the only valid reason for being upset about this
ray: their child, the movie mr and mrs smith

nate is the only one who is happy about this, because you just know his 90s ass idolized jennifer anniston and has been petty  @ brad pitt since that divorce
nate: it’s what they deserve
mick: *slams his hand on the table* have you even seen mr and mrs smith one (1) time
nate: i preferred that one episode of friends where brad pitt starts a “we hate rachel green club” with ross
everyone: *collective gasps*

Greatest Cinematic Duos:

Gil Pender & Gabrielle (Midnight in Paris, 2011)

Because only in Woody Allen’s head does the dorky guy with the concave chest effortlessly jump from hot, ultra stylish wife, to hot, ultra lascivious French woman, just to settle on the modest girl that works at a run down book store but also happens to look, move, feel & bat her pretty eyes exactly like an elite Supermodel.