Between The Earth And The Sun                       

There is an explanation for the peculiar title of this picture. All the way up the side of the mountain there were miniature replicas of all the planets in the solar system, spaced proportionally along the road. The sun, a large yellow sphere mounted upon a lamp-post pole, emerged like some weird beacon out of the mist, and then several hundred metres further along, a marble-sized ‘earth’ was placed insignificantly upon a rock. The fog did make everything seem slightly otherworldly.

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Cinematic Artwork Illustrates Surreal Scenes from Futuristic Worlds

Fantasy and sci-fi collide in the haunting digital artwork of Jie Ma, a Chinese concept designer who imagines surreal scenes unfolding in futuristic worlds. Infused with realism, yet uncannily strange, the atmospheric dreamscapes contain fascinating imagery like colossal libraries, staircases in the sky, and empty cities built from towering monoliths. Cinematic in scope, the artist’s visions wouldn’t look out of place in epic video games designed to flesh out breathtaking tales of mythology, desolation, and technology.